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Weekend Hijinks….

Posted by captainbeaky on August 25, 2008

So while I still remember, we went to a mates wedding this Saturday (as mentioned yesterday, photos on Facebook). The ceremony itself was a nice, non-religious affair being light hearted and brief. It was held out on Williamstown Bandstand and the weather stayed nice for it. Drinks and cake afterwards in nearby bars function room, then on to the Titanic Restaurant, which if you look here, you can see its a superb theme restaurant. We went first class, and loved every second of it. An amazing experience, helped along of course by lots of champagne and beer. Unfortunately, I didnt think champagne and beer were all that hot on Sunday! Ouch! Anyway, we had a lovely lazy Sunday which sorted us out a treat. 

On the house front, we got our actual mortgage loan sorted out on Saturday, and received solicitor documents today so things are moving along fine. Not sure if we’ll complete in 13 days as planned, due to the solicitors paperwork hold up, but we remain hopeful. 

Weather is starting to pickup here now, with it due to be 19 degrees and sunny by Friday, Bring on the summer! Its so nice to be able to KNOW we will have sun, rather than hope. 

Plans for this week….going to pickup Becca from Knit Club in a bit, maybe catching Tropic Thunder on Wednesday (dont ask why we didnt see it last week), going upstairs to a neighbours place Thursday for celebratory we-have-a-house drinks, and…er.. Im not sure. Updates will follow if anything exciting happens!


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House, Drinks and Birthdays!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 11, 2008

So you probably already know by now, from the Twitter updates, or Facebook, or our families that we own a house! Cutting a very long story short, we went to the property auction, we won it, negotiated and bartered, and walked away with a house! For anybody that hasnt already seen the house, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the sale page.  We spent the hour after that going over the contract of sale with the agent and the vendor, then went and ate and tried to grasp what had just happened! To be honest, Im making it sounds more muted that it actually is – the excitement has wore off a bit now and has been replaced by eager enthusiasm to get everything sorted and moving along quickly. Anyway, Im jumping ahead. 

After food we came back home then arranged to meet friends in town to celebrate. Started off at a fantastic greek place called Stalactites which did superb meats and gyros. Then went to many, many bars nearly all of which were awesome. There is such a huge variety of bars here, with none of them being remotely like anything in the UK, or at least where Ive seen. The pick of the bunch being the container bar, which was just an outdoor space in between 2 buildings, with a shipping container with a hatch on it being the bar, lots of outdoor heaters, and candles everywhere as the lighting. It looked amazing and had a really good dj and atmosphere. Another place of note was the croft institute, which you would NEVER find if you werent looking for it. It was 3 floors of bar/club that was themed like an old hospital/science lab. Had medical and scientific equipment all over the shop and was like nothing Id seen before. The photo on this post is of the main bar.

Anyway, good food and drink was followed by a sever headache and horridness. Nevermind….its not everyday you buy a house! Today has been a regular day at work, except it wasnt really regular as I wasnt interested at all in doing anything but house stuff. At the end of the day we had payed the deposit, sorted out a tax return appointment, got a conveyoncer (a specialist solicitor in property) and a few other little niggles that we had to get done. Tomorrow is a meeting with the mortgage broker to get our loan finalised, and to sort out our $10,000 government grant. Later on in the week…I dont know – Im only taking it a day at a time as it all seems a bit overwhelming right now. 

Anyway, enough of me…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! Enjoying the British summer on your “special” day? Let me know how you want your “present” sent and if you got your card. Have a good one!

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Hangovers & Houses

Posted by captainbeaky on May 25, 2008

Today has been pretty crap. Its been hangover central in our apartment. Went out last night with a pommy couple we’ve hooked up with and spent many an hour drinking in a local bar….and paying the penalty today for it. However, the sun and the sea air does wonders to sort it out and we now feel ok.

Yesterday we went to one house viewing……and it was fantastic! Nice place in St Kilda East. 2 bedrooms, courtyard, off street parking and immaculately kitted out. Owned by a pair of interior desingers so it look fantastic. Details in THIS LINK!

We like this place so much, were gonna see if we can go to the auction and bid on it. The price is so good for what yorue getting that it seems  shame ot let it slip. Both of us really like it and could see ourselves living there. Only downer we can find about it is that it has no dining space, but in teh 5 years we had our table in the UK, we used it once to eat off, then it was just a surface to put stuff on. So its not really that much of an issue to us. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

Right Im off now to get some stuff for making nice soup (cheese and crispy bacon) then watch Eurovision – no spoiling it for me, so Shhhhhhh!!!!

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Danger Will Robinson! Beer and Sake Everywhere!

Posted by captainbeaky on February 8, 2008

lost_in_space_robot_body_1_2_2004.jpgT’was a good day today. Work was just more training, training, training but had a good natter with the other chaps there and had a good laugh. The bad news is that it seems we have at least another week and a half of training to go! I’ll have info coming out of every orifice by that point, but it was a late start thanks to the training so it wasnt all that bad. 

After work, I met Becca in town as I needed to get some more work shirts, but it turned out to be a much more lengthy visit than just shirt shopping. On the way down to the shops, we saw a good little bar caller “Bar Humbug”, which we thought was a great name and it looked pretty decent inside, so after I got a shirt or 2, we went back to the bar and had a drink. Nice bar, a little expensive but would be a nice place to take visitors. After that, we went along to another bar, which was really funky. A little Japanese, anime robot bar, simply called “Robot“. The decor was all robot-ey, with lots of anime pics everywhere and tons of little robot toys on the shelves. The bar was stocked with a wide variety of Japanese beers, had loads of sake, and they even sold pocky! You would have loved it Andy – they even showed anime on a Tuesdays and had drinks specials on. I definitely think we’ll be going back.

After that we went and got some food at Yoyogi sushi place, then home (again Andy, you would have liked it – yakitori chicken and katsu curry). Feel quite tired now though, which isnt surprising as Ive been on the go for 14 hours. Oh yeah, I also managed to pick up FIFA 08 for 360 in Electronics Boutique – 2nd hand but it looks ok and comes with a week long guarantee in case it plays up. Sensible Soccer rekindled my interest in footy games, but is just too damn hard, and doesnt have the depth of FIFA, hence, I got FIFA. 

Only plans we have for the weekend are me having a driving lesson tomorrow (first Saturday lesson so I hope the roads arent too busy), and then St Kilda Festival on Sunday, when about 400,000 people descend on St Kilda for music, comedy, and other gubbins – should be a good un, and I’ll be sure to post pictures, as I have today on my webspace/Facebook. Check em out!

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Parasol Star (sorry – another obscure game reference)

Posted by captainbeaky on February 2, 2008

n867580483_2222203_96832.jpgWell, its been a tiring but fantastic day. Started off going over to the St Kilda farmers market which was full of tasty looking fresh produce, but we stupidly shopped the other day so have no room for any of it. Doh – better planning needed next time. However we picked up some fresh samphire, and are gonna cook it for tea afterwards with some barrimundi fillets – yum! 

Oh well, on to the good stuff. Caught a tram into Melbourne, which was lovely and cool, and extremely welcome as its been roasting today. First port of call was Flinders St to see if we could see anything of them filming “The Pacific”, and it turned out we could see quite a bit. The street was dressed with old wartime posters and banners, with lots of period cars and vehicles about. No actors on the set at that stage so took a few snaps (all of which are on Facebook or my webspace) and then did a bit of shopping. Becca picked herself up a parasol to keep her cool (also in the photos) and we went to see if we could find a bar we’d read about in guide books, called “The Rooftop Bar”. Found the building and made our way up to the 6th floor (the clues in the bars name!) and found it to be a great little place. All open air, 6 stories up, with grass on the floor (fake but looked and felt great) and sat ourselves down on old UK style wooden deck chairs. Ordered a blood orange juice for Becca and got myself a pint of Erdinger in a great looking glass. Then sat down, caught some rays, put on plenty of free suntan lotion from the bar and just appreciated the atmos, the weather, and the beer – awesome! After beer and sun, we did a bit more shopping, then walked on down to the film set again to see if anything had changed, and it had. They’d got some old period trams in, more dressing of the station itself, and the actors were on set being filmed. All very exciting, but nowt I can do will explain just how excited I was at the time. Kid in a toyshop!

Got back to St Kilda and found that all the festivities for next weeks St Kilda festival had already started, albeit on a small scale. A few hippyish stalls around Luna Park, some theatrical performance going on and a falconry thing, which was great. The size of this eagles claws were huge – a good 2 inches long. He was bloody huge too – would have those noisy cockatoos from breakfast. Also looking forward to this – a big open air cinema, near the gym on the seafront. Im particularly looking forward to seeing Jaws, outside, on the beach! Proper scary! 

Not quite sure of our plans for tomorrow yet. We want to go back into town to go to the market (if its on), go to a few more beer gardens/rooftop bars and generally lap up my last day of proper freedom! Going to have to investigate how to get into town to as there is  Gay Pride march going down Fitzroy St, closing off all the tram routes from St Kilda beach.  Anyway, Im off now to watch Mythbusters and have a beer. Gotta rest up for more booze and sun tomorrow! Ciao for now!

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The “Im too tired to post” Post

Posted by captainbeaky on February 1, 2008

yawn.jpgChrist Im tired! Ready for bed now and its only 8.30. I reckon I must have overdone it at the gym (or the beer I had to “finish off” after using a small amount in the chili I made for tomorrow) this afternoon. Weather was much better today, so decided to make use of my free 1 week pass and pump some iron! Spent much longer than anticipated in there, as the podcast I was listening too was damn good, and I was enjoying messing with the running machines and playing with the new weights machines. Had a nose in the changing rooms too – very swish. Nice and clean, electronic code lockers, individual opaque glass shower cubicles with shampoo, conditioner and body wash dispensers. Very impressive.

Didnt do much else as we didnt really feel like it. Gonna mooch around Boeing next week after work. For all I know, I could be getting a lift back each day, or could be starting on the day shift, so I’ll just take it as it comes.  Strange to consider that today was my last free weekday, since over a year ago. Oh, I booked my driving test for March 25th, so only 52 days to go – doesnt seem very long when you say it like that, even less so when you consider Ive only had 12 lessons so far! Oh well, got plenty of time to get some more practice in between now and then. 

Just finished watching the 2nd bit of that Ross Kemp in Afghanistan documentary, and I have to say its damn good. Really gives you a good idea of what its like being stuck in the middle of a firefight out there and its pretty scary. Even the generally annoying Kemp seems shaken and shit scared by it all, which isnt surprising when there are bullets and RPG’s flying over your head. Well worth a watch if you can still get the torrent of part 1.

For tomorrow, we’re going into Melbourne to see if we can see whats going on with the filming of The Pacific (I dont think we’ll get near it, but worth a try), have a bit of a mooch about and hunt out another rooftop bar, seeing as we so enjoyed the last one.  Get myself a lie in too, seeing as they’ll be coming to an abrupt end in a couple of days. 

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Posted by captainbeaky on January 28, 2008

img1397845cba9814f077.jpgYes, thats what we got up to yesterday! Lawn Bowls. And before Im lambasted for being an old sod, let me just tell you this – I would say 90% of the folks there were aged 28 – 35. And when you think about it, its a damn fine way to spend a day. Met up with our mates at about 2.30, got a round in then went out for an intro to lawn bowls. Was really busy, with more folks turning up as the minutes went by. And as the beers flowed, the more interesting it got. It turned out to be a great afternoon, as it kinda felt like playing pool, or darts but outside in the sun. Its the kind of thing that is a side to beer and banter, not the primary focus, and Im sure if the UK had the weather for it, it would be just as popular. Seems most areas here have a lawn bowling club all, with a lot of young’uns there. Definitely like to do it again. Was a great day, rounded off with mexican food and huge margaritas. Hence the lack of update yesterday!

Anywho, today was quiet. Stayed in, only venturing out for a walk along the beach and a trip to the paper shop.  Played a ton of games on my 360, but it felt strangely unsatisfying. Maybe Im actually beginning to tire of gaming, and yearn for this job? Stranger things have happened. 

Tomorrow is driving lesson first off, waiting for the relocaition people to call to arrange a part delivery of our stuff, then maybe go to the gym for my 1 weeks free trial. Im looking forward to getting fit again, but Im equally dreading the first visit. Just the mild bending and rolling of bowls yesterday has got us both holding our legs every time we stand up – damn they ache! Right Im off to watch a download of the Man Utd/Spurs match now, so dont ruin it for me! Oh, and more pics (of bowling) added to my webspace/Facebook page. 

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Maybe Tomorrow…

Posted by captainbeaky on January 27, 2008

28828.jpgJust a quick one to let you know there will be no in-depth post today. I’ll make one tomorrow on account of having a few too many sherberts today and not really feeling like typing and editing at the moment. Sooooooo…..give it a few hours and I’ll type up a proper description of what we got up to today. Needless to say it was fun and involved beer and friends and food. 

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New Job = New Treat

Posted by captainbeaky on January 16, 2008

design_gal04_20080115.jpgOK – right off the bat – no job news today. Sent off emails and contact numbers yesterday to get references done, and not heard a jot today. I’ll be sure to email them tomorrow to send me written confirmation of the job offer. 

Now, onto the juicy stuff (well…for me anyway). Soon, the laptop you see on the left will be in my possession. Announced today, its called the Macbook Air (crumby name I know) and its stupidly thin, half the weight of my existing Macbook and has all manner of bells and whistles that I wont bore you with, but if youre interested, you can read about it here. Storage size is a bit of an issue but Apple are releasing a wireless hard drive around the same time, so all the macs in our place can speak to it and share files.  Been playing with another new toy today, one which we bought yesterday but reasons I wont bore you with, didnt work until this morning. A little stick that I plug into the usb port on the mac mini, an ariel into the other end, and you have yourself your own video recorder! Has a Sky style TV guide and its just as easy to record programs. Really am quite impressed. You can even stream existing recorded programs over wifi to your ipod touch! Its tech nirvana! 

Didnt do much today. Stayed in and messed with said TV thing for the mac and read as much info as I can about the Apple press briefing last night. Popped out of the house late on to go to the Suzuki Night Market, which turned out to be shockingly busy. The food parts were crazy with folks but the rest of it was a bit airy-fairy and hippyish so left early for food elsewhere. Walked past a ton of Japanese restaurants, Sake bars and Ramen houses, but wanted something spicy so went to a place that specialises in laksa’s (indonesian spicy seafood soup with noodles). Changed my mind at the last minute and ordered a curry, and god damn if it wasnt the hottest curry Ive ever had. It just made me cough and made my nose/eyes water. Shocking. Was in need of cooling down so popped over the road and found a lovely little rooftop bar. The whole place was done up like an English garden sort of thing. White wrought iron style chairs, pergolas, parasols, trellis’s – it was amazing! In keeping with the look of the place, we both shared a pitcher of Pimms! Table service for drinks (and I had a tasty cupcake). They also handed out blankets for anyone out on the roof terrace who was a bit cold (its was a frighteningly chilly 22 degrees today! Brrrrrr!). A real gem of a place that I dont think youre average joe would know about. 

Not sure of any plans for tomorrow. Id like to go see Cloverfield at the cinema but that isnt going to take all day. Oh well, we’ll just play it by ear. Have fun……

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Funniest Ice-Cream Ever!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 13, 2008


Awesome, eh? Cant wait to have a Gaytime? “Hey mate, fancy a Gaytime?”. The possibilities are endless! Whats even better than that is the follow-up line underneath the main logo (dont squint and try to read it now!) – so good, it deserves another photo, that I’ll put at the end of the post – something to look forward to!

Anyway, its been a busy couple of days. Went into Melbourne yesterday to have a mooch about. Didnt buy much as the money we have in our oz bank account is a bit tight, and while we have plenty of cash in our UK accounts to transfer, the exchange rate is utter crap at the moment, so gonna hold off. I digress. We went in search of bargains, but neither of us bought anything in the sales. Got a couple of nice cups from the posh tea place, had some very tasty and super cheap sushi, and looked around plenty of shops.  We also popped into the big pub next to the train station for some refreshment. While in there, we noticed the bartender was something of a beer expert (and looking on the website its apparently so) and asked for a  few samples. Being a new found convert to wheat beers, I asked for some recommendations, and god damn they were good. Their own brew (found nowhere else) was really nice, but my pick of the bunch was a tipple called “Beez Neez” which has a lovely honey taste. Got me a 6 pack from the offy as soon as we got back, and their chilling in the fridge as we speak. Cant wait to crack on open later! Also hired out 28 Weeks Later from the DVD store, and I thought it was ok. Not great by any means, and nowhere near as good as 28 Weeks Later, or I Am Legend. Special effects were ropey at best and the story was predictable. Having troublesome kids as the main plot device is never a good idea. It just gets annoying and you just wish they would get eaten or something. 

On the health front I feel a ton better. Dont know which tablets are doing the trick, but Im carrying on with all of them. I dont want to feel like crap this time tomorrow. Speaking of which, Im getting nervous about already. I just hope I dont panic and give stupid answers to their questions. Regardless anyway, life here is good – I really do LOVE this place. I mean, I look forward to getting the paper so I can have a stroll about. Could you ever have imagined me saying that about Kings Heath?  The weather is a positively cool 23 degrees today, but ramping up again to 37 by the end of the week. Its strange, having coped with 42, and 38 degrees the day after, it actually DOES feel cold today. Mad, after living in the UK for so long. Its also strange to go into Melbourne and compared to Birmingham, or Wolverhampton the amount of people about is miniscule. Its nice walking around the shops, and never feels crowded, or claustrophobic. Like I say, I love it here!

So on to tomorrow. Expecting the telephone engineers around between 8am and 10am, so SHOULD have internet access soon, but Im not holding my breath. Either way, I’ll be sure to make a post, either from my house or from the net cafe about how the interview went. If they want people to start next week, I would expect them to inform any of the interviewees fairly quickly if they have been successful or not. So I may know either way in 24 hours. Exciting, but at the same time scary! 

Anyhow, youve read enough waffle and droning to get to the crowning glory of ice-cream namery, so here it is. Behold and enjoy…..


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The “most stuff happened in least time ever” post!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 10, 2008

sculpture_wideweb__470x2800.jpgFirst post of 2008 too. OK. I dont really know where to begin. New Year has come and gone, (with the dull tediousness that it always does) and we’ve flown half way around the planet again. Should be doing wonders for my airmiles. In one year we’ve gone to Vegas and back, out to Australia, back to England, and then back to Australia again. Great for airmiles, crap for bank balance! 

I would like to say that this is the return of my daily updates, but the internet is down at our apartment. We dont even have our original phone number anymore. Its very frustrating. the telecoms companies out here seem even worse than the UK. Well, I say ALL telecoms companies, but its really Telstra’s infrastructure and inept service engineers that seem to be mucking up. The guys at Netspace (my isp) have been really helpful, but is still not fixed as its down physical phone line connections, which are rented from Telstra or so Im told. The upshot if it is that Im checking all my emails, making posts and doing a bit of surfing each day either from my phone (expensive) or going to a net cafe and using my Mac there.  Cheap rates and its got air con.

 Ok, so I’ll draw a line under whats gone before and just start from today. Went for my aptitude test at Boeing (well, actually at an aptitude test company, but its for the Boeing job) and it went really well. Well, at least I think it did. It was a lot shorter, and easier than the behemoth I did for Toyota. Im just waiting to hear when the actual interview for the job will be now. It better be soon as I was told they wouldnt be interviewing after this week! 

Secondly, its bloody roasting hot here today. 42ºC! Its not unbearable, but I guess it would be if you were out in it all day. As it is, this net cafe is wonderfully air conditioned so its lovely. Probably off to get an ice cream or something after this, to cool down once we’re outside. Its a shock to the system after the -8ºC-ness of Birmingham over Christmas. Still…..its a nice shock!

Had some tasty tea last night – on passing the fishmongers/chippy we spied stuffed (with rice, prawns and chilli’s) squid so decided to by a couple. $10 each. Thats about £4 for the uninitiated – and god damn were they nice! The standard of food out here, and the quality is superb. Popped into the offy at the end of the street and asked if they had anything like Kronenbeg Blanc (I developed quite a taste for it over Xmas) but they didnt stock it. However, they put me onto a couple of imported Belgium white beers they do have in, and if they arent tastier than Blanc! Bloody lovely! And they go down a treat in this hot weather. 

On the games front, I came back from the UK with Assassins Creed, Conan, and Tomb Raider Anniversary (as well as some DS games I mentioned in previous posts), the last 2 of which I picked up in the sales. Ive only played Conan so far, and Im mightily impressed. Its basically, God of War on 360. Quick Time Events, mythical beasts, different weapon techniques and combos etc…. Its actually pretty impressive. For £20 that is. I dont think I would ever buy it full price but its well worth a punt at half price. Recommended! 

Had a look through the local rag here yesterday and found The Wombats and Maximo Park are out here in March. Cant wait – next time we go into town we’ll definitely be getting tickets. Speaking of which, it may be tomorrow. Dependent upon the weather really – I wasnt at all tempted today to go strolling through the city today, in this heat, and in a suit! the forecast is for this hot snap to run into tomorrow as-well so may give it a miss until it cools down. It will be a decidedly cold 24ºC on Saturday so might pop in then. 

Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted on whats happening here. It may not be everyday (until my net access is fixed) but it will be more often than its been. Can I just thank everyone at this stage, for your messages of sympathy and support. I dont know how I would have coped with the turbulent past few months if it werent for your kind words, helping me, and my family get through a terrible time. Thanks again. 

 And for those that arent aware, you can leave me a message for me at any time by clicking on the “Comments” icon at the bottom right of any post. You may be telling me Im gay for buying Conan, or that  I should shutup about it being so hot. Either way, Im not fussed – just comment!. And dont worry, its secure, spam protected and every one has to go through me before its displayed. So get commenting! 

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Doing nowt has never felt so good!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 10, 2007

n867580483_1648159_6879.jpgIn a practical sense, today, weve actually done nothing. Well, tell a lie, we’ve walked to a place, then walked back, but its felt like a great day! Been another scorcher here (about 26 degree’s) so we decided to have a stroll up to Port Melboune, not Brighton as I said yesterday. Was great! Ive put some more photo’s on Facebook if youre bored enough to have a look. Stopped halfway on the walk up at a beachside cafe, and had a soething called a Pide. I chose it as it looked a bit like a pasty, but we later found out from the waitress, that its a Turkish food, thats basically a turkish bread, topped with whatever (I had morrocan spiced lamb, Becca had chicken) then turned up so its a sealed, pasty shape. God damn it was good! Yet another tasty place to eat. 

Saw about a million dogs on the beach, some playing in the water, others just sat there puzzled when their owners threw their ball into the ocean! Saw a few more cockatoo’s flying around, and by christ theyre noisy! The parrots have nothing on these monsters! Huge too. Got a bit cross with the flies here. It seems the “never give up” Aussie spirit has even wormed its way into the insects here too. With a British fly, if it comes by your face, you move your had around and it goes away. Not so here. You move your hand around, and it flys the other side of your head. Move your hand around a bit more and it lands on your glasses. Move your hand to your glasses and it buzzes around your head. They just dont give up!  

After our walk there, we simply walked back. Nothing exciting. Popped out a bit later to catch the sunset, which looked great, then bought some sausages for tea. Spiffing!

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Worst. Post Title. Ever.

Posted by captainbeaky on November 5, 2007

bitey-dogs.jpgSorry, couldnt think of anything witty to say! We didnt really do much today, but it kinda feels like we did. Although Im going to have to start thinking of other things to type as Im sure for the majority of you, reading this must be completely boring! Anyway…..

Went into town, which was in a state of disarray as there was some Melbourne Cup procession thingy going on. It was really busy too, probably because tomorrow is a bank holiday and folks were having today off too. Becca went and got her Victorian Driving License and a ton more books, and I went to see if I could pick up Guitar Hero 3 and Call of Duty 4 early, but they werent budging this time. Will pick them up on Wednesday when theyre out officially.

On the way back through St Kilda, we popped into our local off license for the first time (god only knows why!) Its a really good one, you should see the amount of beers they have. I spied some Red Stripe that has my name on it, as well as some cheap Wild Turkey. We also spied those two dogs, above, tied up outside Safeways! They looked cheeky, but I wasnt going to get close enough to stroke them. The writing in red on the dog on the right says “I bite!”

No plans for tomorrow at the moment. Our broadband appears to be progressing nicely, which is good news as it took me 7 minutes for Facebook to load today. Pain in the arse. MIght just take it easy tomorrow and sort stuff out. But I promise to have SOMETHING interesting to say, even if its not my news, it WILL be exciting news! 

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Of Football and Chocolate…

Posted by captainbeaky on November 4, 2007

6348.jpgAs mentioned in my previous post – apologies for the lack of post yesterday. The day just ran away from me. I doubt I’ll be double posting today either as 1, – the internet is pathetically slow, and b, – i didnt get up until 1.05pm! Whoops! Speaking of internet, we managed to get the landlady to sort it so we can still keep this connection until we get our proper broadband line installed. Our existing contract was meant to be up this week, but the new one not installed for a week after that. so at least we can still get online. Crap broadband is better than NO broadband! Anyhow, best to start with yesterday,

 First off a job for a Quality Engineer at Holden cropped up which I quickly applied for. Still dont know if the Boeing jobs are available, but I’ll email tomorrow to find out either way. Sounds like a decent opportunity at Holden. Its at Port Melbourne again, so not far away. No mention of salary though. Anyway, Ive applied. 

We then decided to venture out our house and strolled up to the St Kilda farmers market, which is about 30 seconds walk away from our apartment block! Had some really good stalls with a ton of tasty food. Next time its on we’ll get up earlier to get some stuff as most of the choice food had already gone. Went into Melbourne after that to pick up more housey stuff, and have a look at some of the outfits being worn by all the folks off to the Melbourne Cup. Saturday was derby day so they were out inforce, and damn we saw some horrific efforts!

While there, I took my game in to hopefully get it buffed and polished, so it would hopefully work. I later discovered it didnt – my 360 didnt even recognise it as a game! Oh well, looks like I’ll have to buy it again. Should be able to pick it up cheap off ebay though.  Also, while in Melbourne we stopped off here and had what is probably the best hot chocolate Ive ever had. And Im quite aware that a lot of the things here are slowly becoming “the best…..Ive had/seen”. Im not exaggerating. They REALLY are all good! It was heavenly! We managed to come home with all the things we went in for anyway so it was a successful day!

We didnt end up going out with the girl across the hall. Probably cos it was just one of those things said in conversation that you later wish you hadnt said.  Not to worry, were here for 6 months so plenty of time left to get out. Anyway, I was mulling over whether to go and watch the Arsenal/Man Utd game up the pub. Time difference meant the kick off was at quarter to midnight, and it was raining. However, anticipation got the better for me and took a walk up to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow to watch it. A good mix of folks in there and some tasty Kronenburg (which sounds unremarkable but its the only place in Melbourne Ive so far found that sells it!). A very good match, and a fair result I thought, even thought the Arsenal fans acted as though theyd just won 6-0. London arseholes! Eventually got back home about 2.30am, after a few drinks, hence the late get-up today! 

Not really done much with myself today either. Been into St Kilda to get a paper and have a mooch about. Still raining so didnt want to spend too long outdoors. Tomorrow, I think we are going back into Melbourne, as Becca has to get her driving licence sorted out. I expect it to be really busy as its still the Spring Racing Carnival, and Tuesday is a state holiday as its the actual Melbourne Cup race, so a lot of folks have Monday off to make it a long weekend. Will see if I can get Guitar Hero 3 early too! Speaking of which, while I was waiting to get my game polished yesterday, Becca had a quick couple of go’s on a Guitar Hero 3 demo they had out in store, which was pretty good. the song list this time seems excellent. 

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A Fair Result….

Posted by captainbeaky on November 4, 2007

kronenbourg1664.jpgA quick post to apologise for the lack of post today – I’ll sort it out tomorrow. Been to watch the match (arsenal vs man utd) up the pub, and had a “few” beers so am quite inebriated. I’ll make sure I’ll double post tomorrow to make up for it. As for now, Im gonna finish my cuppa and go to bed, seeing as its nearly 3am. 

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See…..not lazy!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 6, 2007

So today we actually did something!!! We decided to poke our noses around South Yarra, which is a really posh, expensive district of Melbourne. And its was real nice. Lots of posh clothes shops, boutiques and streetside cafes. So many posh big ol’ cars its untrue. They had a bloody amazing market there too. We’re going to go back there next week and buy some stuff. Loads of nice delis and a tasty looking italian place that sells fresh pasta and sauces. Could have spent a small fortune! Oh, and Becca managed to buy her 2nd pair of shoes since being here! I should be having those organic pork sausages for tea later tonight so will post my opinions tomorrow. Tried some gourmet beef sausages at the market today to see if I just tried a naff bunch last time. NO!!!! They still tasted like soap -yuk!Oh, and as you may have guessed from the pictures, I managed to pick up some Aspalls cider from the market too! Woo Hoooo!!!! Gonna have one bottle a bit later, just in case its beef aspalls or something! 

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The Good Stuff……!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 5, 2007

I slightly less Xbox related day today. In fact no xbox at all today (so far !) So we went into St Kilda to get shopping, and realised that despite the forecast saying it was going to piss it down, it was a lovely day. Sunny, and about 22 degrees. So did our shopping, then went for a drink on Fitzroy St.Went to the Prince of Wales, which is about 3 minutes walk away and probably our closest pub/bar. Realised that in the proper Aussie bars here, a pint doesnt exist. You can buy a pot, which is a bit smaller than half a pint, or you can buy a schooner, which is a bit smaller than a pint. Carlton draught is OK, but I switched to Heiniken after a while. While we were in there, we read a few of the free music magazines that do the rounds here and found a few of the bands that we like were touring in Oz. Already got tickets to see Patrick Wolf, now weve seen that Architecture in Helsinki, The Go Team!, and The Gossip (who are playing at our local!?!?) are all touring within the nest month or two, so glad to get back in the gig-going-groove!After the Prince of Wales, we decided to stroll up to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow which from the looks of it is a “traditional British pub”. Ordinarily I wouldnt go near the place, but this place had 3 major factors that made the theme of the place seem insignificant.1, – It shows premier league matches, as well as aussie A league matches2, – It hosts  a “Neighbours” night every Monday where the cast turn up for beers.3, – It sells Kronenberg, Becks and Bulmers cider on draught! Oh, and it sells WIld Turkey!Woooooo Hoooooo! My drinking needs taken care of in one place! But we also saw another good pub, whcih seems to be owned by a Scotsman (seeing as he had a sign up saying “I know you dont care but I do – Celtic 2 Ac Milan 1!). On the back of that sign he had written “Beer. The reason I get up every afternoon”! Genius! Oh, an update on The Bionic Woman that we saw last night…..shit! it has someone who used to be in Eastenders in it, putting on a yank accent, and I really couldnt care less about the program. Badly acted, and didnt really go anywhere. I may watch one more to give it a chance, but on the basis of last night, it seems a bit rubbish. I dont really know what we’re up to tomorrow as the forecast says its gonna be crap again. But seeing as the messed up todays weather forecast, heres hoping it will be nice. Tomorrow night Im either going to watch a Premiership mass at the pub I mentioned above, or go to this. Looks very odd, and a good laugh to watch. Also, Laura, it seems like something Goold would be interested in participating in! 

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Party Shenanigans

Posted by captainbeaky on September 3, 2007

Was a weekend of parties just gone. Friday was my (ex)works leaving do, Beccas last day at work drinks, and Saturday was the big goodbye party around ours. And even if I do say so myself, it was damn good! Got to catch up with a ton of mates and say our farewells. Even the weather decided it was going to be kind and not rain on the bbq! What was even more surprising was the fact that I had beer, wine, cocktails, cider and bourbon……and had NO hangover. I only hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. But dont get me started on estate agents – bunch of fucktards. Despsite the fact theres only 3 of them in the office, NONE of them communicate with one another, and not one of them seems to want to show potential buyers around. Instead they ask if I can do it – fuck off! Dont you think I’ve got other things to worry about! What are we paying you money for? Fuck all by the sounds of it…..Had our last UK based Sunday roast at the local too – damn tasty! I can feel an afternoon nap coming on…….

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