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How could they……..

Posted by captainbeaky on May 26, 2008

So everything is moving along towards the auction on Friday. We’ve got forms to fill in for mortgage pre-approval, solicitors to ring, appointments for building inspections to book. The only 2 sticking points are the fact that we have to put 10% deposit down on the day of the auction, or 1st business day thereafter. However, the money from the high interest UK account the money is in, takes up to 4 days to clear, let alone how long it will take to transfer that from UK to OZ, which to be fair is usually 2 or 3 days.  We could have just payed out $5k as a partial-deposit on the day and payed the rest upon arrival of the funds, but our rent just came out, like, today so we dont have half that ammount.  So unless ING pull their finger out and get the money sorted FAST, we may be screwed, and have to let it it go.:o(

The 2nd bummer is the fact we’ve just recieved the contract of sale from the estate agents, and the rules say NO DOGS! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! To be more specific, the rules said you couldnt keep nuisance dogs on communal property but some twat tabled a motion last year to curb all dogs on site….and it got passed!!!!! So thanks to the body corporate (the bunch of folks that maintain the property and consists of all the other residents) there are no dogs allowed. We’re going to question that tomorrow, with the solititor and the estate agents, to see if he can get anfo from the current owners. It stinks and we dont know if its a deal breaker. opinions needed! :o(

So there you go. After quite a positive day of movemnt on progressing towards a mortgage, we both feel deflated at the fact that we may have to hold off getting a dog, and more importantly, might have to let it go after all. I dont know if a property that nice will come on the market again for that price. Not a good end to the day. Just have to see what happens. Once again, fortunes favour the banks.


2 Responses to “How could they……..”

  1. Andy said

    I didnt think you were intending to get a dog….

    I take it would be a pug then?

  2. Andy said

    You should get one of these


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