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Football?!? On TV?!?

Posted by captainbeaky on February 6, 2008


1st off apologies in advance for another very short post. I meant to write a bigger entry to fill you in on Boeing goings on (short version – still bored, doing training but a decent nights sleep helped wake me up), but Ive left it too late in the day, on account of going to the pub to watch the Australia vs Qatar World Cup qualifier. Turned out to be a pretty good match. The aussies were 3-0 up at half time and cruising, but that meant they just shut up shop and the 2nd half was pretty dull. Aussies were a bit sloppy and could have conceded a goal or 2, if it werent for the Qatar strikers having all the coordination of a drunken donkey, but the result is all that matters. PUb was pretty quiet, but the Melbourne Telstra Dome stadium was a sell out (51,000)

Anyway, enough waffle, as Im going to watch half hour of TV then go to bed. It may only be 10pm at the moment, but if I go to bed at the normal time (midnight) I will only get 5 hours kip.  Heres hoping that England dont choke tomorrow morning, and that Im doing something other than bloody training at work!


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