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Attack of the Lobster-people!

Posted by captainbeaky on February 11, 2008

adult_red_lobster_costume.jpgThat would be me and Becca then. Honestly, I only said it got my ankles and neck yesterday, but on reflection, and after a bit of time, we soon found we are ALL red. Well….all of the bits that were exposed to the sun are red. It doesnt hurt or anything, it just looks ridiculous, but less so today for me. However, Becca looks even more red today for some reason, so Ive gone to great lengths to steer clear of the sun today.

Speaking of which its been a pretty run of the mill day. Got up for work ok, and made it on with no problems too. The day was more interesting than normal as we had a day to kill on the shop floor in our respective areas, as training doesnt start until tomorrow. Been interesting, and I feel like Ive learnt more useful stuff in one day than I did all of last week. Also learnt, that as quality engineers, we are on flexi-time, which means we can start anytime between 6am and 10am which is great. Especially if youre planning on having a late night, or need to get stuff done at the bank or something. The more I spend at work, the more Im pleased I got the job – should be great.

However….Im feeling the early start now. I had a little kip on the bus, and another one after watching Match of the Day 2 (Liverpool match was shockingly bad, but Man Utd match was good to watch). So now, Im gonna settle in to watch the new episodes of CSI and then get another early night, in preparation for more training tomorrow. Hopefully its payday tomorrow too – woo hooo!!!!!


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