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Posted by captainbeaky on May 31, 2008

Ok – so straight off the bat, we didnt get the apartment. But now through any fault of our own. Despite ripping our hair out dealing with prima dona estate agents, errant and absent solicitors and constant hassling of UK banks well into the early hours here (dont ask…PLEASE dont ask!), the effort was all in vain. A ton of people turned up at the auction and bids were flying in. The estate agents had valued it at $400k-$440k, and it eventually went for $488k!!! Well out of our budget. Our funds could have stretched up to $460k (well we could have got a mortgage up to $850k but it owuld have crippled us with high payments) so theres nowt we could have done.

And this may sound a bit like sour grapes, but when we saw it again today, it didnt grab us in the same way it did last week. Knowing we couldnt have a dog in there, some clause in the rules about an upcoming payment for replacing old brickwork and that the buildings electrical wiring needed to be checked out soon, at considerable cost I bet. Sounds stupid, but both of us felt somewhat relieved when we realised we couldnt afford it.

So now were on the market again, scouring the interent for a bargain. Whats become apparent from today is that joe public seems to put nice furnishings ahead of size. I would much prefer a bigger apartment with middling wallpaper etc… then do it up gradually, as we did in the UK. Going to look at an promising apartment tomorrow so I’ll keep things updated. At least the hard work of transferring money and getting pre-approval has been done. And we know what needs to be done the next time we see a nice place.


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