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Posted by captainbeaky on November 7, 2007

gh3.jpg8-0 eh? Good result. Shame they couldnt have puled off a performance at least an eighth as good 2 weeks ago! Enjoyed the match though. Gonna get up early tomorrow to watch the Rangers vs Barcelona, which was a corker last time.

Got my 2 games this morning no problem.  Guitar Hero 3 is fantastic! It looks great, the setlist is superb, but I still dont think its got as many good songs as the 1st one. However, its a step in the right direction after the crap songs in the 2nd one. Its a LOT harder than previous guitar hero’s though. Well, I say that, its more like its difficulty is sporadic. I’ll play one of the early tracks, and get about 85% 1st time, but a couple of “levels” later, I’ll play a supposedly harder song and get 99%, only missing 2 notes after my 1st time playing it?! Puzzling. You also wont get anywhere if you cant nail hammer-ons and pull-offs. Some sections require over 10 notes without hitting the strum bar. The boss battles are a bit naff, as it kind of cheapens things. Makes it feel like youre actually playing a game rather than “being” a guitar hero. Ruins the immersion. Great to play along to Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Weezer and Muse (even if Knights of Cydonia is shockingly hard, even on medium). Got some good looking extra characters, and guitars to “buy” and some decent extra songs. The only problem is that the extra guitars werent on sale yet (this time next week) so we cant play together in the co-op career, but only got a week to wait until we can. Its tremendous fun! I havent touched Call of Duty 4 yet! Will have a play on that tomorrow. 

Gave the agency guy a phone call today about this Boeing job thingy, and from the sounds of it, its not as dead as I thought. The problem appears to be that the jobs werent advertised internally, and now the internal unions or whoever, are up in arms that they werent given the chance to apply blah blah blah. Threatening to call tribunals if they are given straight to external applicants. So its all political crap. Whats happening now, is that Boeing are advertising it internally, interviewing, then looking at the external applicants afterwards. So hopefully by the end of the month I should know more. The agency guy said Im still the best qualified applicant for the job so thats still positive. Just hope the unions sort their shit out so things progress.  Still, its better than what I thought. 

No plans for tomorrow yet, further than watching the footy, playing Call of Duty 4, and  Guitar hero 3. 


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