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Christmas + Sales = Done

Posted by captainbeaky on December 29, 2007

51ni5wrtbal_aa240_.jpgSo christmas is over, which is relief to be honest. To be fair though, it wasnt as bad as I was expecting, but I dont really know what I was expecting. None of this seems normal to myself anyway, as I dont usually spend this much time at my parents house. I just fear that when my life does get back to “normal” its just gonna hit me all over again. No point worrying over it anyway. I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Managed to get some good stuff for Christmas and in the sales. Got 3 new 360 games (Assassins Creed for £30, Conan for £20 and Tomb Raider :anniversary for £15), a couple of DS games (Nintendogs and Touch Darts) a some DVD’s (some Ray Harryhausen films like Jason and the Argonauts, and Sinbad films) a new set of headphones, and a couple of books (Karl Pilkingtons new one and the Viz Profanisaurus), or which the Viz book has had me in stitches. Its basically a very thick Thesaurus type book, explaining the meanings of words, or phrases that have comedic significance. For example, an Airburst is a fart, a Dreadnaught is a large turd, but the best description is the description for the following….

 Anne Franks Drumkit – Used to describe something utterly useless that merely takes up space!

Superb! Maybe its an acquired taste, or childish fascination with new words, but I think its great! Anyway, sale shopping was mental. Wolverhampton on the 27th was not so bad, but Birmingham today was a bit mad. Its not so much the people walking the streets, its the shops. It makes you realise that 90% of the shops in town are ridiculously small. Not only that but theyre chock full of stuff that would still fill a shop twice the size. Ive enjoyed having a “half-time” break for coffee/beer but Im pleased that I dont haveto put up with any more moronic windowlickers staring skywards and just generally getting in the way.

Just got a few remaining things to do before we return, in just over a week. Going to take Becca to Dudley as she’s never been there (the lucky girl!), got a Birthday party to go to in Moseley on the 2nd, and wouldnt mind seeing a few friends again before we go. Seems mad that we’ve been here for nearly 6 weeks now. Looking forward to getting back home in the sun though – the darkness here is shocking!  


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