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What? Moisture? Falling from the Sky?

Posted by captainbeaky on January 19, 2008

w-shower.jpgYes, it actually rained today? Well, it drizzled more like. Didnt need an umbrella, or a coat for that matter seeing as it was 26 degrees to go with it. Its still the first rain we’ve seen since being back. As such, we didnt do much today. Stayed inside, played games, went on the net, listened to music, watched some downloaded UK TV. Found this website that really made me laugh today too, for “What the Hell?!?” reasons. That dude REALLY doesnt like horses!

Plan to go to place called Yarraville tomororw as its sounds nice. Not really bothered if it drizzles (as forecasted) as today was still pleasant despite the weather. Stay tuned for (hopefully) another thrilling update!


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