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From Mega Post to Mega-crap Post……

Posted by captainbeaky on March 3, 2008

interest-rate.jpgNot really got anything to write today, as I pretty much exhausted myself yesterday. That coupled with the fact that its VERY hot here today will mean this is a relatively short post. Work was pretty good again, with it getting more interesting and insightful each day. So the work day came and went, and then I just came home. Simple as that. Becca is at Knit Club tonight so Ive got the palce to myself, which I will be using to watch TV and play more Mario Galaxy. 

In other joyous news, the interest rates are going to rise for the 10th time tomorrow by 0.25%, making housing even less affordable. Marvellous. However the positive news is that it seems that the housing market IS slowing down, and the economy is showing some initial signs of going tits up. I know its not usually a good thing to be willing the whole economy to collapse, but it has to for us to be able to get on the property ladder.

Ah, nevermind. Im getting tired of thinking about it. Motor Show time tomorrow, so I can have a squizz, and check out the leg room in those Mazda’s and Becca can have a look at her Fiat 500. As such , I may not make a post tomorrow as I have no idea when we’ll be back. We also have a plans to eat at a place called Beer De Luxe, a bar for the more discerning beer drinker. And it does good burgers too!


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Posted by captainbeaky on February 13, 2008

dollars.gifAnd this is what makes the early starts all worthwhile – my first paycheck! And how nice it is to have money going IN to my bank account, for the first time since January 2007. Its a fair old wedge too (well, compared to my old wage), as working it out, I can earn my monthly wage that I was on in the UK, in under 3 weeks here – as I say, its nice!

Its been a relatively tiring and exhausting day of training…again! Ordered my work clothes, and some protective footwear today too. Again, while I HAVE learnt more things than shoes, and polo shirts, I dont really feel I can write about them on here, which is REALLY frustrating. I usually cant wait to tell others when I learn something exciting or new, so this is killing me! And its also killing my blog too :o(

I still have no idea what Im going to fill these pages with from now on. I can talk for hours about games and TV, but Im guessing most of the people reading this blog dont care about games and while interested in TV, they are NOT interested in Australian TV. 

On a general front, the economy here is a mess, which has 2 worrying fronts. Firstly, the exchange rate is bloody awful right now. When we moved across here, £1 = $2.42, but today £1 = $2.17 which doesnt sound much, but when youre transferring the proceeds from a house sale, it means the difference between $180,000 and $160,000. A huge margin, you’ll agree. Secondly the interest rates here keep going up and up. They received another rise this week which means the mortgage interest rates are now  around 8.5 – 9%, which really isnt good for trying to get on the mortgage ladder. I mean, it wont be a problem for us getting a mortgage but with rates that high, it will take that bit longer to pay off. The banks have also confirmed that they will rise again come April. Pain in the arse!

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