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The Job & Phone (& Soup) Edition

Posted by captainbeaky on December 13, 2007

boeing-logo.jpgFurther to my previous update, Ive received my new phone, and Im really loving it. Compared to my old N73, its really fast, interface wise. The menu’s are slick, but dont have as many configurable items as the Nokia. The camera is really nice and is simple to use and quick to start up. One of the best thigns about this phone are the soft keys just under/on the screen. Unlike most phones which have a “Select” and “Back” keys just under the left and right corners of the screen, this phone has 3 little dots that are on the screen. So instead of actually pressing buttons for on screen prompts, you just touch the glass. It works really well and feels, like sort of futuristic! Only downside I can see so far is that the keypad will take some getting used to. 

Soup Update: It (Covent Gardens stilton, onion and white port Christmas Edition soup) was very nice! Better than the Broccoli and Stilton. Less stodgy and more creamy.

Also recieved some good news about the Boeing job I applied for in Australia many moons ago. Theyve completed their internal testing (which sounded pretty unsuccessful) and the agency guy Ive been talking to has informed them of my current situation, and “theyre more than happy to wait until next year to interview me”. Sounds like good news. If therye willing to wait, it must be an indication that they think Im suitable for the job. The only word I have at the moment is that they will probably be conducting interviews during the 2nd week of January. They’ll email me with specifics late his week/early next. Wooo Hooooooo!

 No updates after this until at least Sunday (16th) as we’re spending a bit of time visiting friends. Should be a good few days. Ciao for now, you big fat cow! 


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