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I keep this handy….For Close Encounters!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 12, 2007

call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-20070501010207018.jpgSo guess what……we didnt do much today! The realisation is finally hitting that we DONT have to do anything if the weather is nice. Back in the UK, you used to feel obliged to get out and do stuff, as you never knew when the next nice day was coming. Here, I havent even seen a cloud for a week! Nice days are two-a-penny, so theres no real need to do stuff on every one of them. And it agrees with our thrifty lifestyle. 

Finished Call of Duty 4 today. The Aliens reference, is now also a COD 4 referrence, as a lot of Aliens lines are in COD 4. The above is mentioned, “stay frosty” is also mentioned, as well as “we…are…LEAVING”. Nerdy that I know these things, but what are you gonna do! Was a really good game. Relatively short, but for how long it lasts, its amazing. For all of Half Life 2’s longevity, I cant help thinking a lot of it was filler material – not so here. Short and sweet. The difficulty on “Hardened” is also pitched just right. Hard enough for multiple deaths occuring, but not frustrating. Already playing it through again, as Im sure I didnt really appreciate the level designs as I was cowering for cover while bullets rained in from all angles. Gonna see if I can pick up Assassins Creed this week too. I wasnt going to bother but its getting some extremely good reviews. Gimme something to do. 

As I said, we didnt do much. Received my Bopo card, which is basically like a credit card, but not. You transfer money to it from your bank account. Its the only option we have to buy goods over the internet here as there are NO debit cards to speak of provided by the bank, only Switch cards. Did some shopping. Thats it. Going ot town tomorrow to sort out Medicare stuff and have a mooch about.  


3 Responses to “I keep this handy….For Close Encounters!”

  1. Andy said

    Ah, good – that effeminate redheaded chap has slipped down off the screen!

    Im well tempted to get COD4 soon – a ‘reward’ for completing my freelance work!
    As for finishing it already? Whaaa? I thought you ‘savour’ your games and take your time…

    Did you play through the first time on hard or normal?

    When you getting your net sorted – i bet youve got a pile of online games you havent played yet…

  2. captainbeaky said

    I managed to finish it because it probably the shortest game Ive played in a long time. Shorter than Gears. I played through on hard, but not veteran – veteran is for sadists only!

    internet, should hopefully be sorted by the end of this week. and yeah – ive got loads of games i want to try online. going right back to halo 3!

  3. Andy said

    Hm, thats too bad. Still – ive played plenty of short but sweet shooters – gears and black being the better examples. Itll just seem a bit shallow after the mega-value of HL2, ep1 & ep2.

    Well if ever you wanna play some Halo, TF2 or COD4, lemme know cos i havent played them online much either. Played a lot of halo, but not so much recently and the lag and unreliable connections put me off TF2. Should get GH3 on release date too, so if youre still intrested in music gaming, ill give you a bash on that.

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