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I like driving shocker!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 22, 2008


Its true – I dont know if its the new instructor, the roads here or the lack of gears but Im really enjoying my lessons. Low speed maneuvers today, which I was crap at in the UK, and after 1 lesson with this guy, Im already better than what I was. Still not great, but its an improvement. Next lesson is on Thursday at 8.30, so we’ll see how I cope with rush hour traffic!

Other than that, I ve not really done much today. Sorted out a new bank account, played a fair bit of Xbox (Halo 3 online is really addictive!)  and watched a load of British TV (TV Burp, Primeval, Gordon Ramsay, Grand Designs). I know you folks in the UK often complain that TV is crap and theres nothing on, but seriously…..try Australian TV! Its shocking! Becca had her hair cut (looks much better) and thats about it. Off to Yarravile tomorrow as the weather is back to its sunny norm. Might see if I can pick our gym stuff up too. 


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