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“Hello, Jerry”……..”Hello, Newman”!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 29, 2008

seinfeld6.jpgIts felt like its been a busy day today, but in actual fact, its not! Started off with another driving lesson which again, went well. Did a 3 point turn right first time, not so hot with reverse parallel parking but parking in general is getting a lot better. Just gotta keep on plugging away at it and see about booking a test, as theres supposedly a 4-5 week lead time, by which time I should have got it all down. 

Then I decided to give the gym a ring and go in for my free 1 weeks pass thingy I got through the mail. Got straight on the treadmill and there was my first shock – the thing was like a bloody computer. About 10 different options to pick straight off which was  bit overwhelming, but I decided on one of the “Personal Trainer” options, which lets you do a simulated fitness test,  from the Army, Navy, Police etc…. or one tailored to you based on your age and weight.  I chose the latter as Im no bionic superman (yet!) but it still knackered me out. My legs felt like jelly afterwards, but then I noticed another nice feature of the treadmills – you can watch the TV on them, actually ON the machine! Even better than that, as well as all the terrestrial channels to flick through, they had a “DVD” channel which was showing back-to-back Seinfelds!!! Fantastic! So I endured a few more minutes on the treadmill and on the bikes, which had the same screen. It was great! Its also a bit more pleasant than the gym in Kings Heath, as the building is right on the sea front, so rather than the obligatory wall of mirrors to look at, youve got a lovely full length window to look out on the beach and the sea – bit of a change! Had a go on some of the weights machines too, but my arms started to give out after a while so called it a day and came home. Overall, though, the place is great and I think I’ll definitely be joining once my first paycheck comes in. All that remains is to sit here and wait for the inevitable aches and pains – joy!

Not sure what we’re up to tomorrow as some of our belongings are being delivered at 10am, so will have to sort them out – see how we feel after that. Its trying to drizzle here at the moment so I hope it doesnt continue. Still…..its a great smell outside – rain on hot tarmac is lovely!

More interesting though, is the name of a TV program on tonight and moreover its subject. Its possibly the funniest name (well I think) of a TV that I can think of. OK, ready….now say it in a voice-over man style voice…….

The chant…….of the scrub turkey!

Outstanding – Id like a dog, and Id like to call it “Scrub Turkey!” Awesome! You can check the program out here, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it was tomorrow!


One Response to ““Hello, Jerry”……..”Hello, Newman”!”

  1. From the Seinfeld episode “The Implant”

    Opening scene – Sidra on a Stairmaster at the New York Health Club. Jerry enters after his workout w/gymbag in hand.

    SIDRA: Oh, hi Jerry.

    JERRY: Hi, Sidra. I usually last about ten minutes on a Stairmaster. Unless of course there’s someone stretching in front of me in a leotard, then I can go an hour.

    SIDRA (amused): Really.

    JERRY: Oh, yeah. That’s why they call it a Stairmaster. You get up there and you stare.

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