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Allergies and Interviews

Posted by captainbeaky on January 11, 2008

sneeze01.jpgThe post title says it all. I dont know what got into my nose yesterday but I started sneezing like a crazy fool in the evening, followed by itchy eyes and sinus pains. Something definitely doesnt agree with me anyway. I had an early night but slept really badly and woke up at various stages with face ache (no….not Becca!). Popped into St Kilda earlier and got me some alergy relief tablets which has eased whatever is effecting me, but Im still having ot stifle the urge to sneeze every now and again. Hopefully its just a passing thing and I’ll be ok in a bit. Either that or I will have itched my eyes out and wiped the nose from my face!

 Anyway, the BIG news is…..I have the Boeing interview on Monday! Got a phone call from the agency guy yesterday saying that Boeing had just received a huge order of something, I dunno…planes….and needed people to fill the 10 positions ASAP.  The agency guy said I was available for interview and could start whenever and said that I would be ideal so they offered me the interview for Monday, 1.30pm. They said if I get it, I could be working there in as little as a week! WOOO HOOOOO!!!! All Ive got to do now is not stuff the interview up, so I hope this allergy thing has piped down by then. Doing a bit of Boeing and interview homework here at the internet cafe now so I will have plenty of reading and practising over the weekend. 

As you may have guessed, we didnt go into Melbourne on account of my rotten-ness, and the heat. To be fair, its cooled down a bit in the past few hours. Only 30 or so now, so provided I feel a bit better tomorrow, we’ll go into Melbourne then. Internet is still down, but we’re expecting a service engineer around either today (unlikely seeing as there is only 90 mins left of “working” today) or Monday. Fingers crossed there are no more stuff ups after that!

 Anyway, Im off to carry on wiping my nose until its raw, so have fun and I’ll be sure to post again over the weekend.  I have good food updates but forgot to bring my camera with me to upload the photos.  Dope!


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