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Ears, meerkats and buying stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on September 14, 2008

This week has been a pretty mixed bag. As a follow up to my “ear” comment last week, I woke on Monday morning with shocking pain from my right ear, and mucus leaking from it. Cutting a long story short, I went to see a specialist and a doctor, diagnosed it as an ear infection (which effects me worse as I have holes in my ear drums) and signed me off work until Friday. So I didnt really get to do much during the week as I was constantly on nurofen and blotting the puss from my ears. Nice! However, on Friday, the pain eased off and I went back to work. As for the situation now, well Ive still got hearing loss in my right ear, but Im no longer in pain with it and the leaking has stopped so the antibiotics must be doing their thing. However, its been annoying staying off the beer, what with the weather being glorious over the past 3 days. 25 degrees and sunny. Wind has been high in places but its been proper t-shirt weather….in the UK equivalent of March!

Anyway, on to housey stuff. We’ve got a burglar alarm company sorted and hopefully coming to install it next week, we’ve bought a half price slimline dishwasher and had it delivered too. All the services should be sorted out next week, our bed is made and we just have to sort delivery out, and today we went to The Good Guys (like a cheaper, better Dixons) and bought a fridge, freezer, tv, stereo, surround sound system, washing machine, microwave and a super cute and super cheap mini-dyson. Its the really small upright, thats just been released here. Managed to negotiate a really good discount on the lot too, although the woman who sold us the Dyson got things totally messed up. SHe said it usually sold for $599, and would give us a discount price of $540. However, on the way out, we found it had an instore price of $650 so we got a proper bargain! The grand plan is to hire a car late next week, and move stuff over the period of 2 or 3 days. Theres no pressure on us to be out until the following Thusday so we can take our time. Plus Ive managed to move quite a lot of stuff over in my car already. 

In other news, cos the weather was forecast to be nice on Saturday, we planed, and went to Melbourne Zoo for the day and we were both impressed. Lots of stuff to see and do and most of the animals had a big enclosure with a lot of stuff to do. The aviary was a fantastic, Jurassic Park style walk through affair and was really presented well. Thankfully, no Pterodactyls to molest us on our way through! Meerkats were also great, as were the wombats. GOt back home and rounded the day off with some tasty ice-cream down on the beach. Summer is here…….and its only Spring!

Anyway, time to go now as stuff is coming on TV. More updates to come, maybe during the week. OH, Ive just forgotten we went to see Tropic Thunder on Friday, and it was hella good. Really funny, and a nice pastiche on war movies without stooping to Scary Movie levels of dumbass “comedy”. Robert Downey Junior stole the show with his black dude actor. Well worth a look. 8/10


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Pictures say a thousand words so……

Posted by captainbeaky on September 7, 2008

…….have a look at this link instead


So there you have it. Lovely house and a lovely day. The weather here is really turning around now. Gone are the crisp Winter mornings, and hello to the sunny, convertible-tastic days! Some of the not so interesting details are that the mortgage went through fine (obviously), and er….thats pretty much it. Weve got a lot to sort this week with burglar alarms, change of address notices, FINALLY getting our belongings from the relocation company, and annoyingly, sorting my ears out as Ive lost some volume from my right ear. Odds on its wax covering the hole in my ear drum, but Id like it checked out non-the-less. 

We spent most of today strolling around electrical shops finding equipment for us to buy. We found the following out……slimline dishwashers are rare and expensive (but it doesnt matter – we’re getting one!), double door fridge/freezers are shockingly deep in dimension, so “pigeon pair” is the way to go, 32″ TV’s are too small (In my opinion anyway!), and 42″ are too big for the room so 37″ is the way to go, stainless steel cookers look better than poohy white ones, it pays to be cheeky as we managed to get an $88 toaster for $60 by deceiving the sales person! wooo hooooo! 

Anyway, its getting late so its time to sit here and let the 3 course monster lunch we had slowly digest! Ive never eaten a steak so big! Let me know if the video thing is any good, and I might do a few more. Saying stuff and uploading it takes a lot less time than writing all this out.

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Weekend Hijinks….

Posted by captainbeaky on August 25, 2008

So while I still remember, we went to a mates wedding this Saturday (as mentioned yesterday, photos on Facebook). The ceremony itself was a nice, non-religious affair being light hearted and brief. It was held out on Williamstown Bandstand and the weather stayed nice for it. Drinks and cake afterwards in nearby bars function room, then on to the Titanic Restaurant, which if you look here, you can see its a superb theme restaurant. We went first class, and loved every second of it. An amazing experience, helped along of course by lots of champagne and beer. Unfortunately, I didnt think champagne and beer were all that hot on Sunday! Ouch! Anyway, we had a lovely lazy Sunday which sorted us out a treat. 

On the house front, we got our actual mortgage loan sorted out on Saturday, and received solicitor documents today so things are moving along fine. Not sure if we’ll complete in 13 days as planned, due to the solicitors paperwork hold up, but we remain hopeful. 

Weather is starting to pickup here now, with it due to be 19 degrees and sunny by Friday, Bring on the summer! Its so nice to be able to KNOW we will have sun, rather than hope. 

Plans for this week….going to pickup Becca from Knit Club in a bit, maybe catching Tropic Thunder on Wednesday (dont ask why we didnt see it last week), going upstairs to a neighbours place Thursday for celebratory we-have-a-house drinks, and…er.. Im not sure. Updates will follow if anything exciting happens!

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Eventful but…

Posted by captainbeaky on August 17, 2008

That sums our week up really. A lot of boring, but essential “grown-up” stuff has happened. Starting last week…..


  • Monday – got solicitors sorted and payed the remainder of the deposit
  • Tuesday – Met with the mortgage advisor and applied for a slightly different mortgage
  • Wednesday – Met with an accountant to get our tax return sorted and found that we should be in line for a big wedge of a tax rebate – nice, considering the circumstances we’re in!
  • Thursday – Heard the news that we have been approved for the mortgage
  • Friday – nothing grown up, but I received my new RC Lancia in the post! 


I think that just about keeps you up with house events. Got to get in touch with the solicitors tomorrow to make sure things are moving along. Not heard from them since Monday and I know full well just how feckin, useless solicitors can be. Its exciting now that I can look at home cinema stuff and security alarms, while Becca sorts out beds and sofas. Had a nice look around Bunnings today (Aussie verison of B & Q but MUCH bigger) and got a preliminary look on what we can expect to buy and for how much. 

Yesterday was pretty fun too. We were finally able to do something other than house inspections! The choice we made was to go into town and visit the Museum, as they had special stuff going on for Science Week. We decided to sign up for a behind the scenes guided tour which was fantastic. They took us upstairs and into teh specimen rooms where they have all the birds, mammals and reptiles on massive shelves. The guide we had was a really quiet but informative guy who worked in the labs there and knew an awful lot about pretty much everything. Well worth it.

In between all of this, TV has been pretty barren, what with the friggin’ Olympics ruining everything! Not only that, but all the good shows have, or are finishing. Apprentice, Top Gear, Gadget Show etc….. but as a result we’re watching a few more films. Saw Rogue in the week, which was alright (made us want to go to teh Northern Territories strangely!), and watched Bettie Page last night (again, it was ok). Got my day off tomorrow so I’ll be going to check out Star Wars : The Clone Wars at the cinema. Will post what I think of it.

There we have it then. As the post title says…….

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House, Drinks and Birthdays!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 11, 2008

So you probably already know by now, from the Twitter updates, or Facebook, or our families that we own a house! Cutting a very long story short, we went to the property auction, we won it, negotiated and bartered, and walked away with a house! For anybody that hasnt already seen the house, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the sale page.  We spent the hour after that going over the contract of sale with the agent and the vendor, then went and ate and tried to grasp what had just happened! To be honest, Im making it sounds more muted that it actually is – the excitement has wore off a bit now and has been replaced by eager enthusiasm to get everything sorted and moving along quickly. Anyway, Im jumping ahead. 

After food we came back home then arranged to meet friends in town to celebrate. Started off at a fantastic greek place called Stalactites which did superb meats and gyros. Then went to many, many bars nearly all of which were awesome. There is such a huge variety of bars here, with none of them being remotely like anything in the UK, or at least where Ive seen. The pick of the bunch being the container bar, which was just an outdoor space in between 2 buildings, with a shipping container with a hatch on it being the bar, lots of outdoor heaters, and candles everywhere as the lighting. It looked amazing and had a really good dj and atmosphere. Another place of note was the croft institute, which you would NEVER find if you werent looking for it. It was 3 floors of bar/club that was themed like an old hospital/science lab. Had medical and scientific equipment all over the shop and was like nothing Id seen before. The photo on this post is of the main bar.

Anyway, good food and drink was followed by a sever headache and horridness. Nevermind….its not everyday you buy a house! Today has been a regular day at work, except it wasnt really regular as I wasnt interested at all in doing anything but house stuff. At the end of the day we had payed the deposit, sorted out a tax return appointment, got a conveyoncer (a specialist solicitor in property) and a few other little niggles that we had to get done. Tomorrow is a meeting with the mortgage broker to get our loan finalised, and to sort out our $10,000 government grant. Later on in the week…I dont know – Im only taking it a day at a time as it all seems a bit overwhelming right now. 

Anyway, enough of me…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! Enjoying the British summer on your “special” day? Let me know how you want your “present” sent and if you got your card. Have a good one!

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Simple maths

Posted by captainbeaky on August 10, 2008

auction win = own house

own house = celebrations

celebrations = bars + beer + bourbon

bars+ beers + bourbon X time = hangover

hangover = no blog

nuff said……until tomorrow anyway!

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Posted by captainbeaky on July 27, 2008

Ah….its been such a different weekend. No houses, no rushing, no disappointment. It all started last Friday……

I managed to win an auction for a Macbook Air on Thursday night, and arranged to collect the thing in person from the seller on Friday night. Wasnt in a very nice area, and I was suspicious about his plan to “meet outside a shop”, but my fears werent warranted and the deal went without a hitch. Im typing this post now, from it. Its damn nice, light, doesnt run hot, and the new OS, Leopard has some great features. The biggest thing that impressed me was the migration assistant. I connected my old Macbook to the new one, ran this program, and it transferred all my files, fiolders, music, photos, applications, personal setting, and even passwords for interent sites without me doing anything. Brilliant! I used to hate the inevitable re-installs with PC’s and now I dont have to do one ever again. Mightily impressed. 

Saturday was a lazy day, as I spent most of the morning, well, ALL of the morning in bed playing with my new lappy! Went into town a bit later on to try to get a case but they were all pooh (should have trusted my gut instinct and gone for eBay!). Went out for some tasty hearty food last night and had the nicest bread pudding Ive had in ages for dessert. 

Today has again been lazy, well……not so much. Its been tidy up day so now we have a clean kitchen, and a clean-ER front room! Oh, and I’ll try to make Sunday night blogging a regular thing from now on. I know its been sporadic over the past few months, and it needs to be more structured and thats teh best I can do. If anything spectacular happens during the week, I’ll make a post, and I intend to keep my Facebook/Twitter status current at all times.

So there you go, I have a shiny new toy to play with, and we both feel de-stressed. Job done!

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The (shit) News…..

Posted by captainbeaky on July 22, 2008

So the past few days Ive been a bit secretive as I hoped to surprise everyone with good news….no such luck. Here-in is the short version of events. 

1 – Saturday – saw nice house in Yarraville and found it was a good price. Estate agent said would consider ending before auction for right offer. 

2, – Sunday – mulled over the house and decided to put an offer in, pre-auction.

3, – Offer was rejected by vendor, so asked what price they were after to end early.

4, – Vendors changed their minds and said they wanted to go to auction. On the strength of a load of sticky-beaking on their first inspection day (Saturday)

Bloody idiots. We offered a veritable blank cheque, settling in 30 days and a hassle free purchase. No. Thats not good enough apparently. The greedy fuckers would rather see how much money they can get by going to auction in a market where interest rates are at an 18 year high, the housing market has slowed to a standstill, and auction clearance rates are at 60%. Stupid, stupid people. So bollocks to ’em. I might get in touch before the auction, but I would soon as spit on them as give them money right now. We’ll see. 

Anyway, Im not thinking about it now. I’ll only get wound up about it all over again. Off to see Batman tonight so hopefully it will live up to the hype. Im hobbling along everywhere thanks to an ingrowing toenail. Im persevering with it right now as Im not sure whether I have nail wedged in my toe or whether Ive just irritated the skin under my nail by cutting it hideously short. Dope! Time will tell! 

Will post more if anything changes……..

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Maybe tomorrow…..

Posted by captainbeaky on July 21, 2008

Sorry to get your hopes up, but “things” are still up in the air at the moment, so bear with me for 1 more day. I’ll know either way tomorrow so will definitely make a post.

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Supa Kwik Update

Posted by captainbeaky on July 20, 2008

Just a quick tone to say we did indeed do house inspections and it went well. I dont want to say anymore until Ive spoken to a few people tomorrow, so I’ll update properly then. Dont want to jinx it!

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Posted by captainbeaky on July 13, 2008

Yesterday, we spent the day around Yarraville, looking at houses that were open for inspection. We had 5 to look at, all of which looked promising on paper…..which quickly changed once we saw them! 

House 1 was nice, but opposite a train line. House 2 was very nice, but is at the extreme end of our price range. House 3 had all the DIY done by Frank Spenser. Wonky floors, cracked plaster, pink bathroom suite, mismatched skirting boards – it was a joke! House 4 was ok but very dark inside, and house 5 was ok, but needed a lot of structural stuff doing to it. I left the day feeling somewhat disappointed, but it is only the 1st time we’ve looked around the place, and Ive already got some more properties earmarked for next weekend. One good thing to come from it, was that we had a wonder around inbetween inspections and found a load more nice shops. Just helped to seal the deal as to this definitely being an area we would like to live in. 

On the games front, Rock Band drums have been ruling most of my time. However, as they are quite noisy to play (even with sound softening pad) I dont play them when Becca is around….which is a pain! However, tomorrow is a flex day at work so I’ll get some quality time on them then. BF:BC is also taking up a lot of my time, as Im begining to think the gunplay is second only to Black, in terms of satisfaction. Battlefield has always been about on foot and vehicular combat, but I find myself avoiding the vehicles now as the first person stuff is so damn good. The guns feel and sound right, and like Black, have a tangible “weight” to them. Between these 2, Ive also managed to cram in some Katamari as a spot of light relief, and Ive tried the Topspin 2 demo, which at some point I will buy. Not now though, as Ive already got too much to be getting on with. 

Films wise, ive not really seen anything new, just been catching up on some stuff that we’ve had downloaded, so for the record….Spiderwick Chronicles – enjoyable family style entertainment. A good Sunday afternoon film 7/10. Porco Rosso – had it to watch for ages and really enjoyed it. Like a lot of Ghible films, it doesnt really go anywhere, but its captivating all the way through. 8/10. Futurama:The Beast with a Billion Backs – has some really funny moments, and has some really hard sci-fi moments where the story goes a bit poncy. Still, miles better than the Simpsons movie. And has some awesome Steven Hawking moments. 7/10. 

Thats really about it. The weeks are flying by and I cant believe we’re fast approaching a year out here. Its quite cold here now (well, about 10 degrees, but it feels relatively cold), but its the height of Winter so I guess its to be expected. 

Oh, and for the record, its well known Im an Apple fan, owning a couple of Macs and an iPod Touch, but its got to be said that Im sick to the back teeth with bloody iPhone iPhone iPhone everywhere! The hype is WAY too much and has saturated everywhere. I hope the world gets over the fact that  its just a phone quick smart!

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Fat & Happy

Posted by captainbeaky on July 7, 2008

I sit here quite content, with a belly full of home made onion soup with cheesy crouton, after watching download highlights of what was probably the best tennis match Ive seen (last nights Wimbledon final). Really pleased that Nadal one and really deserved it. However, I digress. Im also content because of our renewed interest and enthusiasm in houses. 

Saturday, after spending a criminally long time in bed, we drove over to Yarraville to meet up with one of my mates from work who lives over there. She promised to show us around and give us a tour of the area, and she delivered on every front. Yarraville seemed like just what we’re after, being charming, small and having none of the increasingly annoying hordes of visitors that come to St Kilda every weekend and inhibit your daily goings on. Lots of nice little coffee shops, a big pub on the corner, butchers and bakers, 2 supermarkets and an old art deco cinema. The surrounding areas were a mixed bag. Kingsville and Seddon are close enough to Yarraville to be a walk away, and are both nice too. Footscray seemed a bit run down, but no more so than the arse end of Wolverhampton or Birmingham. My mate took us to a couple of big parks in the area too, which were amazing. One park had a lovely little pond and stream running through the middle of it, and if it werent for the cockatoo’s screeching, you could almost imagine it being a summers day out in the country in the UK. The other park was massive! It was an old quarry which has now been partially filled and is a lake, while the rest is kinda forest-ey full of mad giant water fowl, that are probably venomous or something! Anway, overall, were totally sold on moving over there, and are looking at houses to book house inspections for on the weekend, nearly all of which are old weatherboard style houses with ornate ironmongery on the frontage, and picket fences around the front garden. Like our own little fairytale house! Cant wait!

As for stuff going on this week, theres not much really. Were off to see a doublebill at an old arthouse style little cinema on Thursday (Ironman & Spiderwick Chronicles) and Id like to see Hancock and Speed Racer at some point. Rock Band is still thrilling me with the download content, and it seems like Im finally starting to get the hang of that damn tricky 5th button! GTA is still keeping me going with stunt jumps and pigeons aplenty to be found, and BF: Bad Company is great, but its really intense, so I wont allow myself to play it too close to bed  time as Im wired afterwards! 

Macbook Air bargains on Ebay seem to have dried up, and Im toying with waiting a bit and holding out for a Macbook Pro. There are rumours of a case redesign floating around today, so Im hoping its not too far away. I dont really need the power of a Macbook Pro, but it would be good to compare the MBA against. We’ll see. Im spending more time having a lie in on the net rather than with a book, so a light mac would help. Speaking of net stuff, if youre an internet nerd like me, have a butchers at this and see how many your recognise. Good song too!

Anyway, thats it for now. Im gonna get off to watch the last Dr Who and Youve Been Framed. T’raaaaa a bit!

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The Undiscovered Country……..

Posted by captainbeaky on July 1, 2008

The housing market here is still shockingly slow, especially in the Southeast suburbs where we’re looking. So just out of interest, I searched for properties in the West, specifically in a nice villagey place we’ve already been to called Yarraville. And you wouldnt believe what you can get. 

In St Kilda, or Elwood, for $460k you get a smallish 2 bedroom unit with a small balcony. In Yarraville, you get this! Amazing eh? And thats just the tip of the iceberg. It will have implications about getting to work, as we will both be reliant on smooth flowing traffic on one of the 3 bridges over the docklands. And Becca will be further away, so driving will be essential. However, if it means we can get a fantastic house, in an upcoming area with a big garden for dogs, then I think its worth it. One of my mates at work lives in Yarraville so she’s gonna meet us there on Saturday and show us around. Im hopeful, excited and amazed that we may be able to get something that we previously thought was impossible to attain. 

Thats about it. Im packing in the overtime while its available this week, so Im pretty tired. I getting in a bit of time with games, but cos I dont really want to think, Im just finishing off the odds and ends in GTA. Not much to report really. I’ll keep you posted on our Yarraville exploits. 

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Rock Bandlefield: Bad Company

Posted by captainbeaky on June 28, 2008

So theres not been a post for a while, primarily because we havent done anything really to warrant a post. Work, TV, eating, sleeping. And Im pretty sure you have no interest in that so I’ve kept my mouth shut. However, I feel compelled to post now, although it wont interest most of you.

Quite simply…Rock Band…..best music game ever! It shows Guitar Hero whos boss in a huge way. The aesthetic, the playlist, the online store, the customisation, it beats it in nearly every conceivable way (graphics and general polish arent up to GH’s efforts). Im amazed by just how damn good the setlist is. Guitar Hero had forgotten that it was a t heart a party game, and instead pandered to the fanboys and put in stupid 80’s B-sides of songs youd never heard of in the first place, were no fun to play and  had ridiculous achievements to satiate the fanboy needs. Rock Band, has a fantastic range of recognisable songs, that are generally much easier to play than Guitar Hero’s too, which means that you can turn the difficulty slider up to hard and not expect to get bone-itis after 30 seconds. When I started playing Enter Sandman, and Wont Get Fooled Again,  Id not had such a huge smile on my face since playing the original GH on PS2. And on top of this, Ive looked at the online store and there are 37 songs that I instantly want, know and love. The icing on the cake is the multi-instrument focus, and the drums I have winging their way from the states as we speak. Just superb…..

Unfortunately, this also means that my prior purchase of Battlefield Bad Company has taken a back seat (with Beautiful Katamari now in the boot behind the back seat). However, this doesnt mean its a bad game, far from it. The combat isnt quite up to Call of Duty levels of intensity, but it has more comedic value, and the destructible environments add to the tension. For instance, a tank appears and normally, you’d run into the nearest building and hide, knowing its shells wouldnt be able to harm you in there. Not so in BF:BC. Hide in a building and the tank will just blow the building up around you. Theres also a layer of strategy about it too. If youre tasked with wiping out an enemy base, ordinarily you’d have no choice but to go in through the obvious entrances and exits to the place. With BF, you can punch a hole anywhere in the defences and attack from where you please. Like I say though, as good as it is, its on the back burner right now.

Anyway, as I said, weve not been up to much else. House hunting has slowed to a crawl, as is usual with this time of year. This time away from frantic house inspections IS helping cement our expectations of what we want though, so we’re able to instantly pinpoint what we want. No plans for the coming week, other than watch the Euro 2008 final on Monday morning. 

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Mostly Games

Posted by captainbeaky on June 19, 2008

So this post will be mostly about games, as We’ve not really been up to much since last weekend. Going to work, coming home, going for coffee, eating cakes…thats about as exciting as it got. Ive been taking a much lower intensity of interest in the housing market as a stab at minimising unecessary stresses.Ive not been sleeping right for a few weeks and anything thats been stressing me out ive been getting rid of, with looking at real estate websites being vastly reduced. And I have been sleeping better so it IS working. 

SO games wise, I finally finished GTA IV. Overall, its a great game world to mess about it, but it doesnt half get boring. I was also disappointed with the way the story unfolded as I was hoping (dont read the following bit if you havent finished it) for more of a back story, with more of Niko’s history playing a part. For it to lay back on tired old mob and mafia stereotypes, in exactly the same way GTA III did was really poor in my opinion. The difficulty later on also got stupid, with one mission being extremely hard, having several stages to the mission and needing multiple retries to complete and next mission revolving about me, getting out of my car and firing an RPG at another car…done!?!? wtf?! However, it was still an enjoyable game and theres still a lot of life left in it thanks to the achievements and side missions.

More susprisingly, Im mightily impressed with my recent cheap purchase of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Its a pretty good racing game, in itself with decent handling, a good impression of speed and nice graphics, but it has 2 specific things that really stand out. Firstly is the police mechanic. The best way how to think of it in modern terms is that its quite similar to GTA. If you drive like a mentalist, or go through speed traps at a rapid speed, the police start chasing you. The tension of this is heightened by constant police chatter, alerting more and more units to your location, and some pretty intense “24” style music. However, unlike GTA the police drive faster cars than you, and are extremely efficient at boxing you in and busting you. Its damn hard to try and evade them and really is a thrill to play. The second best thing about the game is the hilarious chav/racer theme running through it. Its trying to be all street and “urban” and it actually comes across as some kind of ridiculous pastiche of racing culture. UKR would have a field day if they played even the 1st 10 minutes of it! Andy in particular, you’ll piss your pants – if you see it cheap…BUY IT!

Anyway, I’ll stop harping n about games, and let you go. Its getting late here and I want an early night so I can watch/listen to the portugal/germany match tomorrow. Have fun!

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Quick Post…

Posted by captainbeaky on June 7, 2008

So I know Ive been crap again with my posts. Both of us have been hugely pre-ocupied with property. House inspections, estate agents, mortgage brokers, scouring the net etc…. all of it eating into “me time”. Hell, I have only just got back to my xbox after 10 days away!

While this is bound to continue until we’ve got it all sorted, Im trying something different. On the right hand side of my blog page at the top you might notice a new box called “Twitter”. Basically, this is like micro-blogging. Short little messages that I can post from work, home, or from my mobile, so hopefully, while my blog may be liable to slip, Im now just a text message away from making a micro-post. Let me know what you think and if it works. At least this way there will be SOME contact with the outside world! You can also click on the Twitter title and it will link you to my page of updates. Give it a try and let me know what you find – its new to me so you may discover something Ive missed. 

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Youre ‘avin a larf!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 31, 2008

Ok – so straight off the bat, we didnt get the apartment. But now through any fault of our own. Despite ripping our hair out dealing with prima dona estate agents, errant and absent solicitors and constant hassling of UK banks well into the early hours here (dont ask…PLEASE dont ask!), the effort was all in vain. A ton of people turned up at the auction and bids were flying in. The estate agents had valued it at $400k-$440k, and it eventually went for $488k!!! Well out of our budget. Our funds could have stretched up to $460k (well we could have got a mortgage up to $850k but it owuld have crippled us with high payments) so theres nowt we could have done.

And this may sound a bit like sour grapes, but when we saw it again today, it didnt grab us in the same way it did last week. Knowing we couldnt have a dog in there, some clause in the rules about an upcoming payment for replacing old brickwork and that the buildings electrical wiring needed to be checked out soon, at considerable cost I bet. Sounds stupid, but both of us felt somewhat relieved when we realised we couldnt afford it.

So now were on the market again, scouring the interent for a bargain. Whats become apparent from today is that joe public seems to put nice furnishings ahead of size. I would much prefer a bigger apartment with middling wallpaper etc… then do it up gradually, as we did in the UK. Going to look at an promising apartment tomorrow so I’ll keep things updated. At least the hard work of transferring money and getting pre-approval has been done. And we know what needs to be done the next time we see a nice place.

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Bloody hard work!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 29, 2008

Without boring you with all the details of shitty estate agents, bloody mindy attitudes, hours on the phones an much stressing, everything looks as though its in place to go forward with the auction on Saturday. The mortgage pre-approval has gone through, the building inspection is taking place tomorrow and we’ve managed to scrape together enough cash for the deposit. I dont remember buying a house to be this damn stressful. I mean, for christs sake, moving to the ther side of the world was less stress than this – its ridiculous. Ive now got my car back as well, but driving it like a twat as Id gotten so used to the Hyundai. Not really got much else to report without recounting the multitude of arguments and disagreements we’ve had with a bunch of folks over the last 2 days. I’ll keep you updated on what happens tomorrow.

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Temples tighter than a ducks arse!

Posted by captainbeaky on May 27, 2008

Yes. Im starting to get stressed. A lot. With something as large as buying a property, I like to take my time. I like to take my time on a daily basis let alone when Im going to be spending nearly $500k, but in this case we cant affod to do that. Things MUST move quickly if we are to stand a chance of bidding for the unit, its just annoying they have to move SO quickly. Cutting long stories short, mortage pre-approval looks like it will go ahead with a bit more information, got a solicitor sorted (we think) and will arrange for building inspectors tomorrow, when hopefully I should be getting my car back.  Still got the pain in the arse of getting $5k together, but were gonna try goingto a bank and getting an overdraft for the interim in between paying the deposit and recieving our UK funds.

Its all pretty stressful and its not helped by the folks next door having their TV on loud at 1 in the morning (for the 2nd night in a row). Had to go speak to them about not taking the piss earlier on, and they were quite apologetic. However, actions speak louder than words (and hopefully, their tele) so we’ll see what happens tonight.Im hoping for a good nights kip, or I’ll be fit to explode! More tomorrow….

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How could they……..

Posted by captainbeaky on May 26, 2008

So everything is moving along towards the auction on Friday. We’ve got forms to fill in for mortgage pre-approval, solicitors to ring, appointments for building inspections to book. The only 2 sticking points are the fact that we have to put 10% deposit down on the day of the auction, or 1st business day thereafter. However, the money from the high interest UK account the money is in, takes up to 4 days to clear, let alone how long it will take to transfer that from UK to OZ, which to be fair is usually 2 or 3 days.  We could have just payed out $5k as a partial-deposit on the day and payed the rest upon arrival of the funds, but our rent just came out, like, today so we dont have half that ammount.  So unless ING pull their finger out and get the money sorted FAST, we may be screwed, and have to let it it go.:o(

The 2nd bummer is the fact we’ve just recieved the contract of sale from the estate agents, and the rules say NO DOGS! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! To be more specific, the rules said you couldnt keep nuisance dogs on communal property but some twat tabled a motion last year to curb all dogs on site….and it got passed!!!!! So thanks to the body corporate (the bunch of folks that maintain the property and consists of all the other residents) there are no dogs allowed. We’re going to question that tomorrow, with the solititor and the estate agents, to see if he can get anfo from the current owners. It stinks and we dont know if its a deal breaker. opinions needed! :o(

So there you go. After quite a positive day of movemnt on progressing towards a mortgage, we both feel deflated at the fact that we may have to hold off getting a dog, and more importantly, might have to let it go after all. I dont know if a property that nice will come on the market again for that price. Not a good end to the day. Just have to see what happens. Once again, fortunes favour the banks.

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