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Xbox Live-tastic!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 25, 2008

boxshot_us_large.jpgNot really done much today as I fancied a rest. Not going to be able to do it much in 10 days or so, therefore I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Lovely day today, although it got quite humid towards the end of the day. No rain as forecast though. Had a walk down the beach, along the pier, back up Acland st then back home. Ate some tasty sandwiches, drank some tasty beer and played some tasty games. Found a decent bunch of chaps online to play Gotham Racing against. Not rank whores, or always picking the fastest cars – far from it. Its just an anything goes kind of atmosphere with folks picking cars and bikes from all classes – really enjoyable as nobody cares if they win or loose – its the taking part that counts (man!). Starting to get back into Mass Effect too as the whole “ye olde fantasty adventure” style of Assassins Creed and Conan are starting to make me yearn for more Sci-fi. Taking me a while to get back into it though, as its pretty in depth and Ive forgotten all the controls!

Plan for tomorrow involves going to a place called Northcote and having a mooch around there. Saw an advert in the paper today for cheap trainers and running gear so gonna go check it out. Northcote sounds pretty nice too. Little shops, boutiques, and cafes, and despite being the other side of Melbourne, its just 1 tram, direct from St Kilda. Good job, as I dont fancy fighting the Australia Day masses in the city centre. Wouldnt mind rocking up on the beach a bit later on in the day for bbq and fireworks though. Ive just got to hope theyre cooking pork sausages and not those disgusting beef monstrosities!


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