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Slow Going…

Posted by captainbeaky on December 6, 2007

logo_facebook.jpgEverything is pretty much the same here as it was on the last blog post. Starting to pay off all of our debts now and get ourselves in the black, which is nice. Also, hopefully going to meet up with a few friends next week. The change of scenery and folks to confide in will be a welcome change. Neither of us are used to doing nothing for this amount of time, especially in somewhere as “thrilling” as Coseley. We’re also remembering why we left this god forsaken country in the first place. Putting the lights on at 4pm. Putting the heating on at 5pm. A weather forecast that just reads “rain” for as distant as it can predict. And it looks like Becca will be spending yet another Birthday with a cold. :o( 

 Also, it looks like I might be getting somewhere with a company who I bought a TV off in Oz, got told it wasnt available, offered a refund and then never got it. Egg have taken my case up and seem confident that I may be able to get something back. Should be a nice bonus to help me pay off some of my loans. 

I must say that Im not sure Facebook will be on my favourite links bit much longer. Dont get me wrong, its great for sharing photos and keeping in touch, but the amount of superfluous rubbish that  permeates every corner of its being is really starting to get me down. There seems to be no way to block out the white noise of “so-and-so has sent a funwall message to whats-is-face”, or “weirdo has installed the zombie application”. I really dont care. Those sliders dont seem to do a thing, or the tick and cross in the corner of each pointless wall post. I dont want to know. Send me a message. Send me a photo. DONT send me an invitation to be a ninja. I really dont want to start banning folks from seeing me, but its getting that way. Looks like it could be time to move on.


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