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You expect me to drive THAT!?!?

Posted by captainbeaky on May 14, 2008

Who’d have imagined that after only 6 weeks with a license, Id become a car snob. Dont get me wrong, Im grateful that Ive at least GOT a courtesy car, but damn….compared to my MX5 this Hyundai Getz (pictured) is terrible. I feel like Im driving a van Im so high up. The steering wheel feels like its been stolen from a bus, the brakes are spongy, and the thing handles like a slug. In mud. The only thing I like about it is its rear wiper. The heated screen on my MX5 takes an age in the morning to demist, so Im going to get a wiper thingy so I can see out the back. However, I suppose beggars cant be choosers so I’ll grin and bear it.Only got it for a week so I shouldnt moan.

Im now starting to have doubts at the longevity of GTA IV too. After youve got past the gloss of the new things and explored the city, essentially, its the same old “go there, kill someone” missions, and no amount of fancy stuff can hide that. Im 23 hours in and its starting to grate a bit. Maybe its just backlash from the overkill of the game, I dunno.

Went to a nice house viewing yesterday. Nice big top floor property, equi-distance from Elwood (Elwood is like St Kilda’s more sensible, more posh and less slutty  older brother) and St Kilda, with great size rooms and a good kitchen. However, the only downside is its location – its right on a main road, so traffic noise is apparent. Its not loud or anything, it just never goes silent. The sound in the bedroom is quiet as its off to the side, but Im not 100% sure. Going back tomorrow with Becca for a second opinion. Will let you know how it goes. We’ve about a squillion other properties to see this weekend too. A lot of them look nice, but nothing stands out and screams buy me. Maybe we’re being unrealistic, and looking for a big place with character for cheap. Lots of folks have said WE can inject character to an uninspiring building, but Id like the building itself to come across as interesting. Far too many places are just square rooms, which feels clinical and cold. I like boggles sticking out of walls, and funny corners. Not good for furniture, but it makes things more interesting.

I’ll let you know how it goes……


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