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Bloody hard work!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 29, 2008

Without boring you with all the details of shitty estate agents, bloody mindy attitudes, hours on the phones an much stressing, everything looks as though its in place to go forward with the auction on Saturday. The mortgage pre-approval has gone through, the building inspection is taking place tomorrow and we’ve managed to scrape together enough cash for the deposit. I dont remember buying a house to be this damn stressful. I mean, for christs sake, moving to the ther side of the world was less stress than this – its ridiculous. Ive now got my car back as well, but driving it like a twat as Id gotten so used to the Hyundai. Not really got much else to report without recounting the multitude of arguments and disagreements we’ve had with a bunch of folks over the last 2 days. I’ll keep you updated on what happens tomorrow.


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