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New Toy?

Posted by captainbeaky on November 14, 2007

nokia-n82-ofc.jpgWell, to ward off any folks expecting exciting news today……we did nothing again! Nowt going on, and to be honest, it was a bit cloudy outside. Had a forecast of rain but none materialised.  I played more Guitar Hero 3, Becca spent a fair few hours on the net, although the “broadband” we are on at the moment with Unwired, is maddeningly slow. It took about 10 minutes for me to check my email today as it kept timing out from loading Gmail?!? It took 4 minutes for it to load my blog to even make this entry! I was close to just calling it a night and posting a short message. HOPEFULLY Telstra will have got off their sorry arses tomorrow and sorted my PROPER broadband out. I’ll be phoning them to speed things as this shit is doing nothing for my sanity. 

Just finished watching a great program here called Newstopia. Is a bit like the Day Today, only less strange. If you do choose to watch the stream, be aware that there are probably a lot of references to Australian news things that you might not get. However there are a fair share of fantastic moments too

 The above piccy is a photo of the new Nokia N82, which is probably my next new phone. I was going to go for the Sony Ericsson K850i, but the new Nokia has Wifi, a normal headphone jack, 5MP camera with flash and sat nav! Sounds like a winner – just have to wait until it makes its way over here. 


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