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Posted by captainbeaky on November 15, 2007

1086278408_spoohhoney.jpgWell, I bet you cant guess what. We did nothing exciting today? What you say? Surprised?! er….no! Or at least you shouldnt be. Getting a bit fed up now with the lack of job. I guess I just have to carry on looking, and waiting for replies from the 2 positions Ive already applied for. Still….doesnt make it any less annoying. 

On a positive note, weve seen a couple of things that made us laugh on the TV. Firstly was a new program here, called National Bingo Night, which is equally as thrilling as my blog posts! It is what the title describes it to be – just some bingo show…but the thook is the funny indian guy who keep shouting “Noooooooooooooooooo Bingoooooooooooooooooooo!” in an amusing voice! The one redeeming feature in a show that would otherwise suck the life right out of you!

Second thing weve found amusing is the way politics is performed here. Its a bit of a mix of UK and USA styles. Each of the 2 main parties (Coalition and Labour) seems to have adverts that describe their policies etc…. as in the UK, but more alarmingly are the adverts that just slag off the other guy, like the States. The latest one is the best, and is from the existing Goverment, slagging off the opposition (Kevin Rudd), and it shows some country guy who used to be an MP being asked the question if he believed Kevin could handle the pressure of being Prime Minister, and he said, in a really thick Aussie accent, and I quote “I worked with the opposition and let me tell you Kevin Rudd couldnt go 3 rounds with Winnie the Pooh, let alone lead the Country”. Awesome! 

 STILL not got broadband, so rang Netspace today, and they told me its 14 WORKING days from the application, which means my connection date is the 20th, which is next Tuesday. Bit annoying but what are you gonna do. For whatever reason, the internet isnt too bad today so its fair news. Also, I received the modem we ordered off them too, so Im just waiting for them to turn the juice on. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to that Games Expo thing I mentioned before, and passing through town on the way. News is that Mass Effect is being released tomorrow here, a week ahead of schedule so I’ll get it and try it out. Is getting some great reviews, and should take me a LOT longer than a few days to complete! 


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