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If you dont like games, look away…..now!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 16, 2007

e1.jpgI’ll be doing 2 posts today (you lucky people) as a lot of stuff has happened, or will happen. The first post, will be about games stuff, the 2nd,….well, about normal things. But more of that later.

So today I went to that Games Expo thingy at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I was a bit underwhelmed by the size of the place. I was expecting some massive multiple roomed venue, which it wasnt. The convention centre itself was huge, but the Games thingy was only in one room. However, there were some pretty good stands to have a look around. Not too busy as well which helped, although I dread to think what it will be like over the weekend. 

On the games fronts, I got to see, and play a lot on many formats. On the Wii there was Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, The Resident Evil light gun game (which I cant remember the name of), and Rayman Rabbids 2, which was fantastic! They had a bunch of other stuff too, but Im only listing the things that I played on or impressed me. For XBox, they didnt really have much. Assassins Creed and Mass Effect looked great though. Out of the big 3 console manufacturers, Microsofts stand was by far the crappiest. Having a 15 foot high Master Chief helmet doesnt make your stand good! For PS3, there was Wipeout HD, Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue, Haze, Uncharted :Drakes somethingorother  Singstar, and surprisingly Ratchet & Clank looked good. For PC, Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 looked fantastic. It actually made me want to have another PC for gaming, as I quite miss the days of Battlefield etc… Also worthy of mention was God of War for PSP. It looked, and played great, but the controls were a little rsi inducing compared to the PS2. 

The highlight of my day though was an hour long presentation by a couple of guys from 2K Games, Australia who were the guys who made BioShock. They talked about the games early builds, problems, concepts and its development cycle, right up until release. Was extremely informative, and good to see what could have been. Interesting things of note were the fact that in an early demo the little sisters were slug like creatures that were actually deposited into the game world from a massive central “Queen” type creature who “laid” these Gatherers around the game world. These were dropped as the developers wanted the player to emote with the gatherers, or to feel guilty about killing them. So the first idea they had to try to get you to feel empathy with these guys was to make the little sisters, dogs with wheels! You know, when you see a dog that has no back legs, and it has wheels instead! They even had a concept sketch which looked hilarious! Some other ideas canned (the more interesting ones) were a 3rd and 4th class of Big Daddy. One which was dropped right at the end was a HUGE slow big daddy who had a cannon on his back. Another early type of big daddy (dropped) was one which had this slug type fleshy thing stuck on its helmet, with these tentacle that penetrated the glass “eyes” on the big daddy and were controlling him.  It moved VERY differently to the normal BD’s and you had the option of either killing the slug, or killing the host. Like I said, it was extremely informative…..if youre into that sort of thing!

In other games news, I missed out on getting an early copy of Mass Effect by about 5 seconds. I tried one EB here and it had already sold out, so I tried the other one, just in-time to see some guy swipe the last copy off the shelf, right under my nose! Dammit! I dont know why EB broke the release date, as nobody else had. Nevermind. Its not like I have long to wait (4 days).

Im glad I went, as its helped take my mind off a load of crap happening with our house sale at the moment. I wont go into detail, as there are things still up in the air at this time, but I’ll explain once we know more.

Off out in a bit to meet a couple of folks off one of the tech forums Im a member of. They might be child molesters, they may be nice people – we’ll just have to wait and see! I’ll post again once we get back about more normal stuff. I promise I wont mention games at all! 


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