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Somewhere. Somehow. Someone.

Posted by captainbeaky on May 20, 2008

Best. DVD. Ever!!! Ive spent a lovely afternoon watching this DVD, I bought ages ago then plain forgot about it! Shame on me! However, good things come to those who wait and god damn it was worth it!

As the name suggests, its the definitive edition of Commando, and for only the 2nd time Ive ever seen it, features the awesome head scalp/circular saw blade scene, and even the chopping off of the arm of the shed attack guy! Fantastic! The DVD also features a few documentary type programs that are ok, but are the usual affair. What DID excite me were the alternate “Let off some steam, Bennett” lines! A small thing, but I DO love this film so its all good. 10/10!!!!

In other non-bennett related news, we’re feeling somewhat relieved about the whole housing thing now. Not because we’ve bought a place, but because we’ve extended our lease on the house we’re in now. Yay! We’re in here until end of September, AND have the option to extend agin if we dont have a place at by then too. I bloody hope we DO have a place by then. Im checking real estate websites multiple times per day to see if anything takes our fancy, and while there ARE nice properties appearing, non of them fit the billfor us. We’re becoming right old fussy so-and-so’s!

Right I better get off now as Ramsay is on soon. Oh, and buy Commando NOW!


One Response to “Somewhere. Somehow. Someone.”

  1. Andy said

    Yay! This was on itv just the other day. I forced myself NOT to watch it though, as i know it will be censored, and supposedly, this DVD will be getting a UK release soon.

    Wish it would hurry up as i want to see it again!

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