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Posted by captainbeaky on November 17, 2007


First off, the only reason youre seeing the picture you are is because I put a search into Google Images for “Things” and this is one the items that cropped up! Looks like he’s doing the “mashed potato”!

Gonna be a short one as Im pretty tired right now forma  day walking around, and its 1am here. Went out to meet the forum folks and had a really good night.  Both of the folks we met (Jen and [great Aussie name]) Bruce were really nice and friendly. Easy to talk to, and both liked food and drink. Learnt a bunch of stuff, amongst which, we found that Grange Hill was shown over here in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Bruce remembered Bronson, Mrs McClusky, Zammo, Gardener, Big Trev et al! Superb! Probably be seeing them soon for some amusing nights on around St Kilda. Above all else, it was just great to MEET people. Feels like such a weight lifted now, as not having met anyone for so long, you start to think about whether your some sort of social leper. I feel much happier now.

As for the house stuff I mentioned in the previous post, its still kind of up in the air but I can at least elaborate on whats gone on. Everything has gone through fine up until now, when some environmental report was requested by the buyers solicitor. As we had no info on this, we asked the council for stuff about the land. They have nowt either, so the buyer refused to sign the completion papers. Cutting a long story short, My Dad is having to pay for this survey to be done on Monday (19th) and HOPE that nothing has been discovered by it. It thought it would be ok, but apparently, Kings Heath was built on a former brickworks so there may be some landfill issues. I dunno what that means, I just know it jeopordises the sale of our house so Im worried. On one hand, we’ve lived there for 7 years with no issues but on the other hand, Im almost 100% sure that an environmental survey was NOT carried out when we 1st got the house. Whether this was because we had a crap solicitor, or whether its a new requirement, I dont know. I just know I will be on tenter hooks until next Tuesday (Wednesday our time) until the reports due.  Fingers crossed eh?


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