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Eventful but…

Posted by captainbeaky on August 17, 2008

That sums our week up really. A lot of boring, but essential “grown-up” stuff has happened. Starting last week…..


  • Monday – got solicitors sorted and payed the remainder of the deposit
  • Tuesday – Met with the mortgage advisor and applied for a slightly different mortgage
  • Wednesday – Met with an accountant to get our tax return sorted and found that we should be in line for a big wedge of a tax rebate – nice, considering the circumstances we’re in!
  • Thursday – Heard the news that we have been approved for the mortgage
  • Friday – nothing grown up, but I received my new RC Lancia in the post! 


I think that just about keeps you up with house events. Got to get in touch with the solicitors tomorrow to make sure things are moving along. Not heard from them since Monday and I know full well just how feckin, useless solicitors can be. Its exciting now that I can look at home cinema stuff and security alarms, while Becca sorts out beds and sofas. Had a nice look around Bunnings today (Aussie verison of B & Q but MUCH bigger) and got a preliminary look on what we can expect to buy and for how much. 

Yesterday was pretty fun too. We were finally able to do something other than house inspections! The choice we made was to go into town and visit the Museum, as they had special stuff going on for Science Week. We decided to sign up for a behind the scenes guided tour which was fantastic. They took us upstairs and into teh specimen rooms where they have all the birds, mammals and reptiles on massive shelves. The guide we had was a really quiet but informative guy who worked in the labs there and knew an awful lot about pretty much everything. Well worth it.

In between all of this, TV has been pretty barren, what with the friggin’ Olympics ruining everything! Not only that, but all the good shows have, or are finishing. Apprentice, Top Gear, Gadget Show etc….. but as a result we’re watching a few more films. Saw Rogue in the week, which was alright (made us want to go to teh Northern Territories strangely!), and watched Bettie Page last night (again, it was ok). Got my day off tomorrow so I’ll be going to check out Star Wars : The Clone Wars at the cinema. Will post what I think of it.

There we have it then. As the post title says…….


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Fat & Happy

Posted by captainbeaky on July 7, 2008

I sit here quite content, with a belly full of home made onion soup with cheesy crouton, after watching download highlights of what was probably the best tennis match Ive seen (last nights Wimbledon final). Really pleased that Nadal one and really deserved it. However, I digress. Im also content because of our renewed interest and enthusiasm in houses. 

Saturday, after spending a criminally long time in bed, we drove over to Yarraville to meet up with one of my mates from work who lives over there. She promised to show us around and give us a tour of the area, and she delivered on every front. Yarraville seemed like just what we’re after, being charming, small and having none of the increasingly annoying hordes of visitors that come to St Kilda every weekend and inhibit your daily goings on. Lots of nice little coffee shops, a big pub on the corner, butchers and bakers, 2 supermarkets and an old art deco cinema. The surrounding areas were a mixed bag. Kingsville and Seddon are close enough to Yarraville to be a walk away, and are both nice too. Footscray seemed a bit run down, but no more so than the arse end of Wolverhampton or Birmingham. My mate took us to a couple of big parks in the area too, which were amazing. One park had a lovely little pond and stream running through the middle of it, and if it werent for the cockatoo’s screeching, you could almost imagine it being a summers day out in the country in the UK. The other park was massive! It was an old quarry which has now been partially filled and is a lake, while the rest is kinda forest-ey full of mad giant water fowl, that are probably venomous or something! Anway, overall, were totally sold on moving over there, and are looking at houses to book house inspections for on the weekend, nearly all of which are old weatherboard style houses with ornate ironmongery on the frontage, and picket fences around the front garden. Like our own little fairytale house! Cant wait!

As for stuff going on this week, theres not much really. Were off to see a doublebill at an old arthouse style little cinema on Thursday (Ironman & Spiderwick Chronicles) and Id like to see Hancock and Speed Racer at some point. Rock Band is still thrilling me with the download content, and it seems like Im finally starting to get the hang of that damn tricky 5th button! GTA is still keeping me going with stunt jumps and pigeons aplenty to be found, and BF: Bad Company is great, but its really intense, so I wont allow myself to play it too close to bed  time as Im wired afterwards! 

Macbook Air bargains on Ebay seem to have dried up, and Im toying with waiting a bit and holding out for a Macbook Pro. There are rumours of a case redesign floating around today, so Im hoping its not too far away. I dont really need the power of a Macbook Pro, but it would be good to compare the MBA against. We’ll see. Im spending more time having a lie in on the net rather than with a book, so a light mac would help. Speaking of net stuff, if youre an internet nerd like me, have a butchers at this and see how many your recognise. Good song too!

Anyway, thats it for now. Im gonna get off to watch the last Dr Who and Youve Been Framed. T’raaaaa a bit!

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Posted by captainbeaky on April 7, 2008

…..but this post is just blantant nose rubbing. Salt in the wound. A kick when youre down. Add insult to injury. Piss in your crisps. Whatever you want to call it. SO you have been warned. If you dont want to wish me harm, or call me names, then please DONT look at the following photo link gallery. Or if your browser is borked, like the latest FIrefox Beta, go here and look at todays album. For For those unaware of proceedings, look here first, then see if you can put 2 and 2 together to find out why we “made the switch”.

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Friends, Food and Frontlines

Posted by captainbeaky on April 6, 2008

Firstly, yet again, sorry for the lack of posts. Been due to us actually having a social life, tiredness and well,,, lazyness I suppose. Will do my best to not let it happen again!

So a quick recap on days gone by. On Friday, we met a friend from work in a pub up the road for food and beers. After that we left to go to a local venue to see CSS. Once again, strange Australian band times were in effect with doors opening at 8.30 and the CSS not actually coming on stage until 11.30! Was a good sized venue and Im looking forward to seeing Architecture in Helsinki there. CSS were…well….they were OK. Nothing remarkable but fairly competent anyway.

Saturday we slept in real late, probably until gone 1pm. The week just caught up on us, plus we had a late night on Friday to contend with too. Popped into St Kilda for a mooch about, then just came back and read the papers/played games. Went out to meet more friends from work for post birthday drinks, and got invited to one of the guys, sisters birthday party in the CBD. So we went along to a nice bar, had some, or many drinks then left in time to get the last tram (1am). Was a real good night, as we met and talked to some nice folks. Hopefully the first of many get togethers.

Today we’ve been proper lazy. Clocks changed so we had an extra hour in bed, which also meant that we didnt wake up until 10 (doesnt sound so bad that way!). Did some food shopping and just “done stuff” during the day. Ive really enjoyed myself, as I had some Star Wars Lego for my birthday, so spent the afternoon watching the 1st episode of the new series of the Gadget Show, with a cuppa and a desk covered in Lego bits and instructions. Reminded me of how much we used to love building stuff out of it when we were kids. Unfortunately it could turn out to be a rather expensive hobby, as the latest Lego kits are pretty pricey. Theres a limited edition Millenium Falcon Lego model on Ebay for $800!!!! Ouch! But if you do a bit of research online, folks have made custom models for pretty much everything. From Aliens models, to tanks, to Johnny 5, all of which are fantastic and predictably, expensive to make. Oh well, I’ll keep my eye on Ebay for cheap kits – was a real treat to get back to it though!

As the picture in the post may suggest, we have struck veritable gold! You CAN get Marmite in supermarkets here!!!! And its not ridiculously expensive UK imported Marmite, its bonafide, produced over here, cheap Marmite. Except its called “Our Mate”. Woo Hoooo! On the subject of food, I had a good, tasty cumberland sausage with mash last night at the pub –  was a welcome change from horrific soapy australian beef sausages. Becca’s made a superb homemade pie this afternoon. Pickled onions, steak, lots of wine, puff pastry with a side of mash – god damn it was good! Cant wait to have it again, so we can both make pigs of ourselves…..again!

Games wise, its been more Burnout, more Forza, and Ive really got into Frontlines. I was all set to trade it in on Saturday, but gave it another bash online, and this time there were quite a few games in progress, so I joined the 1st one and had a blast! Lots of weapons, equipments and levels that arent in the singleplayer. The team and kit balance is brilliat with no uber-class that out performs everything else. Its kit structure is also pretty novel – youve got your standard, assault, sniper, anti-armour etc… but then you can pick a role to play. For example, I can pick anti-armour, with a ground support role. Now the more points I get, the more XP I earn towards 3 upgradable “perks” such as perk 1, a blow torch to repair vehicles, perk 2, a deplyable mini-gun and perk 3, a deployable automatic sentry gun. You can vary your role selection, as well as your kit selection each time you spawn so you can really tailor your loadout depending on how youre going. If youre doing some heavy defending, sentry guns, and EMP beacons are the way to go. Attacking you can go for air strikes and remote drones. It really adds a huge degree of depth to the proceedings, with the rock-paper-scissors style of balance contributing to an vast, open and ever changing battlefield. So, ultimately Ive changed my mind on trading it on (and Im sorry Andy, but Mass Effect is still going). Dont misunderstand me though the singleplayer component of Frontlines  is pretty poor, and boring. Its the multiplayer that keeps this game from sinking and should do me nicely until BF:BC comes out anyway.

So there you go – its been hectic, and lazy at the same time. Above everything else, its been fun. The weather has picked back up again too, although I hear the UK has gone the opposite way and has had a fair bit of snow! Haw……and indeed….haw!  It was hazy all day yesterday and been sunny all day today, with temperatures reaching about 22 degress. The week ahead looks good too, with it reaching a high of 28 next Friday. This all bodes well for me picking my car up next week. My money didnt trasfer from the UK in time for me to be able to get the car weekend just gone, but will definitely have cleared for next weeked. As for other plans, Im badminton-ing tomorrow, seeing a comedian on Tuesday (I forget who exactly!) and seeing another comedian on Friday, by the name of Ross Noble. Cant wait for this one!

I’ll duno when I’ll post again, becasue of above committments, but I’m going to see how it goes making more frequent, short posts rather than infrequent mega-posts like this one. The time I spend doing links to stuff seems pretty pointless too as I can see from my admin page that nobody clocks them, so I can at least keep posts nice and simple. Let me know through comments what youre opinions are, as I either you guys dont know how to use them…or nobody can be arsed leaving comments. I can see I get a fair ammount of traffic per day, but no comments are left – what gives! Anywhow, Im off to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who. Nighty night!

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Attack of the Lobster-people!

Posted by captainbeaky on February 11, 2008

adult_red_lobster_costume.jpgThat would be me and Becca then. Honestly, I only said it got my ankles and neck yesterday, but on reflection, and after a bit of time, we soon found we are ALL red. Well….all of the bits that were exposed to the sun are red. It doesnt hurt or anything, it just looks ridiculous, but less so today for me. However, Becca looks even more red today for some reason, so Ive gone to great lengths to steer clear of the sun today.

Speaking of which its been a pretty run of the mill day. Got up for work ok, and made it on with no problems too. The day was more interesting than normal as we had a day to kill on the shop floor in our respective areas, as training doesnt start until tomorrow. Been interesting, and I feel like Ive learnt more useful stuff in one day than I did all of last week. Also learnt, that as quality engineers, we are on flexi-time, which means we can start anytime between 6am and 10am which is great. Especially if youre planning on having a late night, or need to get stuff done at the bank or something. The more I spend at work, the more Im pleased I got the job – should be great.

However….Im feeling the early start now. I had a little kip on the bus, and another one after watching Match of the Day 2 (Liverpool match was shockingly bad, but Man Utd match was good to watch). So now, Im gonna settle in to watch the new episodes of CSI and then get another early night, in preparation for more training tomorrow. Hopefully its payday tomorrow too – woo hooo!!!!!

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Red Hot (Litterally)

Posted by captainbeaky on February 10, 2008

sunburn.gifIm going to keep it short for this post, as Im tired and Im going to have to get an early night cos of work tomorrow. Anyway, its been a good day, but very hot. Strolled on down to the festival at about 1pm, and it was quite sedate. You know, enough people about but nothing like what the news had estimated. Saw a band (Expatriate – ok indie guitar band on a stage by the sea – lovely), had an ice cream, had a wonder about, saw some crazy somersaulting bike guys, watched some  jive/showgirl dancing group and got very hot. After a while in the blazing sun, we went inside the Pallais theatre to have a nose, and have a drink. Was really nice in there – still got all of the old 20’s features. Capacity wise too, its the biggest theatre in Australia – even bigger than Sydney Opera House, or so the guy told us. After that, it was back outside to catch another band (Operator Please – ok, but a bit like the Australian Gossip), then back home as the amount of folks there had exploded to about a million times more than there was a couple of hours earlier. Took 10 minutes to get from one place to another, that usually takes us about 40 seconds to do the same distance. That coupled with a bit of heat stroke made us run for home and lick our wounds, and god damn are we both red! I have red hands, ankles and neck, and Becca has a bright red chest – so now we both look like stereotypical Brits abroad – marvellous! 

Anyway, I will love you and leave you to check out the photos on Facebook/webspace as I need to go and watch Match of the Day and TV Burp. Have fun, and put sunscreen on EVERY 2 HOURS!!! Doh!  

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The “Im too tired to post” Post

Posted by captainbeaky on February 1, 2008

yawn.jpgChrist Im tired! Ready for bed now and its only 8.30. I reckon I must have overdone it at the gym (or the beer I had to “finish off” after using a small amount in the chili I made for tomorrow) this afternoon. Weather was much better today, so decided to make use of my free 1 week pass and pump some iron! Spent much longer than anticipated in there, as the podcast I was listening too was damn good, and I was enjoying messing with the running machines and playing with the new weights machines. Had a nose in the changing rooms too – very swish. Nice and clean, electronic code lockers, individual opaque glass shower cubicles with shampoo, conditioner and body wash dispensers. Very impressive.

Didnt do much else as we didnt really feel like it. Gonna mooch around Boeing next week after work. For all I know, I could be getting a lift back each day, or could be starting on the day shift, so I’ll just take it as it comes.  Strange to consider that today was my last free weekday, since over a year ago. Oh, I booked my driving test for March 25th, so only 52 days to go – doesnt seem very long when you say it like that, even less so when you consider Ive only had 12 lessons so far! Oh well, got plenty of time to get some more practice in between now and then. 

Just finished watching the 2nd bit of that Ross Kemp in Afghanistan documentary, and I have to say its damn good. Really gives you a good idea of what its like being stuck in the middle of a firefight out there and its pretty scary. Even the generally annoying Kemp seems shaken and shit scared by it all, which isnt surprising when there are bullets and RPG’s flying over your head. Well worth a watch if you can still get the torrent of part 1.

For tomorrow, we’re going into Melbourne to see if we can see whats going on with the filming of The Pacific (I dont think we’ll get near it, but worth a try), have a bit of a mooch about and hunt out another rooftop bar, seeing as we so enjoyed the last one.  Get myself a lie in too, seeing as they’ll be coming to an abrupt end in a couple of days. 

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Wheels, Cheese and Chairs

Posted by captainbeaky on January 30, 2008

Today, again has seemed quite busy without actually being busy at all. Started off with the delivery of some of our stuff from the UK. Some of which we wanted and picked correctly, some of which we didnt want, and some of which we wanted and unfortunately picked the wrong box. For instance, I wanted the rest of my 360 games, and instead got PS2 games, which isnt really surprising seeing as the boxes contents were listed as “Games”. All of the box descriptions were a bit vague, hence apart from the boxes like “Drum Kit”, or “Sewing Machine”, its a bit of a lucky dip. Anyway, we ended up with my comfy office chair, some DVD’s (but not all of them), PS2 games, PS2 guitars for Guitar Hero (which we didnt want), Sambe De Amigo for Dreamcast (again, which we didnt want), Becca’s sewing machine, some of our kitchenware, Beccas pic-er-nic basket and my Xbox 360 racing wheel, which annoyingly didnt have the wheel clamp in the same box. However, it sits on the desk ok and doesnt wiggle around too much when using it. Had to pop to the hardware shop (which I enjoyed tremendously – seeing what new stuff/hardware Australia has to offer!) to get some allen keys, cap heads and some washers to assemble my chair, which is all done now and a damn sight more comfortable than the hard wooden kitchen chair I was using to play games.

 Just got back from doing a “big” shop and saw some superb cheese, that we promptly bought. No, its not “coon cheese“, its ………




Strong and Bitey!!! Sounds like the description of a police dog, not a cheese! Things here have such great names (and No Andy we have yet to find anything called a chuzwazza!) Bought all the ingredients to make my lovely chili to so Im looking forward to having that before I go to work. Was kind of strange having to do a shop for work stuff too, although for the short term, Im going to check out the works canteen and see what it has to offer. Fingers crossed its as good/bad as the legendary Denso curry, or the badboy breakfast!

No real plans for tomorrow. Got another driving lesson at 11.15, after which I’ll probably book my test. Gave Vic Roads a quick ring today and the tests are currently being booked in the region of March 17th, so a good 6 weeks lead time. So really the sooner I book a test the better. Anyway, after the lesson I’ll probably go for my 2nd punishment at the gym. Im not aching at all today, which is quite scary, although I seem to remember, the 2nd and 3rd days post gym were the worst after my last hiatus from working out. Making the most of these lazy days anyway, as Ive only got 2 more non-working weekdays left! Cant complain really though, as 2 remaining days form over a year off work aint bad at all!

Managing to catch up some decent downloaded TV too. Ramsays Nightmares USA (what did we do pre-bit torrent?) is both fantastic and vile. Some of the states of the kitchens are unbelievable. Cockroaches and bugs living in the seals of fridge doors, green mouldy burgers,  layers of fat on the walls – its shocking. Also loving Monkey Dust too. Ivan Dobsky is a brilliant creation as well as the divorced dad. Shame it didnt get past 3 series though.

Oh and I almost forgot…..Scrub Turkey Update! The program was great. It was basically about these wild turkeys, which are on the endangered list, and only seem to live in a small populated region of Queensland. Seems nice. However, the turkeys are incredibly inquisitive and destructive, ripping up flowers, ruining crops, getting in folks houses through open windows and literally trashing the place like a burglar had given it a going over.  But because the turkeys are rare, youre not allowed to do anything to them. Even throwing stuff at them could get you in trouble. However, it didnt seem to stop folks. This old lady hated them, and spent nearly all her day on turkey patrol, setting up ghetto blasters connected to sensors to scare the bejesus out of them, throwing kitchen implements at them, and best of all, putting up signs around her veggie patch that simply said “Piss Off, Turkey!”. One guy finally cracked though and after one got in his house and broke and load of plates, ripped up all his sheet music and shit everywhere, he went out, found the nearest turkey, threw an avocado stone as hard as he could at it, which killed it and then honey roasted the bugger! Justice, Aussie style! Well worth a watch!

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“Hello, Jerry”……..”Hello, Newman”!

Posted by captainbeaky on January 29, 2008

seinfeld6.jpgIts felt like its been a busy day today, but in actual fact, its not! Started off with another driving lesson which again, went well. Did a 3 point turn right first time, not so hot with reverse parallel parking but parking in general is getting a lot better. Just gotta keep on plugging away at it and see about booking a test, as theres supposedly a 4-5 week lead time, by which time I should have got it all down. 

Then I decided to give the gym a ring and go in for my free 1 weeks pass thingy I got through the mail. Got straight on the treadmill and there was my first shock – the thing was like a bloody computer. About 10 different options to pick straight off which was  bit overwhelming, but I decided on one of the “Personal Trainer” options, which lets you do a simulated fitness test,  from the Army, Navy, Police etc…. or one tailored to you based on your age and weight.  I chose the latter as Im no bionic superman (yet!) but it still knackered me out. My legs felt like jelly afterwards, but then I noticed another nice feature of the treadmills – you can watch the TV on them, actually ON the machine! Even better than that, as well as all the terrestrial channels to flick through, they had a “DVD” channel which was showing back-to-back Seinfelds!!! Fantastic! So I endured a few more minutes on the treadmill and on the bikes, which had the same screen. It was great! Its also a bit more pleasant than the gym in Kings Heath, as the building is right on the sea front, so rather than the obligatory wall of mirrors to look at, youve got a lovely full length window to look out on the beach and the sea – bit of a change! Had a go on some of the weights machines too, but my arms started to give out after a while so called it a day and came home. Overall, though, the place is great and I think I’ll definitely be joining once my first paycheck comes in. All that remains is to sit here and wait for the inevitable aches and pains – joy!

Not sure what we’re up to tomorrow as some of our belongings are being delivered at 10am, so will have to sort them out – see how we feel after that. Its trying to drizzle here at the moment so I hope it doesnt continue. Still…..its a great smell outside – rain on hot tarmac is lovely!

More interesting though, is the name of a TV program on tonight and moreover its subject. Its possibly the funniest name (well I think) of a TV that I can think of. OK, ready….now say it in a voice-over man style voice…….

The chant…….of the scrub turkey!

Outstanding – Id like a dog, and Id like to call it “Scrub Turkey!” Awesome! You can check the program out here, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it was tomorrow!

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New Job = New Treat

Posted by captainbeaky on January 16, 2008

design_gal04_20080115.jpgOK – right off the bat – no job news today. Sent off emails and contact numbers yesterday to get references done, and not heard a jot today. I’ll be sure to email them tomorrow to send me written confirmation of the job offer. 

Now, onto the juicy stuff (well…for me anyway). Soon, the laptop you see on the left will be in my possession. Announced today, its called the Macbook Air (crumby name I know) and its stupidly thin, half the weight of my existing Macbook and has all manner of bells and whistles that I wont bore you with, but if youre interested, you can read about it here. Storage size is a bit of an issue but Apple are releasing a wireless hard drive around the same time, so all the macs in our place can speak to it and share files.  Been playing with another new toy today, one which we bought yesterday but reasons I wont bore you with, didnt work until this morning. A little stick that I plug into the usb port on the mac mini, an ariel into the other end, and you have yourself your own video recorder! Has a Sky style TV guide and its just as easy to record programs. Really am quite impressed. You can even stream existing recorded programs over wifi to your ipod touch! Its tech nirvana! 

Didnt do much today. Stayed in and messed with said TV thing for the mac and read as much info as I can about the Apple press briefing last night. Popped out of the house late on to go to the Suzuki Night Market, which turned out to be shockingly busy. The food parts were crazy with folks but the rest of it was a bit airy-fairy and hippyish so left early for food elsewhere. Walked past a ton of Japanese restaurants, Sake bars and Ramen houses, but wanted something spicy so went to a place that specialises in laksa’s (indonesian spicy seafood soup with noodles). Changed my mind at the last minute and ordered a curry, and god damn if it wasnt the hottest curry Ive ever had. It just made me cough and made my nose/eyes water. Shocking. Was in need of cooling down so popped over the road and found a lovely little rooftop bar. The whole place was done up like an English garden sort of thing. White wrought iron style chairs, pergolas, parasols, trellis’s – it was amazing! In keeping with the look of the place, we both shared a pitcher of Pimms! Table service for drinks (and I had a tasty cupcake). They also handed out blankets for anyone out on the roof terrace who was a bit cold (its was a frighteningly chilly 22 degrees today! Brrrrrr!). A real gem of a place that I dont think youre average joe would know about. 

Not sure of any plans for tomorrow. Id like to go see Cloverfield at the cinema but that isnt going to take all day. Oh well, we’ll just play it by ear. Have fun……

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Watch Out if You Fly Boeing From Now On….

Posted by captainbeaky on January 15, 2008

675px-control_surfaces_at_the_wing_of_a_planesvg.png…cos I work for them now muhahahahahaaa!!! Really good news eh? Cutting out the waffle, I turned up for the interview late (I swear the agency guy said 1.30, but it was actually 1pm) but they understood and were nice folks. The interview went well and I felt strangely calm and it came across with my answers. The job sounds good – sounds like what I used to do, but more interesting, especially going from automotive to aerospace. The only bit of a downer is that I will be required to work the evening shift for chunks at a time (3pm – 11pm) which isnt great but theres a 15% pay loading on that for unsociable hours. It does mean social life will be tricky to manage, and spending time with Crook will cut down, but theres no saying Becca wont get a job on lates or something. Also, Ive never tried lates before and I’ll try anything once to see how it goes, and the job is such a great opportunity that I couldnt let it slide. The amount of holidays per year is pretty extensive, the potential for career growth is great, all training is provided, and the pay is awesome (without going into specifics, its almost double what I was on in the UK). I start on Monday 21st (next Monday) so no time to hang about. From what they told me, Boeing Melbourne makes the control surfaces on the wings of the new Boeing 787 plane, which the picture above is showing. 

I feel a strange mix of excited and upset. Excited that Ive managed to get hold of such a good job with great prospects and great pay. Upset that my non-working lifestyle has come to an end, but that was inevitable anyway. Its also really upsetting that Dad isnt around to see me get the job. I know he really wanted me to get it as Id hyped it up for so long. I wore one of his shirts and one of his ties to the interview so he was with me at the interview anyway. I know he’d be proud right now.

To celebrate we went out for food and got a HUUUUUGE seafood platter to share, some drinks and rounded the night off with ice cream! Now, Im sitting here thinking of the things that need/Id like to get done before work starts. You know, go to some of the touristy things during the week, do a bit of shopping, get work supplies in, couple more shirts/ties and on a geeky level, get excited about tomorrows Macworld announcement. Here’s hoping for an ultra-portable Macbook. If it IS announced, Im gonna get me one as a treat!

Right, Im off now to make a list of “stuff”. Oh, I forgot to mention that the internet is back in our home. Great stuff, already downloaded the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a couple of BBC programmes. Australian TV at the moment is crap, to say the least! Oh, and its still sunny for those that care. 31 degrees today. 

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New Toy….Confirmed!

Posted by captainbeaky on December 11, 2007

mobile-phone-with-camera.jpgNot much really happening here right now. Just trying to help my Mom with the healing process. Although Im finding it much harder than anticipated as we are both very different people, with different outlooks and beliefs, I havent lived at home for longer than a few days for close to 12 years and its so hard to try to analyse day to day routines and work out whether theyre normal or not. Its hard, but it will all work itself out, Im sure. 

However, I have made it out to Wolvo today and picked up a few things. Im surprised at how easy it is to just turn Christmas off in your head. I know Im looking at decorated tree’s and fairy lights but its like Im not actually taking it in. Ordinarily Id be getting excited and hyped up by it all , but it really is like Ive decided that Christmass isnt happening this year, and all of a sudden….its true. Its like Halloween for me. I know its going on, and the shops are full of cards and masks and all manner of tat, but because I choose to ignore it as a “holiday”, I dont see any of it.  

 Any how I managed to pick up a cheap (£22 new from Tesco) copy of the new Legend of Zelda game for DS, a very tasty dark minty Terrys chocolate orange, and the seasonal variety of Covent Garden Soup (white onion with stilton and white port). Im not sure about the soup but thought Id give it a try (results in teh next update!). Got myself a “Tipton Pasty” to eat too, which was a bit yuk. The detail: (mainly for Laura!). 

  •  It was completely made of puff pastry
  •  It had a side crust
  •  It had very small bits of steak in
  •  It had FAR too many peas in it
  •  It had sweetcorn in (WTF!?!)
  •  It tasted like a cheap chip-shop pie

So as you can guess I was less than enamoured with it. I would give it…..3/10 knockers!

On a more positive note, I managed to buy myself a new phone today (hence the photo above). Decided on the Sony K850i over the Nokia N82 for a number of reasons. I really dont like teh Symbian plaatform. My existing N73 was my first ever Nokia phone and I found it horrendously slow, far from intuitive. I know the N82 has sat nav and wifi (which the Sony doesnt) but the Symbian factor really turned me off it. So, I managed to pick up the phone on eBay for £250, and luckily the seller was really patient and heplful as paypal did some strange things with unconfirmed addresses and echeques. But everything panned out and I should be getting the phone by Wednesday. 

Weather is pretty crap. In fact, Enlgand is pretty much how we left it. Weather is shit. Its as dark as a cave. Its always grey and miserable. Public transport is fundamentally broken. The banks are total arseholes and its “service with a scowl” at all of the shops and cafe’s. However, it IS reaffirming to know we made the right decision to go to Australia. What IS good however is British TV. Dragons Den, Top Gear, Ramsays Nightmares, Peep Show, Father Ted, QI, Have I got News For You and the upcoming Extras Christmas Special.  Beats “The Chasers” in Australia – awful immature rubbish. 

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Stop……Potter Time!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 18, 2007

winner06pet.jpgYou see, how bored Ive become! I sat through another Harry Potter film today! After reluctantly watching The Prisoner of Azerbaijan last year, I found I actually enjoyed it. A good family film. So I willfully went to see the last film, of which I cant remember the name. It had dragons, and somebody died at the end. Anyway, I thought it was crap. A boring waste of my life. So this week, the latest Potter film came out on DVD, and seeing as Becca missed it at the cinemas, for whatever reason, I said we would hire it and give it a go. That day was today…and to be fair, it wasnt TOO bad. Not as good as Azerbaijan,  but better than the last film. 

In other news, it seems that “Sweet” popcorn doesnt really exist over here. Went to get some for the DVD, but all they had was Butter/Salt. Manky! Ended up getting caramel popcorn, which is just as tasty as sweet, but it just makes me feel double-fat.

Not done anything at all again today. Save the pennies. Hot and REALLY humid outside today. They’d forecast thunderstorms today,  but they never arrived, hence the atmos. Getting a bit annoying now, this not having a job lark. Need things to keep me occupied. 

OUCH! The weather forecast tomorrow is hot, sunny and 37 degrees!!!! THIRTY SEVEN!!!!  

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Posted by captainbeaky on November 15, 2007

1086278408_spoohhoney.jpgWell, I bet you cant guess what. We did nothing exciting today? What you say? Surprised?! er….no! Or at least you shouldnt be. Getting a bit fed up now with the lack of job. I guess I just have to carry on looking, and waiting for replies from the 2 positions Ive already applied for. Still….doesnt make it any less annoying. 

On a positive note, weve seen a couple of things that made us laugh on the TV. Firstly was a new program here, called National Bingo Night, which is equally as thrilling as my blog posts! It is what the title describes it to be – just some bingo show…but the thook is the funny indian guy who keep shouting “Noooooooooooooooooo Bingoooooooooooooooooooo!” in an amusing voice! The one redeeming feature in a show that would otherwise suck the life right out of you!

Second thing weve found amusing is the way politics is performed here. Its a bit of a mix of UK and USA styles. Each of the 2 main parties (Coalition and Labour) seems to have adverts that describe their policies etc…. as in the UK, but more alarmingly are the adverts that just slag off the other guy, like the States. The latest one is the best, and is from the existing Goverment, slagging off the opposition (Kevin Rudd), and it shows some country guy who used to be an MP being asked the question if he believed Kevin could handle the pressure of being Prime Minister, and he said, in a really thick Aussie accent, and I quote “I worked with the opposition and let me tell you Kevin Rudd couldnt go 3 rounds with Winnie the Pooh, let alone lead the Country”. Awesome! 

 STILL not got broadband, so rang Netspace today, and they told me its 14 WORKING days from the application, which means my connection date is the 20th, which is next Tuesday. Bit annoying but what are you gonna do. For whatever reason, the internet isnt too bad today so its fair news. Also, I received the modem we ordered off them too, so Im just waiting for them to turn the juice on. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to that Games Expo thing I mentioned before, and passing through town on the way. News is that Mass Effect is being released tomorrow here, a week ahead of schedule so I’ll get it and try it out. Is getting some great reviews, and should take me a LOT longer than a few days to complete! 

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Early Bird….

Posted by captainbeaky on October 24, 2007


So here I am, up at 4.30am to watch the football. And I had to get up relatively early for the hospital appointment anyway. Its rare footy is on terrestrial TV here in oz, so Im taking full advantage. Its the Rangers vs Barcelona game, and so far, its a damn good one. Its like the Alamo for Rangers though. But theyre defending well so its making it a good match to watch. The Chelsea match is on tomorrow morning too, so it will be another early get up.

 Ha! Just sen an advert for a Ford 4×4 called (in gravelly aussie voiceover man tone) “The Ford Territory”!!! Could they try to make it more masculine?! Maybe if they called it the “The new Ford Beer”! Or maybe go for the ultimate…”Introducing….the brand new Ford Man”! 

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My cats breath smells of cat food……

Posted by captainbeaky on October 18, 2007

Another day of not much happening. Didnt fancy doing anything, and that agrees with our lack of jobs. The highlight of my day, well the first highlight, was popping into an off license and finding they sold Magners, Aspalls, Tiger and Red Stripe! So I bought a 6 pack of local stuff (Im working my way through them so I can say, with experience which is the best brew) and a couple of big bottles of Tiger that were on special . The 2nd highlight of the day, was walking past the best burger place in St Kilda, called Grill’d and seeing the sandwich board they had up front which said

Come inside and “meat” the latest graduates from Bovine University!

…..hence the Ralph Wiggum related gubbins! 

the low light of the day was hearing about Englands pathetic loss to Russia! Wonderful – can things get any worse for them? Well, they can….we wont qualify! Just as well I didnt get up early to listen to it! I would have been livid. 

UPDATE!!! We are watching an awesome program called Inspector Rex, that is basically a cross between Lassie and Mcgyver, following the adventures of a German crime fighting dog! It has fantastic, 80’s euro-synth pop as backing music! Its superb!

UPDATE 2!!!! It also has topless women in it….and its only 7.30pm!!!! Could this be the best TV program ever created…….

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The Good Stuff……!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 5, 2007

I slightly less Xbox related day today. In fact no xbox at all today (so far !) So we went into St Kilda to get shopping, and realised that despite the forecast saying it was going to piss it down, it was a lovely day. Sunny, and about 22 degrees. So did our shopping, then went for a drink on Fitzroy St.Went to the Prince of Wales, which is about 3 minutes walk away and probably our closest pub/bar. Realised that in the proper Aussie bars here, a pint doesnt exist. You can buy a pot, which is a bit smaller than half a pint, or you can buy a schooner, which is a bit smaller than a pint. Carlton draught is OK, but I switched to Heiniken after a while. While we were in there, we read a few of the free music magazines that do the rounds here and found a few of the bands that we like were touring in Oz. Already got tickets to see Patrick Wolf, now weve seen that Architecture in Helsinki, The Go Team!, and The Gossip (who are playing at our local!?!?) are all touring within the nest month or two, so glad to get back in the gig-going-groove!After the Prince of Wales, we decided to stroll up to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow which from the looks of it is a “traditional British pub”. Ordinarily I wouldnt go near the place, but this place had 3 major factors that made the theme of the place seem insignificant.1, – It shows premier league matches, as well as aussie A league matches2, – It hosts  a “Neighbours” night every Monday where the cast turn up for beers.3, – It sells Kronenberg, Becks and Bulmers cider on draught! Oh, and it sells WIld Turkey!Woooooo Hoooooo! My drinking needs taken care of in one place! But we also saw another good pub, whcih seems to be owned by a Scotsman (seeing as he had a sign up saying “I know you dont care but I do – Celtic 2 Ac Milan 1!). On the back of that sign he had written “Beer. The reason I get up every afternoon”! Genius! Oh, an update on The Bionic Woman that we saw last night…..shit! it has someone who used to be in Eastenders in it, putting on a yank accent, and I really couldnt care less about the program. Badly acted, and didnt really go anywhere. I may watch one more to give it a chance, but on the basis of last night, it seems a bit rubbish. I dont really know what we’re up to tomorrow as the forecast says its gonna be crap again. But seeing as the messed up todays weather forecast, heres hoping it will be nice. Tomorrow night Im either going to watch a Premiership mass at the pub I mentioned above, or go to this. Looks very odd, and a good laugh to watch. Also, Laura, it seems like something Goold would be interested in participating in! 

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Monkey Magic!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 3, 2007

Just thought Id start this entry off with something comical I found while arsing around with Halo 3! Master Chief goes mutant monkey hunting! I really want faster internet now as Im missing out on multiplayer.Anyway, – bit of a quiet one today as it was very windy out. Sunny but windy. Popped to South Melbourne market to have a mooch about and pick up some tasty food. Yum! We walked away with fresh bagels, organic PORK sausages (wooo hooooo!), pastrami, prawns and a bag full of mussels. Could have bought SOOO much more, but its only 7 mins away on the tram, so we can pop back soon. Lots of cheeses, fish, meat and bread for us to munch on. Oh, I managed to fix my ipod woes too so happy as larry! Anywho, dont think theres anything more to add, and plus the fact the new series of House has just started. Prison Break on after it. Also, tomorrow there is the new series of Heroes, and the new $6 Million Woman series starting tomorrow, with ‘er who used to be our of Eastenders in it. Should be interesting.Anyway, House is on now so ………

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Trapped in Closet = Genius!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 21, 2007

I didnt think anything could get close to how good the 1st Trapped in the Closet was, but this is equally as superb! I have no idea if its meant to be intentionally crap, but its so bad its fucking hilarious! Honestly, if you want to hear R Kelly singing ” If you stick your head out the window a pigeons gonna shit on your face” (Im serious!!!) you gotta see this. That and R Kelly wanting to shoot 2 women cos they are lesbians are the highlights. 10/10!!!

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A sad day…..

Posted by captainbeaky on July 30, 2007

Mike Reid, who played Frank Butcher in Eastenders died today, from a heart attack, aged 67. While Im not a fan of Eastenders now, back in its hey day Frank was the king! Got all the greatest lines, was a cheeky cock-er-ney who’d give you a dry slap if you crossed him. And who can forget him appearing in the buff on Pats doorstep with nowt more than a spinning bow-tie and a smile on!!Some good Frank lines included, “What do you take me for? Some kind of Donut?!”, “Ricky, you pilchard!”, “What do you take me for? Some kind of ice cream?”! Class!

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