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Ears, meerkats and buying stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on September 14, 2008

This week has been a pretty mixed bag. As a follow up to my “ear” comment last week, I woke on Monday morning with shocking pain from my right ear, and mucus leaking from it. Cutting a long story short, I went to see a specialist and a doctor, diagnosed it as an ear infection (which effects me worse as I have holes in my ear drums) and signed me off work until Friday. So I didnt really get to do much during the week as I was constantly on nurofen and blotting the puss from my ears. Nice! However, on Friday, the pain eased off and I went back to work. As for the situation now, well Ive still got hearing loss in my right ear, but Im no longer in pain with it and the leaking has stopped so the antibiotics must be doing their thing. However, its been annoying staying off the beer, what with the weather being glorious over the past 3 days. 25 degrees and sunny. Wind has been high in places but its been proper t-shirt weather….in the UK equivalent of March!

Anyway, on to housey stuff. We’ve got a burglar alarm company sorted and hopefully coming to install it next week, we’ve bought a half price slimline dishwasher and had it delivered too. All the services should be sorted out next week, our bed is made and we just have to sort delivery out, and today we went to The Good Guys (like a cheaper, better Dixons) and bought a fridge, freezer, tv, stereo, surround sound system, washing machine, microwave and a super cute and super cheap mini-dyson. Its the really small upright, thats just been released here. Managed to negotiate a really good discount on the lot too, although the woman who sold us the Dyson got things totally messed up. SHe said it usually sold for $599, and would give us a discount price of $540. However, on the way out, we found it had an instore price of $650 so we got a proper bargain! The grand plan is to hire a car late next week, and move stuff over the period of 2 or 3 days. Theres no pressure on us to be out until the following Thusday so we can take our time. Plus Ive managed to move quite a lot of stuff over in my car already. 

In other news, cos the weather was forecast to be nice on Saturday, we planed, and went to Melbourne Zoo for the day and we were both impressed. Lots of stuff to see and do and most of the animals had a big enclosure with a lot of stuff to do. The aviary was a fantastic, Jurassic Park style walk through affair and was really presented well. Thankfully, no Pterodactyls to molest us on our way through! Meerkats were also great, as were the wombats. GOt back home and rounded the day off with some tasty ice-cream down on the beach. Summer is here…….and its only Spring!

Anyway, time to go now as stuff is coming on TV. More updates to come, maybe during the week. OH, Ive just forgotten we went to see Tropic Thunder on Friday, and it was hella good. Really funny, and a nice pastiche on war movies without stooping to Scary Movie levels of dumbass “comedy”. Robert Downey Junior stole the show with his black dude actor. Well worth a look. 8/10


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Mostly Games

Posted by captainbeaky on June 19, 2008

So this post will be mostly about games, as We’ve not really been up to much since last weekend. Going to work, coming home, going for coffee, eating cakes…thats about as exciting as it got. Ive been taking a much lower intensity of interest in the housing market as a stab at minimising unecessary stresses.Ive not been sleeping right for a few weeks and anything thats been stressing me out ive been getting rid of, with looking at real estate websites being vastly reduced. And I have been sleeping better so it IS working. 

SO games wise, I finally finished GTA IV. Overall, its a great game world to mess about it, but it doesnt half get boring. I was also disappointed with the way the story unfolded as I was hoping (dont read the following bit if you havent finished it) for more of a back story, with more of Niko’s history playing a part. For it to lay back on tired old mob and mafia stereotypes, in exactly the same way GTA III did was really poor in my opinion. The difficulty later on also got stupid, with one mission being extremely hard, having several stages to the mission and needing multiple retries to complete and next mission revolving about me, getting out of my car and firing an RPG at another car…done!?!? wtf?! However, it was still an enjoyable game and theres still a lot of life left in it thanks to the achievements and side missions.

More susprisingly, Im mightily impressed with my recent cheap purchase of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Its a pretty good racing game, in itself with decent handling, a good impression of speed and nice graphics, but it has 2 specific things that really stand out. Firstly is the police mechanic. The best way how to think of it in modern terms is that its quite similar to GTA. If you drive like a mentalist, or go through speed traps at a rapid speed, the police start chasing you. The tension of this is heightened by constant police chatter, alerting more and more units to your location, and some pretty intense “24” style music. However, unlike GTA the police drive faster cars than you, and are extremely efficient at boxing you in and busting you. Its damn hard to try and evade them and really is a thrill to play. The second best thing about the game is the hilarious chav/racer theme running through it. Its trying to be all street and “urban” and it actually comes across as some kind of ridiculous pastiche of racing culture. UKR would have a field day if they played even the 1st 10 minutes of it! Andy in particular, you’ll piss your pants – if you see it cheap…BUY IT!

Anyway, I’ll stop harping n about games, and let you go. Its getting late here and I want an early night so I can watch/listen to the portugal/germany match tomorrow. Have fun!

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More evil than a pound of mashed up Dundee cake!

Posted by captainbeaky on March 18, 2008


No post yesterday as :-
  •  We didnt do anything spectacular
  •  We were both ill

We both ate a frozen quiche last night, that must have gone off or something, as later on the pair of us endured hideous stomach cramps, sweats then the inevitable bum gravy. Very unpleasant indeed. the stomach cramps kept me awake way past bedtime last night, so I rang in late so I could catch up on lost sleep. Neither of us have eaten all day, but we are both feeling better now. Last time I buy a quiche from Safeway!

In other news, Becca starts her job next week, after Easter. Im not sure if Im repeating what she’s said on her blog, but there is is anyway. What have I been up to…..er….. working, watching TV, and thinking that this time next week, I will either have a Full Victoria Driving License, or crying into my pint and booking another test ASAP.  

Played a bit more Frontlines, but the kill-a-thon is wearing a bit thin now. I reckon I pushed myself to get back in the FPS saddle too quickly. Nevermind, I’ll just press on with Metroid.  The 360 really isnt doing it for me at the moment. Ooooo….the moment I typed that I checked a gaming news site and found that Forza is getting more cars tomorrow, one of which will be the Maserati Gran Turismo – DEFINITELY be getting that.  Im also more surprised than anyone that last night I actually chose to read my book over TV and gaming!!!! I never thought Id see the day! On saying that, it IS an extremely good book though, and easily as addictive as a good game. Just one more chapter……..

So there you have it, pretty uneventful really. Better decide what we’re having for tea. Nothing too volatile thats for sure! Oh, and 10 points for recognising the post title reference (Andy’s not included ;o)

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“Hello, Jerry”……..”Hello, Newman”!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 29, 2008

seinfeld6.jpgIts felt like its been a busy day today, but in actual fact, its not! Started off with another driving lesson which again, went well. Did a 3 point turn right first time, not so hot with reverse parallel parking but parking in general is getting a lot better. Just gotta keep on plugging away at it and see about booking a test, as theres supposedly a 4-5 week lead time, by which time I should have got it all down. 

Then I decided to give the gym a ring and go in for my free 1 weeks pass thingy I got through the mail. Got straight on the treadmill and there was my first shock – the thing was like a bloody computer. About 10 different options to pick straight off which was  bit overwhelming, but I decided on one of the “Personal Trainer” options, which lets you do a simulated fitness test,  from the Army, Navy, Police etc…. or one tailored to you based on your age and weight.  I chose the latter as Im no bionic superman (yet!) but it still knackered me out. My legs felt like jelly afterwards, but then I noticed another nice feature of the treadmills – you can watch the TV on them, actually ON the machine! Even better than that, as well as all the terrestrial channels to flick through, they had a “DVD” channel which was showing back-to-back Seinfelds!!! Fantastic! So I endured a few more minutes on the treadmill and on the bikes, which had the same screen. It was great! Its also a bit more pleasant than the gym in Kings Heath, as the building is right on the sea front, so rather than the obligatory wall of mirrors to look at, youve got a lovely full length window to look out on the beach and the sea – bit of a change! Had a go on some of the weights machines too, but my arms started to give out after a while so called it a day and came home. Overall, though, the place is great and I think I’ll definitely be joining once my first paycheck comes in. All that remains is to sit here and wait for the inevitable aches and pains – joy!

Not sure what we’re up to tomorrow as some of our belongings are being delivered at 10am, so will have to sort them out – see how we feel after that. Its trying to drizzle here at the moment so I hope it doesnt continue. Still…..its a great smell outside – rain on hot tarmac is lovely!

More interesting though, is the name of a TV program on tonight and moreover its subject. Its possibly the funniest name (well I think) of a TV that I can think of. OK, ready….now say it in a voice-over man style voice…….

The chant…….of the scrub turkey!

Outstanding – Id like a dog, and Id like to call it “Scrub Turkey!” Awesome! You can check the program out here, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it was tomorrow!

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…Now Cough Please….!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 18, 2008

medical_report.jpgTodays been a good day on the whole.  Started off with a double driving lesson, which went brilliantly! The instructor was nice, patient, informative, friendly and helpful. Got behind the wheel after he took me to a quieter area and did damn well, even if I do say so myself. The automatic gearshift makes SUCH a huge difference. You dont have to worry about the clutch, biting point, stalling, braking with/without clutch. In fact, your left leg just sits there, doing nothing – its great! I went from sitting in the car learning about the a/c controls to driving on quiet roads, to driving on busy roads to parking and reversing! Was really impressed, and so was the instructor. I cant imagine it will be very long before Im putting in for my test, providing I dont stink at reversing around corners or parallel parking. 

Second on my list was going for the medical for the Boeing job. It was pretty intensive, not in a running on a treadmill kind of way, but in its testing the complete range of motion of my body, hearing tests in a noise proof booth and testing my reflexes all over my arms and legs. It was crazy, but it all went with out a hitch. The only 2 things of note are the fact that I have lost a bit of hearing sensitivity on the high frequencies, which is to be expected after the operation and all. And also, I appear to have “hyper reflexes”, which sounds as if I should be able to catch flys with chopsticks, but all it means is that if someone’s testing my reflexes for my ankle, it makes my whole leg kick out. Very sensitive. 

Only other things of note that Ive done today are eat tasty churros here on the high street at a new shop, and eaten a tasty curry at the thai restaurant around the corner.  And I mean REALLY tasty!

Also been playing a lot of Assassins Creed, which seems to be a Marmite game. Personally, I love it. Its so damn immersive, and looks fantastic. I think a lot of folks that dont like it, are just blasting through it and not taking it all in. Half the fun of it is completing every task in every city, just to see the little nuggets of information that flesh the level out. Its that amount of freedom which I think the haters are missing. Because it gives you free opportunity to roam anywhere and assassinate bloke “a” at any time rather than forcing you down a tunnel, some people do just that, and thats missing out on half the game. Anyway, I love it!

Oh, and for anyone that didnt realise or that isnt part of Facebook, I regularly add photos to my webspace which you can get at by clicking the “My Webspace/photos” link on the right hand side of this page, under the Blogroll heading.  

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The St Kilda Roads Just Got More Dangerous….!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 17, 2008

l_plate.jpgThats right – Ive booked a double driving lesson for tomorrow morning! Think its about time I got myself behind the wheel, especially if Im going to be working lates, as the public transport kinda drops off as the day wears on. Im pretty excited, and a little scared – scared mainly of trams, but I guess its just a mater of confidence. Sounds like a good guy whos doing the teaching. I just hope he’s patient too!

Right – job news. Firstly, I havent officially got the job yet, or so Im told. Still in its candidacy phase so they cant really say if Ive definitely got it until all the other applicants have been informed too. Reading between the lines, though, with Boeing and the agency, its a dead cert – provided Im not a fat heffer! I have to have a pre-job medical for Boeing tomorrow, and the fact that Im having it is indicative of whether theyre serious about offering it to me. Fill out a questionnaire, water sample, lung capacity etc…. should be no problem. Then if thats ok, because of the closeness of everything, I will be starting Monday week. There is no way they can do a medical, get the results and send letters out to all the applicants in 1 day, and the agency recommended that the start date be put back a week so as not to rush any of the successful applicants. Fair enough I suppose. 

 Just got back from seeing Cloverfield today, and I must say Im a little disappointed. I wont post any spoilers so its safe to read on if youre going to see it. It does do a good job of teasing you with whats going on, and whats attacking the city. Only showing little glimpses of the “thing” until you see what it really is later on in the film. Reading that back, it sounds far more exciting than it is so dont blame me if it leaves you a bit cold. Both Becca and I couldnt care less about any of the main characters so its kind of irrelevant when they start dropping like flies. Maybe its just the sci-fi nerd in me that just wanted to see more of the “thing” stomping around, and less american half-wits being all heroic. Its also pretty short at only 1 hour 40, including ads and trailers, but I guess if it were any longer it would feel drawn out. It also has a pretty abrupt ending (which isnt really a shock considering the entire premise of the film) but it does leave you wanting a bit more. Even if its just a bit of text on the screen. However, nowt. Not even after the credits.  As a run of the mill film, its pretty good. Interesting way (if sometimes a little stomach churning with its manic camera movements) of taking on the traditional “monster flick” and it does succeed in some areas. However, it doesnt live up to the hype, and I dont think it ever could. I was hoping to come out and say it easily beat I Am Legend (the last film I saw) but I dont think it came close. 7/10

Nothing much else to report. Oh, we popped up to the gym/health spa on the sea front to see its facilities, as we’ll probably join once a wage is coming in. Its fantastic! A sea water pool, hydrotherapy pool, steam rooms and the gym itself is great. All the exercise bikes and treadmills have TV’s on the console in front of them, its all really clean, and has tons of specialist classes on. Head and shoulders above anything LA Fitness offered.  That was about it really. Driving and medical tomorrow and not much else. Wish me luck!

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Funniest Ice-Cream Ever!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 13, 2008


Awesome, eh? Cant wait to have a Gaytime? “Hey mate, fancy a Gaytime?”. The possibilities are endless! Whats even better than that is the follow-up line underneath the main logo (dont squint and try to read it now!) – so good, it deserves another photo, that I’ll put at the end of the post – something to look forward to!

Anyway, its been a busy couple of days. Went into Melbourne yesterday to have a mooch about. Didnt buy much as the money we have in our oz bank account is a bit tight, and while we have plenty of cash in our UK accounts to transfer, the exchange rate is utter crap at the moment, so gonna hold off. I digress. We went in search of bargains, but neither of us bought anything in the sales. Got a couple of nice cups from the posh tea place, had some very tasty and super cheap sushi, and looked around plenty of shops.  We also popped into the big pub next to the train station for some refreshment. While in there, we noticed the bartender was something of a beer expert (and looking on the website its apparently so) and asked for a  few samples. Being a new found convert to wheat beers, I asked for some recommendations, and god damn they were good. Their own brew (found nowhere else) was really nice, but my pick of the bunch was a tipple called “Beez Neez” which has a lovely honey taste. Got me a 6 pack from the offy as soon as we got back, and their chilling in the fridge as we speak. Cant wait to crack on open later! Also hired out 28 Weeks Later from the DVD store, and I thought it was ok. Not great by any means, and nowhere near as good as 28 Weeks Later, or I Am Legend. Special effects were ropey at best and the story was predictable. Having troublesome kids as the main plot device is never a good idea. It just gets annoying and you just wish they would get eaten or something. 

On the health front I feel a ton better. Dont know which tablets are doing the trick, but Im carrying on with all of them. I dont want to feel like crap this time tomorrow. Speaking of which, Im getting nervous about already. I just hope I dont panic and give stupid answers to their questions. Regardless anyway, life here is good – I really do LOVE this place. I mean, I look forward to getting the paper so I can have a stroll about. Could you ever have imagined me saying that about Kings Heath?  The weather is a positively cool 23 degrees today, but ramping up again to 37 by the end of the week. Its strange, having coped with 42, and 38 degrees the day after, it actually DOES feel cold today. Mad, after living in the UK for so long. Its also strange to go into Melbourne and compared to Birmingham, or Wolverhampton the amount of people about is miniscule. Its nice walking around the shops, and never feels crowded, or claustrophobic. Like I say, I love it here!

So on to tomorrow. Expecting the telephone engineers around between 8am and 10am, so SHOULD have internet access soon, but Im not holding my breath. Either way, I’ll be sure to make a post, either from my house or from the net cafe about how the interview went. If they want people to start next week, I would expect them to inform any of the interviewees fairly quickly if they have been successful or not. So I may know either way in 24 hours. Exciting, but at the same time scary! 

Anyhow, youve read enough waffle and droning to get to the crowning glory of ice-cream namery, so here it is. Behold and enjoy…..


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Allergies and Interviews

Posted by captainbeaky on January 11, 2008

sneeze01.jpgThe post title says it all. I dont know what got into my nose yesterday but I started sneezing like a crazy fool in the evening, followed by itchy eyes and sinus pains. Something definitely doesnt agree with me anyway. I had an early night but slept really badly and woke up at various stages with face ache (no….not Becca!). Popped into St Kilda earlier and got me some alergy relief tablets which has eased whatever is effecting me, but Im still having ot stifle the urge to sneeze every now and again. Hopefully its just a passing thing and I’ll be ok in a bit. Either that or I will have itched my eyes out and wiped the nose from my face!

 Anyway, the BIG news is…..I have the Boeing interview on Monday! Got a phone call from the agency guy yesterday saying that Boeing had just received a huge order of something, I dunno…planes….and needed people to fill the 10 positions ASAP.  The agency guy said I was available for interview and could start whenever and said that I would be ideal so they offered me the interview for Monday, 1.30pm. They said if I get it, I could be working there in as little as a week! WOOO HOOOOO!!!! All Ive got to do now is not stuff the interview up, so I hope this allergy thing has piped down by then. Doing a bit of Boeing and interview homework here at the internet cafe now so I will have plenty of reading and practising over the weekend. 

As you may have guessed, we didnt go into Melbourne on account of my rotten-ness, and the heat. To be fair, its cooled down a bit in the past few hours. Only 30 or so now, so provided I feel a bit better tomorrow, we’ll go into Melbourne then. Internet is still down, but we’re expecting a service engineer around either today (unlikely seeing as there is only 90 mins left of “working” today) or Monday. Fingers crossed there are no more stuff ups after that!

 Anyway, Im off to carry on wiping my nose until its raw, so have fun and I’ll be sure to post again over the weekend.  I have good food updates but forgot to bring my camera with me to upload the photos.  Dope!

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Random Stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on December 22, 2007

easter-card_1.jpgPut “random stuff” into Google Images and this photo popped up, which made me smile, so it stays.

Just a little bit of an update on things. Went into Brum today to pick up our flight tickets. Also booked our seats online too so all is well on that front. Got an email about the Boeing job too, booking me in for an aptitude test on the 10th of January. Another 90 minutes of fun and hilarity to look forward too….

Also got an email back from my GP saying that he’s sent the letter of referral to the cardiologist, so Im just waiting for him to book me in for an appointment, hopefully in the 1st week for January, as planned. Any later and Im screwed as I’ll be back in Melbourne.  

Hopefully, today will also be the last time I venture in consumer-world until after Christmas. Really didnt enjoy strolling around Brum today. However, Ive already seen a couple of things that I wouldnt mind picking up in the online sales (yes a few of them HAVE already started) so I cant totally switch off over the coming days. No matter. Sitting on the sofa checking out Amazon is a bit easier and less stressful than fighting the hordes in Birmingham.  

 After watching todays Jamie Oliver Christmas special thingy, Im now really keen to try goose. He made it look extremely tasty and the fat makes tasty roasties too!  

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Friends, Jobs, Rubbish Banks & Kettles!

Posted by captainbeaky on December 20, 2007

coffeemaker080607_468x545.jpgIts been a long time since my last post and a lots happened. Firstly, we had a great weekend with friends. Had a nice meal in, on thursday night (tasty croutons laura!) and a great curry on friday night. Hired out Sunshine from Blockbuster on saturday (very good film – recommended) and stayed around another friends for “super-sunday” and caught both of the big footy matches. Had a really good time just being around our friends again, chatting and catching up. Its certainly one thing we REALLY miss about being in Australia. Have such a great bunch of friends over here and it will be hard to leave them behind. Again!

Whilst spending time over our mates, we sat and lost our selves in the mind sapping gaze of QVC, the shopping channel. Shockingly, we saw something apparently great on there, called the Tefal Quick Cup. Basically, its a hot water boiler crossed with a kettle. You fill the back resevoir thingy with water, then whenever you want hot water, you press the button, and an element in the neck, heats the water there (as you can see from the diagram above!) and then and into your cup. I mean, for me, its completely revolutionary. No more waiting for kettles to boil. No more hanging around while it bubbles away. If you want a cuppa, its as quick as getting water from the tap. Well…….that was the plan! After finding it £15 cheaper than anywhere else at Argos, we bought one. And, it kinda doesnt work. It DOES boil water on demand. It DOES fill your cup up to a level of your setting. It DOES actually boil the water and not just leave it tepid, as some reviews have suggested. However it also DOES splatter boiling water in a 15cm radius all around the cup too. Not the most clean OR safe thing ever! Tried cleaning the nozzle, changing the filter, leaving it to cool down. Nope! So took it back to Argos today and got a replacement which while better than the 1st one, STILL splatters boiling water everywhere. So….the dream is over! Back to Argos for a refund and wait for Tefal Quick Cup 2.0!  The dreary monotony of conventional water heating awaits….

Job news is that interviews HAVE started back up again for the Boeing position. The agency guy is still hopeful that I will have a good chance of getting one of the jobs on offer on my return, and Boeing are willing to wait for me to get back for an interview. So weve spent a few stressful hours today trying to get a flight back home for a reasonable price. And failed. the resonable price that is – we did get a flight but at a ridiculously extortionate price. Managed to get one from Birmingham, with Emiriates again, on Sunday the 6th of Janurary. Pained me to give them my card details, but if it means I have a shot at this job, I suppose theres nothing I can do. Just a hard pill to swallow.

Went to see the doc a few days ago and he told me my blood test results are fine. Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood fats and sugars etc…. are all well within limits.  However, my family history for heart trouble is terrible so Im trying to see if he will refer me to a specialist. Thanks to a friend (cheers Mark!) a cardiologist is ready to go, but the GP is whinging on about having everyones medical records involved. Knowing how fast these people work, I dont hold out much hope of this happening until well into 2008, which is too late for me. Oh well, I sent the GP an email yesterday pleading for him to send the referral letter ASAP, but Ive had no reply yet. Nevermind, if I cant get it done here, I can always get it done in Melbourne. At a price though :o(

Im sure Ive probably forgotten a ton of other stuff thats gone on, but my mind is drawing a blank at the moment. If I think of anything exciting, I’ll be sure to post it.  Oh – I managed to pick up an awesome buy at HMV – 3 Ray Harryhausen, Sinbad films on DVD for £9! Superb – it isnt Christmas without a Harryhausen movie or 2!

And another thing I forgot. Barclays bank  – avoid. Ive recently had a terrible experience in the Wolverhampton Centre branch. Cutting a long story short, it took 45 minutes, £20 and much frustration just to give Becca some of MY money from MY account that Ive had for nearly 20 years. Who would have known that its common for Barclays to require you to queue in the Foreign Exchange area to transfer money from one UK account to another UK account!?! Backwards Bank more like! Bank transfer cost £20, but a bankers draft costs £10. Want one of those instead? “Sorry, you’ll have to see one of our personal bankers for that”! Of which there is only 1 present. And they already have 3 people in a queue waiting for them. Also, for whatever reason, they also decided that multiple passwords werent safe enough for their online banking service. No sirree! Now, theyve sent me out a stupid farty little calculator thing that I have to put my card in the top and it gives me a password. WHAT!?!? Is this the 1940’s? Is this the new Enigma Machine? Is this what 50 odd years of passowords/code making has come too. Pathetic little calculator bollocky things?!? Grow up! Barclays can stick it up their backwards arses – the accounts are closing. Get your money from some other sap so you can make more Enigma calculators.  They’ll be sending all my statements out by pigeons at this rate. 

See how the idiots in this country make me cross again! Grrrrrrrrrr!  

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I could eat a knob at night…….(Google it!)

Posted by captainbeaky on December 7, 2007

161949__pilkington_l.jpgBeen a busy day today. Got up (relatively) early to get a Doctors appointment, so I can get myself checked out. Sorted one for midday and made my way over Kings Heath. He saw me ok, and had a cha about family history etc… Took my blood pressure, listened to my heart and said I should have a blood test. But I had to wait around for 2.5 hours to get it. So off into town (all the while having not had anything to eat since the previous night) and got stuff for everyone. Back to Kings Heath for my blood test which was ok, considering my dislike of needles. I should have the results in a week, which dependant upon their outcome, I may have to be referred to a cardiologist. Wonderful!

Nothing else really happened today. Oh, I found out the devastating news…Quiznos in Birmingham is no more! Both places have closed and I was mortified. Especially seeing as I was going to have my first ultra-large sandwich to sort my hunger out.  At least the one in Melbourne is still open.

Id also forgotten how fantastic the Ricky Gervais podcasts are. Just listened to the 2 new ones and looked like a complete fool chuckling to myself on the train. Karl Pilkington is just one of the most funny blokes on the planet. I may have to start going over my old podcasts again. 

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Phone/Ear/Job/Neighbour stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on October 30, 2007

telephone2.jpgBeen a day of news today. Some of it exciting, some of it not so exciting, whcih has the final result of making me feel “meh”. They cancel each other out. SO on with the news…. 

Phone – a Testra engineer came over at 3pm to try to find the line fault. Checked the main line in the street (ok), checked the main switchboard thingy (ok) and and checked our phone socket (not ok).  So this means that the problem is from the switchboard to our phone socket, which isnt Telstra’s responsibility, its the buildings owners responsibility. SO rang our landlord, to ring the owners to fix it. Top and bottom of it is they are getting a private telecoms guy to come over and fix it. Gonna give him a ring tomorrow to sort out a visiting time. Either way, I dont think it will be fixed anytime soon, but we’ll see. Was really good when we were trying to find the switchboard though. Just through kindness, we had 4 other folks from the apartment block helping us try to sort it out. Was great – couldnt have imagined that in the UK.  :o(

Ears – basically, they’re fine. There is no infection, it was just some leftover muck that was being discharged. He had a look down each ear, and the grommets are still intact, and everything looks normal. Next time he wants to see me is February. :o)

Got an email a hour ago basically saying that the positions at Boeing stand a chance of being put on hold, and possibly withdrawn completely. Not got any reason yet, but the agency guy said he’s trying to confirm this and see why.   :o(

The neighbour opposite introduced herself today (we tried yesterday but she had a facepack on so said she would contact us today!). Nice girl, about our age called Anneka, whos lived her for 5 months or so, but in St Kilda all her life. Anyhow, after a brief chat she invited us out with a bunch of her friends this weekend. Dont know if it was a genuine offer or just said a passing comment, but I’d like to get out and about and meet folks, so heres hoping. Will see on Saturday.  :o)

So there you have it. For every piece of good news, we have bad news. I suppose its better than all bad news though so cant be all that bad. I just feel really down if that job is gone. It would have been perfect. Real close to home, well paid, high profile company. Poohsticks!

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Moving Experts!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 26, 2007

movin.jpgFirstly, before I ramble on…I can still hear! Woo hoo!! Got a bit of watery discharge this morning, which is mentioned in the “aftercare” leaflets I was given. The doc who did the operation rang me today and I told him about the discharge. he mentioned about a possible infection and said if its still like it on Monday, to make an appointment to go see him on Tuesday and he will sort me out with some antibiotic eardrops. Other than that, its great to be able to hear again!

Right, now onto house stuff. Finished the last of our packing this morning and went to get our rental car, which was a Nissan something or other. Was a fairly big hatchback sized car…and was automatic. As a consequence, we ended up driving everywhere like an epileptic having a fit. The car was spasming rather than driving down the road as Ms Crook couldnt get the hang of the fact that her left foot was on the brake, NOT the clutch! Wasnt what you would call smooth! 

Anyway, we drove back and did 3 runs over to the new apartmentand all our stuff was dropped off. The new place is much bigger than the last one. Real impressed with it. So many good little cupboards and storage spaces about the place. Only downside is the front room is a bit dark, but the back gets the sun on the afternoon so its a trade off. Its a great place! Sorted out  changes of address with bank and medicare too. Also got the phone line “turned on” by Telstra so proper internet should be forthcoming. We DO have a phone number now, but Im not sending it out to folks as we are off to buy a Skype phone tomorrow. That too will have its own phone number, and calls to that will only be charged at local rates, so you/we can natter for ages! Gonna sort out Foxtel soon, which is the Oz equivalent of Sky. 

As well as the Skype phone, we’re probably off to Melbourne tomorrow to get some boxes/storage stuff for our clothes and some general housey stuff. Is good now we’re in somewhere at least semi-permanent. We can start buying nice stuff and things that we will keep, rather than just making do for a week or 2. Is meant to be 30 degrees tomorrow too, so another scorcher!  

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Hospital/Ears Special!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 25, 2007


Well, I’ll cut to the chase before I go into detail – MY EARS WORK!!!!!!! WOoOoOoO HoOoOoOo!!!! 

Got into hospital on time and got undressed/dressed into lovely arse-hanging-out-the-back gown and dressing gown. Filled out a load of forms and then listened to my ipod for a bit. Called me through to the bed, then wheeled me down to the theatre (forgot how fun this was!). Got into theatre and they anaesthetised me (needle in back of hand). Next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room and could hear! Was a bit crackly and poppy at first, but thats cos there was still some residual waterey discharge, which I mopped up . The most painful part was when they ripped off the tape on the back of my hand that was keeping the needley thing in! Ouch! 

It feels really strange. My right ear (the good one) is a bit sore but nothing to write home about. My left ear is perfect, so odds are I had some degree of hearing loss BEFORE this problem. Maybe through years of gigs/clubs and walkman/ipod listening, so in actual terms Im back to “normal.  Its odd now – my brain had got used to my left ear being crap and my right ear being good. Now it seems like my left ear is bionic and my right ear is normal. Will probably take me a  couple of days to adjust, but the important thing is I CAN HEAR!!!!

Will pack up the last of our thigns a bit later then do a bit of cleaning. Moving at 10am tomorrow so will give us time to get things sorted during the rest of the day.  All in prefect 2 ear style action!!!

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Not even Wensleydale?!?

Posted by captainbeaky on October 24, 2007

gromit.jpgWent to the docs this morning and its yet again, good news/bad news but I got bored of using that same old picture! Got to go to the hospital and have that operation I talked about (make incision in my ear drum, put a grommet in [no, not a plasticine dog!] and drain the gunk out). the good news is Ive made the appointment, and am going in tomorrow! Good eh? Is pretty quick, but its a private hospital so Im paying for it. Havent taken out health insurance of yet as was waiting to see if I got it as a perk of a job, but thats by the by. I just want it fixed, regardless of cost. The bad news is that it looks like there has been some permanent damage. He did a hearing test on both ears, and while my right ear is normal, my left ear isnt. Ive lost sensitivity in the high frequency range, which he said has probably been caused by the pressure build up in my ears causing barometric damage to the cochlea. But I’d take that over having hearing like Im constantly underwater. And whats done is done, and nothing I can do can undo it so no point crying over spilt milk. Im just pleased that by this time tomorrow I’ll be able to hear again! Wooo hoooo!

So Im going into the hospital  tomorrow  at 7am, so no food/drinks after midnight tonight, and my operation is at 8.30am. It wont take any more than 20 minutes to do the operation, and shouldnt be in any pain afterwards which is a bonus. Just keeping me in the hospital bed for a few hours afterwards so I can get over the anesthetic (its general). The only ongoing thing after theyve put the grommets in is that I will have to wear ear plugs whenever I have a shower, to stop water getting in and starting an infection. The grommets should drop out after a few months. 

So there you go. An informative, if hectic, news day. Oh yeah, we’ve arranged the house move for first thing on Friday now. The landlady was very understanding, and we dont really want to be moving, with me all groggy after the anesthetic and Becca having to struggle with everything. So thats made life a bit easier. 

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Oh baby…!

Posted by captainbeaky on September 27, 2007

Joy of joys, my ipod touch arrived today, and damn its good! Music player, video player, photo viewer and web surfing all in one. The interface is sublime and seamless to use. Best ipod ever! Really is a lovely piece of gadgetry.  More Halo 3 action today, but not a huge amount. Im scared Im breezing through the game quickly, and not savouring it. Like wolfing a meal down rather than eating it slowly and tasting all of the flavours. So, I’ll be easing off for a bit. Couple of hours a day or so. Went back to docs today as my ears are still crap. He’s wrote me a letter of referral to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. Rang them up and got me an appointment for October 10th. Bit of a long way off (well, not really, its only just under 2 weeks, but it seems like a long way away!). But I’ll keep on taking the decongestant pills until then. Who knows, they may do some good. Didnt go to the car license place today as the Doctors appointment wasnt until 2.30 so was too late to go. Probably go tomorrow. FINALLY got Becca up and running on the Mac Mini too, so she should be online a lot more, so feel free to pester her as much as you want! 

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Go on…..

Posted by captainbeaky on September 26, 2007

….guess what Ive been doing? Give in? HALO 3!!!! It really is good though! I dont know whether its because Im playing it on a bigger screen, or whether its because Im using headphones ( its more immersive….and it doesnt drive Becca mad!) but its REALLY is like crack – so addictive! Just need faster internet before I attempt online play.Not been up to anything else really. Applied for a job, but they rang back and told me its only for 3 months. Becca is still flu’d up to the eyeballs so hasnt got out of her pyjamas in 2 days! We were planning to go to town tomorrow to get a cable for Becca to use the main TV as a monitor for the mac mini, then gt our drivers licenses sorted, but my ipod touch is saying its due for delivery, so will have to wait in, or I will get charged for postage AGAIN if I miss it! Swines!Hearing is still rubbish too. Religiously taking decongestant pills, nasal spray and trying to pop my ears constantly (to the point where I feel like Im actually popping my eyes out instead!) If it hasnt cleared up Im gonna have to go back to the docs – its doing my head in! No photo’s to post as we havent really been out, and the weather is a cooler here at the mo. We promise to do stuff soon……just as doon as i finish Halo 3……… ;o)

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Lughole Update…..

Posted by captainbeaky on September 24, 2007

….primarily for my parents. Just got back from the doc’s, and he says it doesnt sound like its serious. Just keep on taking decongestants, and get some nasal decongestant too. He said the fact that my hearing came back when I got back on the 2nd flight suggests it IS just a mucus problem. That tube in the bottom right of the picture above, is probably gummed shut with muck. So Im gonna pop down to the pharmacy and get some more stuff. If it hasnt cleared up by this time next week, Ive got to back and he will refer me to an ear specialist. But lets hope it doesnt come to that, MOM! I know thats what youre thinking! Dont you get bloody worrying! Or the next webchat will be you speaking to my arse on screen!

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Poorly Hickinbottom :o(

Posted by captainbeaky on September 20, 2007

Im going to keep this short as Im not enjoying looking at the screen. I’ll post more tomorrow on what we got up to today, as I dont feel well. Since the flight, my hearing has been all messed up, which I thought was probably due to flying combined with having a cold. You know, pressure messing up ears, sinus stuff blah blah blah. But Ive been to the pharmacy, got halfway through a pack of flu remedy tablets, and had an entire course of sudafed decongestant tablets, with no effect at all. Its like someone has their ears permanently over my ears. Its horrible – like I only have 80% of my hearing.  Keep having to repeat myself and I have no idea how loud Im being when I talk, but according to Becca Im whispering everything.  So today (amongst other things) I went and signed up for Medicare (kind of like the Oz version of a Medical Card but you have to pay to see someone) so am going to Doctors tomorrow to get it sorted out. From what the pharmacist said, and from what I can see off the internet, its probably an ear infection. Just need some antibiotics to sort it out.  That and a stinking headache and sinus pains has pretty much taken the shine off today, so am going to veg in front of the TV and get an early night. WIll post more once Ive been to the docs.

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