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Games, Games and er….Games!

Posted by captainbeaky on March 10, 2008

dsc00111.jpgBeen a very hot day today, with temperatures up to 37 degrees again, but it cooled off in the afternoon. The exchange rate is getting better minute by minute (was $2.12 per £, now $2.17 per £), and we’ve got some tasty stuff while at the supermarket. However the honey/soy sauce we bought to eat with out beef stir fry wasnt very nice – too vinegar-ey.

 Anyway, enough with frivolities. We decided to spend some of our day at the ACMI “Game On” exhibition, which was basically a history of videogaming.  They had over 120 playable demo stands inside ranging from old Game & Watch handhelds, through to Megadrives, right up to arcade games. Speaking of which, they had a free-play cabinet of Scud Race there so had a race or too on that, and to be perfectly honest….I wish I hadnt. Dont get me wrong, it still plays well, and the tracks are trademark Sega, but in my head, it looked like a dream, and had detail dripping from every pixel. In reality, it wasnt anything like that. If youve played any of the recent generation of racing games, Gotham Racing, Forza, Burnout etc….. they all look better than Scud Race. Shame – I’ll learn not to revisit past loved games unless I want to be disappointed. But thats not to say I had a crap time, on the contrary, it was great. Seeing some old consoles, playing on a few I never had, and got to have a quick go on Gran Turismo Prologue and well….meh! Looked pretty, but after getting used to Forza and Gothams handling, GT’s  felt a bit poo. It also felt lifeless as I played it on the non-rumble PS3 controllers, which really were poor, offering no kind of feedback when drifting, braking etc…. Ideally, Id like to give it another go on a force feedback wheel, but thats not going to be for a long time yet, so calm down. The track I played it on was also straight out of Forza so the challenge had already gone. Oh, I also got to see folks playing on Steel Battalion on the Xbox and I was mightily impressed. The custom controller was huge ,and had all manner of cool little switches, and buttons on while the game looked pretty neat too. Annoyed I missed out on it when I had my Xbox. 

I also, unfortunately finished Mario Galaxy last night. I say unfortunately as I just wanted it to go on forever. Its not a game that has awesome stand out set pieces, or specific high points, its quality runs through it from start to finish. Its 100% persistent smiles, and Im upset its over. Saying that, though, while the story mode is totally finished, the game itself still has a lot of life left in it. Ive finished 63 of the stages, and still have 57  more to go, so just over half way through!  

No more news other than that. Work and (hopefully) Badminton tomorrow so dependent on how late I finish, I may not get to post again. I also may be shockingly achy. However, I ahvent heard from my mate that was supposed to make the booking, so it may be postponed until Thursday. We’ll see!


2 Responses to “Games, Games and er….Games!”

  1. Andy said

    Yay! Does your dissapointment with GT5 mean that you wont be getting one of sony’s evil-boxes?

  2. captainbeaky said

    stands a good chance. for now anyway.

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