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Temples tighter than a ducks arse!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 27, 2008

Yes. Im starting to get stressed. A lot. With something as large as buying a property, I like to take my time. I like to take my time on a daily basis let alone when Im going to be spending nearly $500k, but in this case we cant affod to do that. Things MUST move quickly if we are to stand a chance of bidding for the unit, its just annoying they have to move SO quickly. Cutting long stories short, mortage pre-approval looks like it will go ahead with a bit more information, got a solicitor sorted (we think) and will arrange for building inspectors tomorrow, when hopefully I should be getting my car back.  Still got the pain in the arse of getting $5k together, but were gonna try goingto a bank and getting an overdraft for the interim in between paying the deposit and recieving our UK funds.

Its all pretty stressful and its not helped by the folks next door having their TV on loud at 1 in the morning (for the 2nd night in a row). Had to go speak to them about not taking the piss earlier on, and they were quite apologetic. However, actions speak louder than words (and hopefully, their tele) so we’ll see what happens tonight.Im hoping for a good nights kip, or I’ll be fit to explode! More tomorrow….


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