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Privacy = Annoying!

Posted by captainbeaky on February 7, 2008

mouth_tape.jpgWell Im relatively un-tired, got plenty of time to post stuff, and have done a lot of “things” at work, but when I sit down to write about it, I find myself bricking it cos of Boeings crazy Ay-mericaaaan privacy stuff. And knowing how stringent they are on site, and at the gatehouse, and online about all things 787, I really dont think I can say anything in detail about my day on a public blog site, so I’ll try to be non-descript and vague.

Still doing training, which on one hand is very annoying, but on the other hand, its how its meant to be done, rather than thrown in at the deep end and just told to get on with it. Been around the factory and seen where Im working, and it looks really good, but TOTALLY different from everything Ive done before.  The bunch of engineers Im with are all top blokes, and get on well with them. Its still a bit strange getting up so early, as the only way I find I can cope with it, is to offset my whole day by 2 hours. so I get up early, come home early, and go to bed early. Bit of a pain, but it works fine, as Im nowhere near as tired as I was on Monday or Tuesday. 

Weather has been crazy here today. Last night was stormy, this morning was windy and cool, then it brightened up then got hot, then drizzled, then warm again, and its blustery now – mad! Supposed to be getting better tomorrow and over the weekend though. 

Managed to finish Assassins Creed a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually thought the game was a bit short, as I just wanted more cities and levels to bound around in. Nevermind, still got lots of stuff left to do before I get all the achievements.  

Well, Im sorry Im not able to say much about my new job, needless to say,  I AM enjoying it, even though I haven’t actually done much “work” yet.  Please dont think Im over-reacting about not saying anything about my job, but I really dont want to jeopardise this opportunity, by posting something that can get me sacked. From the stories Ive heard, Boeing isnt too afraid to wield “the big stick” if someone compromises the interests of the company. I know Ive got more training tomorrow, and I think training all of next week too, so I have no idea when the reigns will be off. Everyone is telling us to make the most of it as our feet wont touch the ground once were let loose. I hope they’re wrong!


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