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Here I Am! Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 14, 2007

14112007378.jpgDidnt do much (again) today. Popped into town to sort out my Medicare stuff, and got $300 refunded. Not a lot, but better than a slap across the face. Did some checking to see if I could get Assassins Creed early but failed. However, we did manage to pick up a 2nd guitar for Guitar Hero 3, and I must say it improves things no end. Guitar Hero is SO much more a social party game than just a single player experience. Playing with others is just so much more fun, and it feels less “unfair” than standard career mode. 

I did dabble with playing some of the songs on hard but its just ridiculous. If you thought Guitar Hero 2 was hard, this is probably twice as hard as that. I struggled on hard on some of the early songs, and the later ones get silly with multiple 3 chord noodling, right up and down the fret. And in an “ordinary” game, I might persevere to get past a particularly hard bit, I really cant be bothered with this. For me, this is not really a game, its more like an experience. Like a fun fair ride if you will. I dont want to play on hard, and listen to a half butchered version of whatever song playing, JUST so I have bragging rights to say I beat the game on hard. Id rather play the song on medium, have it play back with the majority of the song in tune, and enjoy it. And once I’d got this mentality on my head, Im enjoying the game a LOT more. Unlocked some of the bonus songs and some of them are amazing!  Theres one song by a German band called “Die Toten Hosen” (or something) with a song called “Hier Komt Alex“, that is just fantastic euro-rock at its best. Brings a smile to my face whenever I play it and one of the all time best Guitar Hero songs Ive played. So there you go – I cant be arsed getting all of the “macho” achievements as they require you to do ridiculous things that only a sadist would attempt (beat a song on expert, 5 star it, with no sound on, using a normal xbox controller?!?!) Thats just a thing that twats would brag about on forums – why would you bother? This game remains in my collection to put a smile on my face – nothing more. And its doing its job brilliantly!

Im also pretty excited by the rumours of a new ultra-small macbook coming in January. The only thing that bugs me about my existing macbook is its weight. Its pretty heavy for a 13″ machine, and could do with being a bit smaller too. Fingers crossed the rumours are true.  

However, fall of the joys of getting new games, and researching new gadgets., I just with I had a job now. The lack of human contact, and the lack of focus in my life starting to grate. I mean, its been nearly a year now since I did any “proper” work and while it sounds great, I feel like my brain is starting to rot. I just wish I could hear some positive news from Holden, or Boeing. THAT would be the best Christmas present this year. But dont think that Im being down, and morose. Far from it – Im staying positive, and getting on with things. Get 8 emails a day come through with new jobs available. Just a matter of picking the right one. After realising from several agencies, that Im “worth” £28k – £30k, I dont want to jump at the first job offering me £20k. Its a waiting game unfortunately. 

Not a clue what we are up to tomorrow. Waiting and hoping the internet is sorted. Its been awful today.  Sorry that most of the updates seem to be game related, but if we dont do much, thats all I have to talk about! 


2 Responses to “Here I Am! Rock You Like a Hurricane!”

  1. andy said

    Die toten hosen are in guitar hero?!? ACE!

    They did a song that used to be on MTV all the time waaaay back in the days when i liked skunk anansie and rage against the machine – it was proper ace. Cant remember the name, but i would recognise it if i heard it.

    I cant wait for katamari to come out – that game is the definition of stress free, fun gaming like nothing else ive played.

    Have you watched the angry nintendo nerd videos like jon reccomended? Theyre well funny – speshley the one for ninja turtles

  2. captainbeaky said

    how many more times do i have to tell thee…. MY INTERNET IS SHIT!!!! Dont you read my posts or something?!? DIe toten hosen have 1 song in teh game, and the criminal thing is, its on the bonus songs area, where you have to “buy” it. its about a million times better than some of the crap in the main playlist. id say playlist wise. id give the following

    gh1 – 10
    gh2 – 5
    gh 80’s – 7
    gh 3 – 8

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