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Oz is good!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 23, 2008

No real reason for this post other than to express my fondness of this place already. Got out of the car today (courtesy car – mine still in garage waiting for matey boy to pay his excess) and stood there for ages watching 3 or 4 cockatoo’s screeching and playing in a palm tree. Looking down at me and their yellow crest on their heads came up, squawked at me, then bit the shit out of the palm tree, ripping chunks out of the trunk and throwing them on the ground – it was great! And despite the fact that is the equivalent of late November, its really pleasant. Its been the coldest May day for years apparently, as it got down to 4 degree’s at 6am. However, it ‘warmed” up to about 14 degree’s which aint bad for nearly December. I remember 6 months ago being in the UK and it was down to -10 degrees with wind chill, so this is comparatively tropical!. Anyway, the photo above was taken today, so even in Winter, this place looks amazing. Rounded off the day and welcomed the weekend with a meal in a nice cheap Italian restaurant – tasty!

No house viewing this weekend, as we’re giving ourselves the weekend off. Need to recharge our batteries as the we find we’re now walking around houses pretty disinterested and apathetic. Need to get the impeteus back. OK, time to go and watch Eurovision on TV – bring on Wogan over the weekend!!!


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