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1st Day at Work!

Posted by captainbeaky on February 4, 2008

boeing_787_worldwide_small.gifGod am I tired! 1st honest days work Ive done in over a year….except…it wasnt really work. It was sitting and listening to a talk on an overview of Boeing, listening to a talk on equal opportunities, listening to a talk on health and safety, listening to a talk on export policies….and…..listening to a talk about company ethics! That was it really, pretty run of the mill stuff. I understand its an induction, and they have to go over the basics first, but it doesnt make for a very stimulating day. I wont go into details, as the company privacy laws and discolusre of information is VERY scary. Because the site Im on produces stuff for fighter planes/the military too its super secret, and liability is taken seriously, as is anti-terrorism and competitor secrecy. So seeing as my blog gets plenty of random hits from Google, from people searching for stuff, I wont go into any details for fear of …I dunno, being sued for $10 million or something. Needless to say, please dont ask me about details on here as its more than my (new) jobs worth! All my fellow 1st day engineers seemed nice too, all of a similar age, and extremely friendly. There was even someone there formerly, from Denso Australia who knew some of the folks at Denso Midlands too – its a VERY small world. The canteen food is great and really cheap (great subway style roll for under $5), and thats all I can say about the factory, as we havent even been on a tour yet. Hopefully, its all to come later on in the week, and as of tomorrow I start at 7am, which is early, but for that, we finish at 3pm. 

Not really got anything more to say, except that despite doing nothing, Im pretty exhausted. Getting up at 7am, sitting doing nothing for 7 hours, and the fact thats its been a shockingly humid (it REALLY needs to rain – the weather today was nasty and sticky) day have all conspired to make me feel as tired as a sloth! Early night for Neil!


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