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Ears, meerkats and buying stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on September 14, 2008

This week has been a pretty mixed bag. As a follow up to my “ear” comment last week, I woke on Monday morning with shocking pain from my right ear, and mucus leaking from it. Cutting a long story short, I went to see a specialist and a doctor, diagnosed it as an ear infection (which effects me worse as I have holes in my ear drums) and signed me off work until Friday. So I didnt really get to do much during the week as I was constantly on nurofen and blotting the puss from my ears. Nice! However, on Friday, the pain eased off and I went back to work. As for the situation now, well Ive still got hearing loss in my right ear, but Im no longer in pain with it and the leaking has stopped so the antibiotics must be doing their thing. However, its been annoying staying off the beer, what with the weather being glorious over the past 3 days. 25 degrees and sunny. Wind has been high in places but its been proper t-shirt weather….in the UK equivalent of March!

Anyway, on to housey stuff. We’ve got a burglar alarm company sorted and hopefully coming to install it next week, we’ve bought a half price slimline dishwasher and had it delivered too. All the services should be sorted out next week, our bed is made and we just have to sort delivery out, and today we went to The Good Guys (like a cheaper, better Dixons) and bought a fridge, freezer, tv, stereo, surround sound system, washing machine, microwave and a super cute and super cheap mini-dyson. Its the really small upright, thats just been released here. Managed to negotiate a really good discount on the lot too, although the woman who sold us the Dyson got things totally messed up. SHe said it usually sold for $599, and would give us a discount price of $540. However, on the way out, we found it had an instore price of $650 so we got a proper bargain! The grand plan is to hire a car late next week, and move stuff over the period of 2 or 3 days. Theres no pressure on us to be out until the following Thusday so we can take our time. Plus Ive managed to move quite a lot of stuff over in my car already. 

In other news, cos the weather was forecast to be nice on Saturday, we planed, and went to Melbourne Zoo for the day and we were both impressed. Lots of stuff to see and do and most of the animals had a big enclosure with a lot of stuff to do. The aviary was a fantastic, Jurassic Park style walk through affair and was really presented well. Thankfully, no Pterodactyls to molest us on our way through! Meerkats were also great, as were the wombats. GOt back home and rounded the day off with some tasty ice-cream down on the beach. Summer is here…….and its only Spring!

Anyway, time to go now as stuff is coming on TV. More updates to come, maybe during the week. OH, Ive just forgotten we went to see Tropic Thunder on Friday, and it was hella good. Really funny, and a nice pastiche on war movies without stooping to Scary Movie levels of dumbass “comedy”. Robert Downey Junior stole the show with his black dude actor. Well worth a look. 8/10


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Pictures say a thousand words so……

Posted by captainbeaky on September 7, 2008

…….have a look at this link instead


So there you have it. Lovely house and a lovely day. The weather here is really turning around now. Gone are the crisp Winter mornings, and hello to the sunny, convertible-tastic days! Some of the not so interesting details are that the mortgage went through fine (obviously), and er….thats pretty much it. Weve got a lot to sort this week with burglar alarms, change of address notices, FINALLY getting our belongings from the relocation company, and annoyingly, sorting my ears out as Ive lost some volume from my right ear. Odds on its wax covering the hole in my ear drum, but Id like it checked out non-the-less. 

We spent most of today strolling around electrical shops finding equipment for us to buy. We found the following out……slimline dishwashers are rare and expensive (but it doesnt matter – we’re getting one!), double door fridge/freezers are shockingly deep in dimension, so “pigeon pair” is the way to go, 32″ TV’s are too small (In my opinion anyway!), and 42″ are too big for the room so 37″ is the way to go, stainless steel cookers look better than poohy white ones, it pays to be cheeky as we managed to get an $88 toaster for $60 by deceiving the sales person! wooo hooooo! 

Anyway, its getting late so its time to sit here and let the 3 course monster lunch we had slowly digest! Ive never eaten a steak so big! Let me know if the video thing is any good, and I might do a few more. Saying stuff and uploading it takes a lot less time than writing all this out.

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