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Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

Posted by captainbeaky on February 26, 2008

them_giant_ant.jpgSo, not much has happened between now and yesterday, so here are the highlights. I did indeed have a shower last night, but no shave. Becca enjoyed Knit Club, and was back early, thanks to a super fast tram. I went to bed, got up, went to work, had a good day, and came home ok. See…..uneventful. So to while away the time, I’ll post one of those good piccies I promised last week. But first…..a story to accompany it.

Last week, we noticed that we started gettting the odd ant in our kitchen, which we werent really surprised about thanks to the lack of double glazing, no windows that actually fit properly in their frames and the fact that were on the ground floor! So I started dustbustering them up. However, this soon became tiresome, so off to Safeway we went to buy some hardcore ant annihilator. We decided on some spray that you put on the floor, and if they cross it, they die, and a kind of poison trap thing that the ants eat, take back to the nest, and whole nest gets nuked. We did a quick test of the spray and it worked a treat – it was like the ants were walking “out of the play area” in Halo or something – a slow sapping of the health until death ensues. On reflection though, we’d prefer to wipeout the nest so we put a poison trap down, and god damn if it wasnt like tasty magical ant-elixir to the little shits. They were swarming all over it, lapping it up and scurrying back to their home. We got slightly alarmed as it attracted more, and more and more ants so we put a ring of insta-kill spray around it, to stop any greedy, poison-high ants having a wander around our kitchen to see what else they could eat. The following day, we noticed our ant visitors had reduced significantly, and the day after they had stopped. Nest successfully nuked! My only 2 regrets are that we didnt have an Attenburrugh style ant-cam showing Barry, the happy little ant taking back his pickings to the grateful Queen only to see the lot of them keel over and peg it! Muhahahahaaaaa! My only other regret is that the actual Queen death wasnt as dramatic as the box made out…..

I wanted to see a large bulbous red ant, lying on its back, being continually struck by vicious looking red lighting bolts from the heavens.  Maybe if Id had ant-cam, I could have witnessed this spectacle. Oh, and 10 points to anyone who got the Aliens quote in the post title. Minus 10 points to Andy if you DIDNT get it!

2 Responses to “Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?”

  1. Andy said

    Of COURSE i got the reference! What kinda fool do you take me for?

    You evil git – killing all those wee ants like that. Just murdering them is one thing, but poisoning their homes and killing their mother and children is barbaric!

    Better listen out for that dripping tap in the night now, cos the vagrANT is gonna get ye

  2. captainbeaky said

    lol! as long as i get to push him onto a cactus as seen his eyes “pop”, I dont mind!

    as for the ants…” I say we take off, and nuke the site from orbit….its the only way to be sure”!

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