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Posted by captainbeaky on December 2, 2007

Still continuing to feel better each day. Its a strange feeling when you think about whats happened, and all less than 10 days ago. Im still not sleeping very well, and waking up at all kinds of early-o-clock times but not bad other than that. Oh well, its giving me a chance to catch up on some of the hundreds of podcasts Ive managed to accrue.

Its hard to describe my mood, as I feel kind of “normal” except I know I really dont want to be out having drinks and partying with folks. I dont feel like hearing about other peoples fun at the moment. Still, Im starting to think about presents and the like so I must be on the mend. Cant help but look at how nice the weather is in Melbourne though, seeing as its completely miserable here. 

Unless exciting things happen, I probably wont be posting here everyday as…well…..there isnt really much to say. Coseley isnt exactly Melbourne, and nobody really feels like doing anything extraordinary anyway. Especially not on a weekend this close to Christmas either.


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