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Posted by captainbeaky on July 1, 2008

The housing market here is still shockingly slow, especially in the Southeast suburbs where we’re looking. So just out of interest, I searched for properties in the West, specifically in a nice villagey place we’ve already been to called Yarraville. And you wouldnt believe what you can get. 

In St Kilda, or Elwood, for $460k you get a smallish 2 bedroom unit with a small balcony. In Yarraville, you get this! Amazing eh? And thats just the tip of the iceberg. It will have implications about getting to work, as we will both be reliant on smooth flowing traffic on one of the 3 bridges over the docklands. And Becca will be further away, so driving will be essential. However, if it means we can get a fantastic house, in an upcoming area with a big garden for dogs, then I think its worth it. One of my mates at work lives in Yarraville so she’s gonna meet us there on Saturday and show us around. Im hopeful, excited and amazed that we may be able to get something that we previously thought was impossible to attain. 

Thats about it. Im packing in the overtime while its available this week, so Im pretty tired. I getting in a bit of time with games, but cos I dont really want to think, Im just finishing off the odds and ends in GTA. Not much to report really. I’ll keep you posted on our Yarraville exploits. 


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