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Star Wars : The CGI Wars

Posted by captainbeaky on August 18, 2008

Just got back from seeing Star Wars : The Clone Wars, so Id thought Id put my impressions down, while theyre still fresh in my mind…..

If you didnt know, this film is placed somewhere in between films 2 and 3 (that is Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith) and is entirely CGI. Only a few of the cast from the prequel films lend their voice talents here, with the rest being a somewhat mixed bag of sound-a-likes. The story itself is pretty forgettable and doesnt add a lot to Star Wars canon, but I dont think this film was really aimed at either those who are Star Wars nuts, or thsoe who like decent sci-fi. This is like Star Wars lite. For kids. For me its 3 biggest crimes are ;


  1. Committing the fatal sin of having a “punchy, in your face” juvinille character, who you quickly wish were dead
  2. Having a “baby” character which I guess youre supposed to think is both cute, and comically horrible, but again, you just end up wishing it would expire
  3. Having the most hideous Star Wars character since Dib-Dab Binks! (***SPOILER***) Whoever thought that having a Hutt (of Jabba the Hutt fame) that was black, and sounded like a gay, 70’s, American pimp must have been out of their tree! Seriously! Imagine the voice of the creepy, old paedo from Family Guy and youre not too far away from the voice of a supposed devious, criminal intergalactic smuggler. I felt like cringing everytime he came on the screen.


Oh and it also seemed to copy Scooby Doo, or very early Transformers films of having “stock” footage and replaying it several times. I swear to god in the opening battle I saw the same shot of the emplaced cannons firing followed by a trooper with binoculars 3 times! Thats just damn lazy. 

Its also strange that the visuals can be both stunning, and shoddy. The space scenes and scenery is well handled, but the characters themselves sometimes seem to jerk along, and is especially evident in the light sabre duels. Its almost like youre watching 2 robots fighting, the movement is that stilted. 

The good points are, really, if you like Star Wars, you’ll get something out of it. The CGI models are impressive, and …er….its Star Wars, Its troopers and early AT-AT’s, its Destroyers etc….Its hard to put a finger on it. I like Star Wars. And CGI. And sci-fi so Im probably the wrong person to objectively rate it. As it stands, if you like Star Wars, 6.5/10. If you dont like Star Wars 3/10/


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