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Posted by captainbeaky on January 30, 2008

1368494391_56378010e8.jpg….if you have an xbox 360 that is. Its called Rez HD, and is available from the Xbox Live Arcade. 800 points nets you a game like youve never played before. Ive never experienced anything like it. Its nuts and bolts lie in the form of an on rails shooter, like Panzer Dragoon for those who know it, but kinda crossed with Tron, and kinda crossed with a rhythm action game. Its so hard to explain what it plays like as its more of an experience than a game. You can download the free trial and play it for nowt as a sample, like I did. The demo was enough for me to purchase the full game – its sumptions. The graphics are, as Ive said Tron-like and also reminiscent of early 90’s dance videos and chilled at the same time. The music is superb – housey kind of electronica that suits the action perfectly. Im no big house music fan, but it complements the game so well, and works its way into your soul. Right, Im going to shut up now as I cant explain what this game is like. Just download it and try it – if youre a fan of gaming, you will love it. 

2 posts in 1 day – you lucky people! 


One Response to “BUY. THIS. NOW.”

  1. Andy said

    bleh bleh bleh – told you so, i played this 4 years ago, welcome to 2002 etc etc!

    Rez is indeed good. Wait til you get to the last level – its ace. The music is a remix of mind killer by adam freeland – bear in mind how long ago this game was released! Ill be buying this tonight, but ill probably be spending my time sorting out a new phone rather than playing it.

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