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Hangovers & Houses

Posted by captainbeaky on May 25, 2008

Today has been pretty crap. Its been hangover central in our apartment. Went out last night with a pommy couple we’ve hooked up with and spent many an hour drinking in a local bar….and paying the penalty today for it. However, the sun and the sea air does wonders to sort it out and we now feel ok.

Yesterday we went to one house viewing……and it was fantastic! Nice place in St Kilda East. 2 bedrooms, courtyard, off street parking and immaculately kitted out. Owned by a pair of interior desingers so it look fantastic. Details in THIS LINK!

We like this place so much, were gonna see if we can go to the auction and bid on it. The price is so good for what yorue getting that it seems  shame ot let it slip. Both of us really like it and could see ourselves living there. Only downer we can find about it is that it has no dining space, but in teh 5 years we had our table in the UK, we used it once to eat off, then it was just a surface to put stuff on. So its not really that much of an issue to us. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

Right Im off now to get some stuff for making nice soup (cheese and crispy bacon) then watch Eurovision – no spoiling it for me, so Shhhhhhh!!!!


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