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I PASSED!!!!!!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on March 25, 2008

ripped-l-plates.jpgSo have you guessed what this post is about yet? As you may have gleaned, I did indeed pass my driving test. WOOOO HOOOOOOO! Was a bag of nerves all day, but the moment I got in the car, I became strangely calm. Drove for half of the journey to the test centre, as I didn’t want to be exhausted by the time I got there. Had a really nice female driving examiner, and started off great. I know I messed up on rushing a lane change, and I stopped at a light when it was on green, but it was  weird road layout thing that confused me. Did a 3 point turn no problem then drove back. Like I say, I knew I stuffed the lane change and the lights up, and my instructor, who was next to me during the test, said I would loose marks for taking my hands off the wheel while we were stopped at the lights ( they were icy cold from the air con!), so I went back into the test centre thinking I had already failed, so imagine my surprise when she handed me my test results and told me I had passed! Bearing in mind, youre marked out of 100 and are allowed to fail on 15 areas only. I was marked down 1 on lane change, 2 on road position (?) and 1 on leaving a safe gap, so I still managed to get myself in the top 90+ marks bracket – awesome!!! I am so pleased and relieved! Yet another thing crossed off my list of major accomplishments.

  • Get a job
  • Becca get a job
  • Learn to drive
  • Buy a house

3 down, 1 to go! Not done much else today, so am going for some tea and cakes in St Kilda, and hear about Becc’a first day at work, then back here for curry and beer! Weathers taken a turn for the worse here as its dropped to 23 degrees and last night was thunderstorms. Rain forecast on and off for the rest of the week too, but I cant complain. We NEED rain at the moment. Anyhow, Im off to do more driving, but on Burnout Paradise. The perfect way to get it out of my system – time to drive on the wrong side of the road, on the pavement and bash into other road users! I’ll just have to remember NOT to do that when Im on the actual road now! T’raaa-a-bit!


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