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Posted by captainbeaky on September 7, 2008

…….have a look at this link instead


So there you have it. Lovely house and a lovely day. The weather here is really turning around now. Gone are the crisp Winter mornings, and hello to the sunny, convertible-tastic days! Some of the not so interesting details are that the mortgage went through fine (obviously), and er….thats pretty much it. Weve got a lot to sort this week with burglar alarms, change of address notices, FINALLY getting our belongings from the relocation company, and annoyingly, sorting my ears out as Ive lost some volume from my right ear. Odds on its wax covering the hole in my ear drum, but Id like it checked out non-the-less. 

We spent most of today strolling around electrical shops finding equipment for us to buy. We found the following out……slimline dishwashers are rare and expensive (but it doesnt matter – we’re getting one!), double door fridge/freezers are shockingly deep in dimension, so “pigeon pair” is the way to go, 32″ TV’s are too small (In my opinion anyway!), and 42″ are too big for the room so 37″ is the way to go, stainless steel cookers look better than poohy white ones, it pays to be cheeky as we managed to get an $88 toaster for $60 by deceiving the sales person! wooo hooooo! 

Anyway, its getting late so its time to sit here and let the 3 course monster lunch we had slowly digest! Ive never eaten a steak so big! Let me know if the video thing is any good, and I might do a few more. Saying stuff and uploading it takes a lot less time than writing all this out.


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