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Car = Mine

Posted by captainbeaky on March 29, 2008

mazda.jpgYay! I own a new car. And this one, I will actually get to drive! Yes, I went to the Mazda garage today and bought an MX5. For those that arent aware, it a little 2 seater convertible mini-sports car type thing, as you can see in teh photo. Pretty tasty eh? Unfortunately I had to do the whole “how much can you do it for…no thats not enough….meet you halfway” haggling bullshit, but it was worth it. On the road price was knocking on $39k, but I managed to get the car for….well…I dont want to really be posting money stuff on a public blog, but lets say it was significantly cheaper than the advertised price. My old man would have been proud of my sheer bloody mindedness and refusal to accept the salesmans pleas of “well, I cant really go lower than that” talk. He DID go lower than that, and I got a bargain – jobs a good ‘un. Next step is an RACV check, which is just like an MOT, to see if its all in order. If that goes through with no hitches, then I will go back to the garage next Saturday and pick it up! Marvellous, eh? Kind of a late birthday present….to myself! Im so excited it makes me ill just thinking about it. I can drive, Ive got a damn nice car, and got a great deal on it. Ace!


While we were over the car dealership neck-of-the-woods, we popped into the Fiat garage to see about Becca’s new 500. Top and bottom of it is, that if she were to order one especially for her requirements now, it would be well into September before she would get it, so it looks like the best bet would be to reserve on the the 500’s already being delivered to the showroom in the next month or so, and just go with that. Comes with a few bells and whistles that she didnt really want, but for the sake of an extra $500, its worth getting one now and doing away with the bus and train combo she has to put up with to get to work now. 


Not really done much else. Weather is still rainy and the temperature is still about 17 degrees….so we’ve bought a little fan heater. Wimps eh? When I think of all the single figure temperatures we put up with in the UK, and now were in sweaters as soon as the sun goes in, Im pretty disgusted! But everyone else is the same so we’re not weird or anything.


No great plans for tomorrow, apart from maybe going to Target to buy some more Wintery clothes, and going to look at a nice house on the seafront (the one we thought was viewing last week). Other than that, we’ll probably be resting up and I for one will be playing a ton more of Battlefield Beta. And I’ll be thinking of where we can go for a drive in my new car! Ive put a few more pictures up on Facebook, and Im going to give Photoshop Express a go instead of my webspace for now. So for those without Facebook, or for those that just want a nose, go here instead. If there are any problems, or it doesnt work for you, let me know and I’ll do what I can to get it fixed. 


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