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Who needs racing games!?

Posted by captainbeaky on April 15, 2008

Jut a quick one today to let you guys know Ive got my new car! It was very scary having my first experience of driving alone, first experience in a new car, drivin back from an unfamiliar area! The car itself feels very different to my old one, and the one I learned to drive in. The Mazda is very quick, good at disguising speed, has fantastic handling and “feels” a lot more sporty than what Im used to. Got my parking permit sorted, as well as insurance so everything is pretty much done and dusted on the paperwork side. Scary-ness quickly turned into excitement that I was ACTUALLy driving on the roads at last! AND in a nice car – felt strangely liberating and exhilerating. Cant wait to get out on the open roads!

In other good news, things are on the move at work. Theres a meetig tomorrow in which I have an inkling that everything will be sorted out. However, I may be wrong so dont bank on it being done! I’ll keep you posted. Be exciting to drive to work too! To say Im thrilled by my new toy is an understatement!

Right, Im off to look at the owners manual now! Sad……


5 Responses to “Who needs racing games!?”

  1. Andy said

    Jobs a goodun! Jammy git – hows the new car smell? It surely must be better than the sticky mark laden, grass covered interior you left me!

  2. captainbeaky said

    oh poor andy. i sold you a car for half the price i could have got for it. you make out like i sold you some knackered out, falling to pieces shit old wreck. next time i wont bother.

  3. Andy said

    calm down son, im only ruddy joking

  4. Andy said

    Im tekkin it in for a service in half an hour anyway

  5. captainbeaky said

    well its a very poor, unfunny joke. hope the service goes well.

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