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Work Goodness and Another Funny Pic

Posted by captainbeaky on February 18, 2008

funnydogcostumes.jpgWell, you’ll be pleased to know that I am NOT the latter of the 2 options I mentioned in yesterdays post – I’m much happier. Got my stuff sorted out at work.
The big problem was that on Friday, I found that they wanted me and the other new engineer to work on permanent afternoons, and anyone who knows me well will tell you that just isnt keeping with my lifestyle. So, I spent the rest of Friday and some of Saturday brooding and thinking about leaving. Thankfully, Becca made me see sense and we came up with a compromise. At any one time, one of will work the late shift (not nights – but like an evening shift), while the other one will come in 4 hours early, and leave 4 hours early. Everyones happy. The shift is covered and one of us will get to leave early – on a week on/week off basis. Thankfully, went into work today and put it to our manager, who was more than happy for us to do that – which I am relieved about. I know it means working late everyother week, but there are financial incentives involved with that, and to be blunt its too good a job to just snub and go somewhere else. Pay, conditions and perks are fantastic and the work itself is interesting and something new, so its worth enduring every other week of poo hours for.
Not really much else to say, tother than its been another blisteringly hot day, but everyone seems happy for us to wear whatever so it will be jeans and tee tomorrow! Oh, and we got a phone call this evening from a random person saying that they had found a phone on Brighton beach and had called the number labeled “Home”. How nice – Becca hadnt even realised she had lost her phone (what a surprise!) but this lady has rang us to say we could go round and collect it – lovely. I could NEVER in a  million years imagine that happening in the UK!


One Response to “Work Goodness and Another Funny Pic”

  1. Dan Crook said

    To be fair Becca probably wouldn’t notice if she lost you Neil. LOL. As for the phone the person just thought it was rubbish on the beach and called the beach police to report a litterer and now she’s going to trap Becca in to PRISON!!!

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