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Doing nowt has never felt so good!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 10, 2007

n867580483_1648159_6879.jpgIn a practical sense, today, weve actually done nothing. Well, tell a lie, we’ve walked to a place, then walked back, but its felt like a great day! Been another scorcher here (about 26 degree’s) so we decided to have a stroll up to Port Melboune, not Brighton as I said yesterday. Was great! Ive put some more photo’s on Facebook if youre bored enough to have a look. Stopped halfway on the walk up at a beachside cafe, and had a soething called a Pide. I chose it as it looked a bit like a pasty, but we later found out from the waitress, that its a Turkish food, thats basically a turkish bread, topped with whatever (I had morrocan spiced lamb, Becca had chicken) then turned up so its a sealed, pasty shape. God damn it was good! Yet another tasty place to eat. 

Saw about a million dogs on the beach, some playing in the water, others just sat there puzzled when their owners threw their ball into the ocean! Saw a few more cockatoo’s flying around, and by christ theyre noisy! The parrots have nothing on these monsters! Huge too. Got a bit cross with the flies here. It seems the “never give up” Aussie spirit has even wormed its way into the insects here too. With a British fly, if it comes by your face, you move your had around and it goes away. Not so here. You move your hand around, and it flys the other side of your head. Move your hand around a bit more and it lands on your glasses. Move your hand to your glasses and it buzzes around your head. They just dont give up!  

After our walk there, we simply walked back. Nothing exciting. Popped out a bit later to catch the sunset, which looked great, then bought some sausages for tea. Spiffing!


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