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Funny and Sleepy

Posted by captainbeaky on March 20, 2008

0880-sid-james-laughingsid-james-laughing-posters.jpgJust a short post to let you know I am still alive and to give you a brief rundown of whats been happening. Yesterday, we went to the Melbounre International Comedey Festival Gala show at the Vodafone Arena in town, and had a really good night. Some brilliant comedians, but also some piss poor ones too. Nearly all of the female comediens just wanted to talk about pap smears, or periods, or the menopause, instantly alienating half of the audience. One guy even came out and did the whole ” have you noticed how white guys do this………and black guys do this” routine! Straight out of the Simpsons (white men drive like this doot, doot-de-doo…!) However the majority were funny and we’re buying tickets for their individual shows. On the walk back to the tram stop, it was possum city – nearly every tree had one or 2 in the tree or sitting on the ground, staring at you. They didnt even move when you approached them and you could get within a metre before they bolted. Ive got a couple of pictures I need to upload that I’ll sort out for next post.

I would like to write more, but at the moment Im very tired. The late start/late finish of the Gala meant we didnt get back home until 12.45, so I only eded up getting 4.5 hours kip, AND Ive just come back from badminton, which I got hammered in (my heart wasnt really in it) and Im fit for bed now. I’ll get a bite to eat first then think about sleep. Im in work tomorrow (got a lot of stuff to do, and the money will be nice) and on Monday too, but Ive got Tuesday off for my test.

 So thats it…..Oh, before I forget….Mom, we got your birthday cards yesterday. I dont know when you sent them but theyre here now. We got one from Lyn too so thank you, and her very much! I’ll open them on the day in question! 


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